7 Minutes Fitness Women APK

7 Minutes Fitness Women APK

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App Name 7 Minutes Fitness Women APK
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Update May 02, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduction 7 Minutes Fitness Women APK

7 Minutes Fitness Women APK is an Android version of the popular iOS program, which offers fast effective workouts for women in just seven minutes. The program offers different exercises for different parts of the body, so users can select those that they want to focus on and use them to get a quick workout whenever they want.

The workouts are focused on toning and strengthening different areas of the body, and each exercise is designed to take just seven minutes to complete. Users can choose from six body parts including abs, buttocks, legs, arms, cardio and other. Each body part comes with a list of exercises that users can choose from. When one is selected it will play an instructional video for how to perform the exercise correctly.

Users can also create their own programs by selecting the exercises that they want. Then each time they open up 7 Minutes Fitness Women it will run through those exercises until each one has been completed at least once. If the user has not finished all of the exercises by the end of seven minutes then they will be prompted to restart them again until they have completed them all.

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Women may also benefit from the Seven Minute Workout app, but men can use it too. It’s ideal for both sexes because of its versatility and ease. You can choose to follow a pre-set routine or create your own tailor-made workout. It’s likely that the seven minute routine won’t be enough for those who are very fit, but beginners and those who haven’t been exercising regularly will find it challenging. The training program includes step by step instructions, pictures and video of each exercise plus a timer that keeps track of your rest periods and intervals. It also has a built-in pedometer so that you can keep track of how far you have gone or how many steps you have taken during your exercise routine.

The seven minute workout app is designed to help you lose weight by burning fat and building muscle in less time than traditional workouts. It does this through short, high intensity workouts that target different muscle groups each day. You can set your own goals for the number of minutes you want to work out per day, or you can simply do the daily recommended amount which is 30 minutes.




  • With the assistance of this application, you can perform the activities with or without music.
  • It will tell you how to perform each exercise and what are their advantages.
  • You can save your records on Google Play Games and can also share it with your friends.
  • There is no requirement of any type of equipment to perform any exercises, it is all done by your own bodyweight.
  • The home screen contains a timer which tells you how much time is left in your workout session.
  • Exercises are arranged to strengthen your muscles and increase endurance
  • You can choose the time you want to train, from 5 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Each training time, there will be different exercises so that you don't get bored with the same thing every day
  • The application provides statistics on the number of calories you burn during exercise in order to control your weight
  • The application also has a reminder feature so you don't forget to do exercises every day.
  • Lose weight and get fit with 7 Minutes Fitness Women, the most comprehensive and advanced fitness app for women.
  • The app contains a huge range of exercises, from basic exercises to professionally designed workouts that help you transform your body.
  • 7 Minutes Fitness Women is the ideal application for all those who want to lose weight, build muscle or just stay in shape.
  • If you are looking for a way to get in shape without having to spend a lot of time in the gym, 7 Minutes Fitness Women is the perfect solution for you.
  • Despite its name, this app has more than 7 minutes of exercises that will help you improve your fitness level.
  • Although it is not necessary to have any previous experience with exercise, it is recommended that you start with short workouts and gradually increase their duration as your body adapts.


How to download: 

  1. Download the apk file.
  2. Go to your file manager, find the downloaded file and open it with a single tap on the screen.
  3. If everything is alright, then you will see that the installation process has begun.
  4. Click "Install" and wait until the end of the installation process (the installation process may take up to 30 seconds).
  5. After installing 7 Minutes Fitness Women APK on your Android device you can use it without any problems!



This 7 Minutes Fitness Women APK is a great application to perform body and shape your body. This is a great application because it can be used by females and females to burn fat, or even increase stamina, as well as build muscle tone. The 7 Minutes Fitness Women will not be an ideal fitness application for all fitness levels, but it is very good at getting people started on the right track.


Q. What is 7 Minutes Fitness Women APK?

7 Minutes Fitness Women is a mobile application that provides different fitness routines for women. It has a variety of exercises that are designed to target specific areas and can easily be done in the comfort of your home. Each exercise is done in 30 seconds and you get a 10 second break afterward. You can also set how many repetitions or sets you will do on each routine.

Q. How does 7 Minutes Fitness Women work?

The app has a total of 12 workouts for you to do each day. These are divided into four categories: arms, abs, legs, and butt. Each category has three exercises that last for seven minutes with just 30 seconds of rest in-between. There are also different levels of intensity depending on how much time you have available or what your goals are.

Q. How much does 7 Minutes Fitness Women cost?

The app is free to download but it does require an in-app purchase in order to access all features like notifications and reminders as well as the ability to create custom routines from over 100 exercises available within the app itself.

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