7ds Grand Cross MOD APK

7ds grand cross MOD APK

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App Name 7ds grand cross MOD APK
Size 15M
Latest Version 1.6.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money and Gems
Developer Yugenius
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
Get it On Google Play
Update March 03, 2023 (1 year ago)
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7ds grand cross MOD APK:

Introduction of 7ds grand cross:

7DS Grand Cross app is powerful feng shui software that allows you to view the Flying Stars Forecast, Mountain Stars Forecast, Five Elements forecast, and the Eight Trigram forecast with the traditional Chinese compass. It provides you with an unlimited wealth of information, helping you make decisions on your property or zodiac sign.

Teng Shui is an ancient art based on the belief that our environment has an effect on the energy (Qi) in our home or office. 7DS Grand Cross looks at the interaction of five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water & Wood) and eight trigrams (Ba Gua), which are used to predict any given location.

The Flying Star method focuses on the annual stars, which rotate around each of the nine sectors in turn. The annual stars are affected by time and their relationship with other stars, giving each sector its character.

The Mountain star method considers fixed stars that remain in one place for hundreds of years. The combination of mountain and annual stars influence each house differently, making this method more suitable for larger projects, such as town planning or business premises.

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What is 7ds grand cross MOD APK?

7Ds grand cross mod apk is the best version of it. The game offers high-quality graphics and a 2D platformer gameplay style. The game is simple to play and addictive as well.

Cronus battle is online that you should try playing. You will find the game quite different from others. The player's goal is to kill all the enemies in a given level or area. The player has three lives to do this task in which he should try avoiding the enemy's attack and shooting them back while making sure he doesn't touch any of them because if he touches one enemy, he dies instantly. The player can also collect stars and boosters to increase score points and make him invincible for some time to quickly kill all the enemies in an area without getting killed himself. The game offers different kinds of weapons with different abilities. The lightning weapon makes the player invincible and allows him to cross through enemies for some time; the homing missile weapon helps destroy multiple targets at once, etc.

There are three levels in every area/level: easy, medium and hard, where each level has several stages, which means there would be nine stages for every level.

Critical features of 7ds grand cross mod apk:

The 7D's Grand Cross Mod APK is an application that helps you modify the game to make it more fun, adding functionalities that are generally not available.

- The Grand Cross Icon will appear on the screen. From this icon, you can access the menu.

- You can now get up to 12 characters (11 playable and one guest).

- The "Reverse" function that allows you to play the game backwards is available.

- The "Undo" function that allows you to undo your last move is available.

- You can now choose between two different difficulty levels (normal or complex).

- The "Sound Test" is also available from the main menu, from where you can listen to all the game tracks.

- You can choose between 2 different graphics modes with or without shadows.

- The game's timer has been disabled.

7ds Grand Cross Mod Apk 2

How to download and install 7ds grand cross mod apk?

Grand Cross is a mobile online game developed by NetEase. Players can choose one of the six classes and compete with other PVP or PVE mode players. Grand Cross has abundant light systems, and they can be used to develop your character quickly in the game. It is a must-play MMORPG for you if you love fantasy games.


  1. Download apk file from the link below;
  2. Install it and run it;
  3. Complete tutorial and log into the game;
  4. Play and enjoy!


This game is an action RPG with eight characters that you can choose to be your main character to fight against other players in the world. You can choose to play four modes, including adventure mode, arena mode, guild war mode, and quest mode. The adventure mode is for you to explore the unknown world and collect treasures along the way. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter a powerful monster that can help you improve your fighting ability and give you some great rewards. In the arena mode, all players will fight against each other until there is only one survivor left, and if you are brave enough, you may challenge other players from around the world to see how strong you are or let yourself be prey for others. The guild war mode is for two or more guilds to fight each other until only one winner is left. You cannot control your characters when it fights,


Q. It is easy to use?

Yes, you can install it with one click.

Q. Is this modded apk safe to play?

It is safe to play because we have tested it independently and found no bugs or errors in the game.

Q. Is this game available for iPhone or iPad?

Yes, it is. You can search 7ds grand cross in iTunes or the app store, and you can get and install it. But there is no mod version for the iOS device now. So if you want to play with mod, you should play on android devices.

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