Adventure Bar Story Mod APK Unlimited Money

Adventure Bar Story Mod APK Unlimited Money

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App Name Adventure Bar Story Mod APK Unlimited Money
Size 13 MB
Latest Version 1.6
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer RideonJapan,Inc.
Content Rating Rated for 10+
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update May 06, 2023 (1 year ago)
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I am here with a game where you have to handle the Bar. In this game, there are endless adventures that you will enjoy with the fellows and the members of your family. You have to select the Bar, and by collecting the ingredients, you can become the richest Bar in the world of Adventure. There is a dungeon that will give a different look every time. For making the food, you can also cook the dungeons. You have to do the best practice. Otherwise, you will lose the game, all the levels will be resisted, and you will have to play from level one. Many items are also available here that you must use to make relations with the monsters. I took the challenge to take the recipe. There are more than 400 recipes that are available in the game.

Adventure Bar Story Mod APK

Game App features

  • The game app was updated on the 18th of February, 2015. 
  • The genre of the game is related to the RP(role-playing) 
  • Published by circle entertainment which is the top publisher of game apps. 
  • If you want to save it on your device, you must have the space of 110MB as the size of the files of this app is 110MB 
  • It has gained 8.54k star reviews on the play stores 
  • The game app is downloaded by more than 500K peoples on the play store and the other stores of the apps

Game Features

Bar ranking:

In this game, you have to rank the bars to make the top scores. The ingredients that you have collected while playing adventurous do you have to cook to rank the Bar. To make the best, you must give good customer service. To enter the events of the RPG, you have to give more timely service to your customers.

Adventure Bar Story APK

Increase the levels:

In this game, if you want to increase the levels, you have to eat in the game. Collect the better ingredient while playing the adventurous mode that will help you to cook the best food, and the better the food, the more you will become strong by eating it. But the other thing that is important to tell you is that you must keep your characters' level the same. You only have to eat by cooking in the game to get the EXP. Collect the maximum food for your partners and the other customers. Maybe you like this similar Apps Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK .


There are more than 400 recipes that you will get while playing the game. You have to complete the book of the recipe that is challenging for you, and it is enough to compete in the book of challenges. You are the party's leader and have to control more than the ten dungeons. But if you want to collect the ingredients, you have to take care of the dungeons that will give you the maximum output. 

The gameplay of Adventure Bar Story

In this game, you must increase the monsters' levels to get the original dish. The integrities are the main items of the game that you can collect in various ways. It would help if you fought the battles to get the imported ingredients in the game. Serve the customers with the dungeons streak. To get the dungeons streak, you must get the dungeons' meat. You can also serve the customers with omelets. In this regard, you have to find the eggs of the dungeons. Stealing is the best way to get the eggs of the dungeons.

Adventure Bar Story APK

The actual story of Adventure Bar

The game started with the world of the bars. Kamerina bar is the main Bar that you will find in the field of Adventure. To get the information, you must remain in contact with the monsters while playing the adventurous mode. To become the owner of the Bar, you have to play the adventure mode. Gustav will be the wealthiest owner of th restaurants present in your neighbors. Gustav is rich, so he will try his best to snatch the tavern.

You have to work hard to increase your power in the game. Otherwise, Gustav, the most powerful, will try to snatch your Bar. To win the game, you have to take care of the Bar. Server your customers, and you have to make your Bar a powerful ba. In this way, Gustav will not be able to attack you.


Q. How long is Adventure Bar Story?

You have to give 70 hours to go through the game.

Q. Who made Adventure Bar Story?

Kenichi Sonoda is the maker of the adventure Bar Story.

Q. Is Adventure Bar Story safe for all devices?

Yes, this game is safe for all devices.

Q. How can we get Adventure Bar Story?

To get this game, you must click on the link on this page.

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