AdVenture Communist MOD APK Unlimited Gold

AdVenture Communist MOD APK Unlimited gold

Additional Information

App Name AdVenture Communist MOD APK Unlimited gold
Size 74MB
Latest Version 6.19.0
MOD Features Unlimited Gold
Developer Hyper Hippo
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (11 months ago)
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AdVenture Communist MOD APK:

AdVenture Communist APK is published and launched by Hyper Hippo Games. Its features and options are similar to Idle Tycoon Games. Your main goal is to ensure the production of maximum resources to become the richest Business Tycoon. You will start as a farmer, but as you move forward to the advanced levels, you will appear as the strongest Business Tycoon. Explore more about it by reading this article.

AdVenture Communist



The Gameplay of this application is a combination of Idle Farming Empire APK and Business Tycoons APK. The gameplay starts with a view of rough and ignored Land. Your main task is to grow a Potato Crop on that land. The term glory is used for the better production of Potatoes. I mean to say, As you move forward in the game, and start growing maximum Potatoes from your land, then your success will transform from glory to Glorious Potatoes. When you complete your tasks step by step or level after level, you will get new missions and challenges.

It is not just a potato-producing or farming game. In the advanced levels, you have to manage huge lands, weapons, medicine, ore, production of multiple resources, etc.  The algorithm of the gameplay defines the method of ranks for the progress of the player. That means, your rank will be increased after performing each task in the game. The mechanics and touch control system of the gameplay is easy and simple to play. 

As I mentioned above, you will get many resources to handle, so in order to handle multiple resources, you just have to click on the fill-up bar to upgrade your resources. You can also hire some helpers to lessen your task and too much clicking. There are five resources that you are going to handle. You can hire five comrades(companions) to handle each resource. They will be responsible for the production of every resource.



The algorithm of this application is designed to use rank to measure the progress of every player. That means, your progress will be measured in ranks. You have to perform many tasks, challenges, and missions to attain a higher rank. As you move to the higher ranks, many resources and rewards will automatically unlock for you. But only two resources can be unlocked with your teamwork. And these two attributes are Famer and Potato Lock. Stay connected for further details about it.


In this game, the term capsule is used for specific rewards, researcher cards, gold mines, and scientific laboratories. You have to collect as many capsules as you can. And it can be possible only when you perform tasks and win challenges. After competing in each mission, you will get many rewards, events, free shop purchases, and many free capsules.

AdVenture Communist


This is the most amazing feature of this game. In this game, your progress is based on your rank. You have to increase your rank day after day or level after level. When you reach a certain rank, your mission and challenges go harder and harder. In this case, your higher rank will not enhance your factory production. In this type of situation, you have to unlock some research that will help you in finding out the resources. You will find about 96 researchers in the store of this game. But you will be able to unlock 93 of them. The remaining 3 can be unlocked after attaining 115 ranks. The last three researchers will be the wisest and most intelligent among all. But you must have to reach the 115 ranks to unlock them. There is no shortcut for getting it early or effortlessly. But it is also a fact that nothing can be impossible in the imaginary or virtual world. You can increase your rank with unlimited gold coins. And it will be possible only with the help of a modded version. You can download its modded version as a shortcut to reach the highest rank in a very short period of time.

Potato Empire:

Food is the most important and necessary factor for living organisms. No one can live without food. That’s why building a food industry is the best option to start your business. At the initial stage, you can start your earning by building a Potato Empire. You can create many tasty dishes with these potatoes. You can also make french fries. Sale the raw material and items to become rich. You can develop a glorious empire of potatoes. Hire some farmers to enhance the progress of your production. Build towns and farms to enlarge your empire.


Trading in this game means the progress of production rates of comrades. If you want to increase your rank, you need comrades to enhance your industrial production. Your trading is based on 5 industries. In this way, you must have 5 comrades that will help you in attaining a higher rank. Each trading company has a specific base resource. These base resources will increase in amount with your successful trades for that industry.

Missions and Challenges:

Like other games, it also offers you many challenges and tasks to perform. After completing each level and challenge, you will get many prizes and rewards in the form of capsules. Capsules are unique factors of this application. You will get a specific amount of stone or wooden capsules after completing each challenge.

 After winning a specific number of challenges, you will get the prize of a silver-colored capsule. In very rare situations, you may get gold capsules or even Science Research Center. Some of the rewards inside these capsules are as follows.




4:Science Laboratories

5: Cards 

6:Gold Mines


The airdrops will appear in very rare situations. It will appear as some periodic occurrence. This airdrop usually does not appear in the game. But luckily, sometimes it can appear. When it appears in the game, the player will get many comrades, Science Resources, and many other bonus resources.

AdVenture Communist


It offers you lots of events that will take place on weekly or monthly bases. It introduces about 11 exciting events. Some of its events are as follows.

1:Space Force

2:Potato Export

3:Supreme Santa

4:Winter Motherland

5:Ninja Union

6:Power Underwhelming

7:Anew Atlantis

8:Communist Crusade

9:Comrade Cowboys

10:Shields Up

11: Quest for Oil.

When you take part in events, then you have to complete a series of challenges that includes 21 ranks. Moreover, every event has different terms and conditions for researchers and industries. 

Some Key Features:

  • Compatible with all types of devices
  • Unlimited amount of gold coins and rewards
  • No root is needed
  • Regularly update the content automatically
  • Easy and accessible interface
  • Connection Encryption Script

AdVenture Communist

Tips and Tricks:

1:Try to buy the maximum number of farmers for your Potato industry. Hire some workers who will perform the duty of import and export. Build a huge empire of potatoes and start making money with your Potato industry.

2:Watching would be beneficial for its users. Whenever you feel that you are lacking in money, just watch the ads. Collect coins by watching maximum ads.

Visuals and Sound Effects:

The visuals and graphics of this application are so expressive and hooking. Its vibrant colors and 3D graphics make it attractive and addictive. The sound effects are perfectly designed for each situation. You will listen to the soft-sounding background music of the chirping birds, waves of air, and flowing water in the lakes that will bring you close to nature.

AdVenture Communist


The download link is given on the title page of this site. You can freely download it by clicking that link.

Note: If you find any complications while downloading it, then just permit third-party apps by turning on the access of Unknown Resource.

Alternate Apps:

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Try this application and experience different stages of success. The download link is already given. Just click and get it on your portable device.  Share your valuable reviews in the comment box.


Q. What Should I Spend Gold On?

The perfect method of purchasing gold is to buy a periodic Supreme Capsule whose worth is about 740 Gold. Use this gold to invest in the game.

Q. What Can I Get After The Event?

You will get many rewards in the form of Gold capsules, Silver, and Wooden Capsules. You can find some surprises and unexpected rewards in those capsules.

Q. What is the latest version of this application?

The new version of this application was recently launched on the official site. It is v 6.18.2. It was launched on 26-10-2022.

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