Adorable Home MOD APK

Adorable Home MOD APK

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App Name Adorable Home MOD APK
Size 101M
Latest Version 1.18.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer HyperBeard
Content Rating 4.3+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update May 11, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Introduce about Adorable Home

If you ask me about the top trending 2020 game, this game is the perfect answer. Today, you can see images of Adorable Home flooded on social networks. An extremely cute game of the publisher HyperBeard is being chosen by a lot of players to become an entertaining game in his spare time thanks to the simple but very interesting gameplay. In particular, the game gives you very sweet but challenging love stories, requiring you to try every day to keep your happiness.

You can rest assured of HyperBeard games. They always use cute pets as inspiration to create cute, simple and interesting games. Some of their games like KleptoCats 2 or Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys! are attracting a large number of interested players. Join me in discovering why their latest game, Adorable Home, is becoming such a phenomenon in the mobile gaming market.

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Write your love story

At the beginning of the game, you can choose a character to represent you, and a character to be your mate. In particular, you can choose any character, including a homosexual love story between two male characters or two female characters. The choice is yours.

Your story begins when you and your lover move into a nice little apartment with a cute white cat named Snow. Here, you start a new life with your love. Your life is quite peaceful. Every morning, your lover goes to work, your duty is to stay at home and take care of your home, garden and especially naughty cats. It sounds simple, but the fact that Adorable Home will make you face many challenges. Try it in the game.


Love is the only currency in the game. It helps you pay for everything. You can get Love by taking care of cats, preparing dinner, watching ads video, watching TV… You can get up to 5 times a day by watching ads. In addition, you can also use cash to buy Love. The easiest way to get more Love is by downloading our Adorable Home MOD APK.

Decorate your home

When you first moved to your home, it does not have much, just including a sofa, a rug, a television, a coffee table. It’s quite empty and doesn’t have enough facilities. Buy more furniture to help your home more modern.

Do not be too focused on the house but ignore the other areas. You can unlock the garden instantly for 3000 Love. After that, you can buy some garden decorations such as trees, swings…


Take care of the pet

Taking care of pets is your main activity when playing Adorable Home. In this game, the cats look very cute and docile, but when you take care, you will find them always annoying. There are three types of care you need to care about:

  • Cut nails: Swipe the screen to cut the cat’s nails. Their paws will always move, making it difficult for you. If you hurt your cat, he will be very angry.
  • Bathing: Most cats do not like to bathe. They are always annoyed and angry whenever they are forced to take a bath. In the game, you need to tilt the screen to adjust the temperature of the shower and bathe the cat. In my opinion, bathing cats is the most difficult task of Adorable Home.
  • Stroking: Quite simple task. Stroking in the position that your cats want. You need to remember each cat’s lying posture to choose the right place to stroke.

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In addition, you can buy lots of cats in your apartment or even buy some other pets like dogs and birds. Each pet gives you some passive Love. In my opinion, you should buy lots of pets to have lots of Love soon. Don’t forget to take selfies with your cute pets!

Take care of your love

In addition to taking care of your pet, you need to devote all of your attention to your partner. Prepare a bento for her. You use Love to buy meals for your lover. If they like your food you will get some Love.

Your lover may leave if you no longer care about her. Besides, you can break up with your lover for 1000 Love.

Graphics & sound

Despite having simple 2D graphics like a comic, every detail is carefully and meticulously done by HyperBeard. From the cats, the house, the garden, the trees, the interior of the house to the dishes are all so cute. Adorable Home is like a love novel where you are the main character. The space of the house is ideal for a beautiful love story. It is not too large, but the scenery, space and everything is like a picture. In particular, you can customize the weather to change the landscape outside.

Besides, the publisher HyperBeard knows how to choose music for their game. When you are playing, you enjoy melodious and sweet music. It makes your love story more romantic and inspires you to create more interesting stories.

Today in this article, we are with the most popular and unique game Adorable Home, developed by company hyper bread, and the minimum age should be 13 + to enjoy this game. Find your loving partner and invite them to a new adorable house; you can buy a new home across the many great destinations which will give a magnificent view from the windows. Paper from your loving companion, you can also go with a pet in your beloved new Home; cats are cute to have in the house.

In the Adorable Home, the game takes your Home in front of the sea, beaches, snow, and you can also take a new home in the suburbs where you can live with your loving furry companion. If you have decided where to go, then what are you waiting for? Decide on the entry date and start the new journey of your life. Go inside your home, then clean and decorate with surprising accessories.

However, many things are not accessible to the player as a beginner. People usually don’t want to wait for so long to enjoy the luxury of genuine premium Adorable Home gaming. So keep this thing in our mind. Here we come up with an Adorable Home Mod APK, and all the details about this APK will explode in the further articles.


Adorable Home Mod APK

Adorable Home Mod APK is the modified and alternate version of the official Adorable Home, as you were already well aware from the facts that this is the most unique and latest treading game near to 4.5-star rating. The reason for the popularity of this game is also because it gives much support to the LGBTQ+ community. It is scarce to find any game fighting for human rights, and Adorable Home is one of those games that believe in equal prosperity and equal opportunity.

Apart from the genuine human rights vision and tremendous fan following, this Adorable Home Mod APK offers epic gameplay. The Hd graphics are so appealing that you can take your eyes off of beautiful homes for a second. The most important things that Adorable Home Mod APK offers, which everyone usually loves, are excellent benefits, unlocked rooms, unlocked new places, open homes, and many more. Which you only came to know by further downloading this mod Apk.


Let’s build the first Home.

Home is the necessities of all human beings on this earth, and it’s always a memorable moment to take a new home, then decorate it, and after it settles with a loving family. The game is fil with wondrous adventurous journeys for every couple. First, select your character, and your character does not have a limited identity which all other game offers male and female. Still, your character preference is beyond every other game in this game because it provides LGBTQ+ friendly ecosystem.

Once you have decided on your character, the next thing you must do is to approach your life partner, be open with preferences. In any relationship, what matters is compatibility, and never settle for less than what you deserve. Once you get up with your life partner, look for the best palace and start building your first Home. It’s time to begin your Adventurous second life as a couple where you take care of your home, get some pets and love them, nourish them and build a healthy atmosphere in your home.

Adorable Home MOD APK 3

Enjoy unlimited love points.

As the player becomes a couple, the only thing they strive for is a long-lasting relationship. For any stable connection, the couple should need to take care of each other. Prepare delicious food for your lovers and offer them just after work. Have pepper respect and all the defined boundary lines for both of them. The more you give love to others, the more love you will earn, and you can exchange those love points with any accessories required to decorate your home.

This game mod hosts pride flags in the beginning to represent equality between sexes. Rainbow colors imply that all human beings have their preference and way of living, and nobody has authority over others. So as a couple, both have fifty relationships where everyone is equal, and both couples need to try as many love points they can earn by winning other people’s hearts.

Let’s shop for a home.

Everyone wants to decorate their home as much as possible and fulfills this wish of players. Adorable Home Mod APK offers unlimited money to shop for anything they desire for their Home. Decorate your bedroom, decorate your kitchen, decorate your hall, and in others, decorate everything in the house whenever you get the free time.

Not only with money but from love points, you can buy anything. The marketplace has many categories, including lounge, garden, food, boxes, pets, and many more. There are too many things you goona encounter in this game, but one of the essential things is that you can do unlimited shopping without having sufficient points. For example, to shop for anything for a garden, first, you need to unlock the garden marketplace by paying 3000 love points.

Love your pets

There are many pets you’re going to encounter in the Adorable Home Mod APK. However, at the initial levels, only cats are easily accessible. Take care of your first pet, earn rewards, love points and make trust to unlock pets furthermore. It would help if you had to look at three things while caring for your pets: check nails, daily bathing, and enough tasty food.

Pets are the best companion in any home, and the most famous pet that everyone desires to have in there is a dog. In addition to other pets, you can go with cats and birds. Choose dogs, cats, and birds according to your choice but always take care of them. Be the best companion with your partner and the pets, and eventually, you will earn your rewards for your best works in the Adorable Home Mod APK.


Adorable Home is the most beautiful game you will ever encounter in the gaming arena, where you can build a home and your loving family at the same time. Moreover, we are with Adorable Home Mod APK, which will provide you a bunch of premium benefits for free as well as this mod Apk is fully secured and ads free. The file is 100% working and tested by many users. No more delay; download Adorable Home Mod APK now and enjoy it.

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