Adguard Premium APK Download Latest Version 3.4.23 For Android

Nowadays, using apps on our smartphones has turned into a hobby for most of us. Because of the ease of mobile phones, life today has become comfortable yet riskier. Risky in the sense that when you use any app, surely you will be attacked with hundreds of ads per hour. Besides the annoyance, these in-app ads also contain malicious software and viruses that damage your smartphone. Get a proper application where you can block all ads and that application is Adguard premium APK.

Adguard Premium APK

Adguard APK is a high-performance adblocker. It is a special no root ad blocker for Android that blocks all ads in apps and games to ensure your safety.

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Tired of the annoying ads which pop up every 5 minutes while you play your favorite game? Don’t worry because here comes Adguard APK.

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About Adguard Premium APK:

Adguard Premium is the paid version of the popular ad-blocking app, Adguard. However, the APK version gives you premium features for free. This app is very simple to set up and use.

Adguard Premium APK is also very adaptable — it has all that you will ever want from an Android Adblock instrument, and it works both on unrooted and rooted gadgets.

Why Adguard APK?

Adguard Premium APK gives you a dependable and reasonable assurance that you will be safe from any harmful ads. Adguard removes all the irritating ads, band loading of hazardous websites, and prevents anyone from tracking your online activities.

Adguard APK uses the local VPN to filter traffic without ROOT privileges. This implies the VPN server is inserted directly in your gadget so there is no need for additional remote connections. Once you open the app, it will instantly start filtering all your Internet bandwidth quickly and quietly.

Features of Adguard Premium APK:

  • Get Rid of Pop-ups

Block ads anywhere you see on your phone, from applications, games, browsers to audio and video players, whatever the platform is. You will not have to worry or bother about annoying pop-ups or banners.

  • Block all Ads

Adguard lets you block all ads in every app and not just one. This includes both video ads and in-app ads in games, apps and even websites. Loads of ad blockers and filters are accessible to you with regular updates. Hence, you will have the best filtering experience.

  • Protects your Privacy 

Adguard respects the personal data and credentials of users and does not misuse them. Adguard has committed to protecting each user’s data. Adguard Premium APK values your privacy above all else. With AdGuard APK you will be safe from any kind of breach of personal data over the internet.

  • Filter Traffic

More ads blocked results in fewer ads loaded which means less traffic. Adguard filters through all the traffic from malicious content and links. More ads also mean that you would have to download more images. If you are using a mobile data plan, you will save a large amount of traffic by using this adblocker.

  • Custom Settings

The best part is that you can control what this app filters. With the help of the “app management tool,” you can customize all the settings according to your preferences. You will have complete control of the application. With the predefined filter in this app, you have the option to turn off or turn on different types of ads.

  • No Root Required

In particular, Adguard Premium does not need a rooted device. Hence, you can use Adguard anywhere without any restrictions and worries. This makes the Adguard Premium APK application very simple.

  • Simple to Use

Adguard provides the best filtering quality on Android and it is very easy to use. You just need to press one button to start protection.

  • High Protection 

Besides blocking ads, Adguard also gives malware and phishing protection, privacy protection against spyware filter is on duty and blocks unwanted pop-ups. The firewall can also manage apps access to the internet. In addition to all this, Adguard Premium also blocks many spyware, dialer installers, and adware.

Download and Install Adguard Premium APK on Android Device:

  1. A device with 1GB Ram and free memory
  2. An Android device running OS 4 or higher
  3.  No root device required

Instructions to Download :

Step 1: Download Adguard Premium APK on your phone

Download the APK file of Adguard Premium.

Go to download in my files or opening files on the device.

Tap the APK file in downloads.

Step 2: Allow app permissions

Applications need access to some systems inside your device. Therefore, when you install any app on your phone, you are alerted of all of the permissions that are required to run the app. So, allow applications to let the installation begin.

Step 3: Start Installations

Once the permissions have allowed, just let the app to be completely installed on your phone. After the installation, the Adguard Premium APK icon will appear on the careen.

Step 4: Open Adguard Premium APK

Now just open the app and start blocking ads!

Step 5: Update Settings

Once you start using the application, you will see regular updates on the app. Just allow the regular apps to install and keep enjoying!


Adguard APK does not only block the unwanted ads on online websites, but it also allows users to remove any ad on any app that they have on their smart devices. This adblocker will improve your overall user experience and make your phone run fast.

So, you no longer have to tolerate the annoying ads anymore. Simply download Adguard Premium APK and enjoy an ad-free and safe experience.

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