2048 Mod APK Premium Unlocked

2048 Mod APK Premium Unlocked

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App Name 2048 Mod APK Premium Unlocked
Size 5.85 MB
Latest Version 1.4.0
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer tpcstld
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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The brainstorming and intelligence booster games are present to make you more practical in math tricks and calculations. The tough match quizzes are used as enhancing factor to win several competitions and calculated challenges. In the same way, the online puzzle game of 2048 is designed in HTML and CSS formats to entertain Android users. The players will pick the preferred playing version and moves the slides in different directions to match the two similar slides that will become one number as soon as the huge numbered slides are gathered, and players will slide up and slide down to get the more large numbers. It is stated in the different information that you almost have to complete the slide number till 2048 countings; it depends on you to further proceeds the puzzle game.

In the 2048 puzzle game, the player will collect more options, and by this process, the slides of huge numbers will produce the bigger slide. The matching table of 2048 enables slides 3x3, 4x4, the 8x8 slides to create plenty of similar numbers and puzzle slides. The more you play the game it will create the more huge numbers, and all your progress will be stored as the challenge of the next play. The video game 2048 is a most addictive game, and it will keep children, adults, and old age persons busy for hours and hours. The amazing features of 2048 are given below:

  • The main target is to achieve the number 2048, and after achieving this point, you will continue towards the next increased numbers
  • Simple interface that will display the score of the leaderboard
  • In matching different slides, you can undo any movement
  • Move your slides to the left, right, and up and down side directions
  • A variety of board sizes is present to play puzzles in any preferred size
  • You can also preview the panel of your high scores

2048 APK

Solve Mysteries to Train Your Brain

The mysteries and short tests are present to make our brain active and sharp, and then it becomes a habit of our mind to solve difficult tasks within minutes. 2048 is designed by Androbaby to make our thinking ability more strong and more active in solving different puzzles. The mathematical puzzles are present in 2048 to match the two identical slides that are similar in numbers and create a new one. In some cases, three or four similar slides are present, which will create a huge number after the successful melting of these slides.

Different Sliding Boards

The video game 2048 provides the option to play on different sliding boards, and these are exploded with our selected numbers. A variety of five sliding boards is present, and these are named as. Maybe you like this similar Games Chess universe; online chess Mod Apk


  • Tiny and Classic Board Size
  • Big and Bigger Board Size
  • Huge Board Size


The tiny board size consists of a cube of three slides, and the classic board size contains the slides in numbers 4x4. The big board size has 5x5 slides, and the bigger board consists of 6x6 slides and while the huge board size contains slides in number 8x8.

2048 Mod APK

Artificial Intelligence to Create Huge Numbers

The artificial intelligence of 2048 is designed in this way that it will provide the best options for matching huge size of numbers. The Ai system of 2048 is present to provide a huge space, and you can enjoy the large collection of numbers and countings. It will combine similar slides in a few seconds, and the combined slides are available for smooth playing of extra numbers of mathematical puzzles, and the algorithm will make matching more easier.

Clear and Quik way to Control Screen

The easy playing of 2048 is available with the simple controls and movement of sliding tiles, and you can move these slides with the motion of your finger. The sliding tiles will move under your directions, and you can create more huge numbers that will build high records. You can also share your points and scores of puzzles with your friend and become a master of the leaderboard in a short time.



The puzzles and tricks of 2048 will make you more addicted to the funny and entertaining game. The beautiful and simple interface of 2048 will make you busy in the more large sliding cubical boxes. You can also make your playing more entertaining by selecting the size of any preferable scoreboard and making your brain more active and piercing.


Q. What is the trick for 2048?

To win the puzzle game of 2048, you will have to place the huge numbers in the corners and try to avoid the large tiles.

Q. What is the highest 2048 record?

The highest number in the record of 2048 is 131072.

Q. Is the game 2048 impossible?

The game of 2048 is difficult but not impossible to learn and beat the leaderboard.

Q. Can 2048 be solved?

The game of 2048 is tricky to learn, and you have to guess similar numbers to create the other one, so just move the slides in all directions, and you will meet with the right option.

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