About Us


Hello and Salam (Peace)!

I am Saima, the cook behind apkmodule Cooks. I’m a mother of five children, raised in india.

I began food blogging in 2018, a newly married young girl living alone for the first time and simultaneously also being in my final year of University. Oh, I also had NO idea how to cook Pakistani food!

At the time, there were very few resources, websites and videos online teaching people how to cook proper home-style Pakistani food. It was very frustrating having to sift my way through the half-assed, not so great recipes only to find I would ultimately have to learn things myself.

And so I did.

And that’s how apkmodule Cooks came to life.

I began sharing my recipes to help other people who, like myself, had the best intentions of cooking good food but just couldn’t make sense of what was out there. My aim was to break everything down in the same way I wished I could have gotten that information, including pictures and tips.

Since 2018, apkmodule Cooks has grown beyond what I ever could have thought for it. It is visited by thousands of people daily from across the entire world, many of whom find me through my Chicken Karahi, Chicken Salan and Pilau recipes.

I am so honoured and humbled at the thought of 2018-me’s dream of breaking down and making Pakistani cooking more accessible coming to life.