Always On Edge Mod Apk Pro Unlocked Download

Always on Edge Mod Apk Pro Unlocked Download

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App Name Always on Edge Mod Apk Pro Unlocked Download
Size 9.89 MB
Latest Version 7.8.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer Alrbea Ent
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Sometimes you go to an event like marriage, Christmas party, or new year's night and see a rainbow of colors. The hues, shades, and brightness of colors catch your eyes. 

This is the time you might ask yourself, "Is there a way to luxuriate my cellular phone's display with these varying colors?"

Well, let us tell you, there is a way, mat! You can have a cellular display illuminating with multi-colored shades. Not only that, but you can also choose a layer of your treasured color. 

Always On Edge Mod Apk

Your next question might be. "Well, how is it possible?" And our answer will be, "Use Always On Edge, dude." 

This astounding application lets its customer beautify their mobile screens according to their desire. For example, if you need discrete shades for various notifications, you can avail of the facility. 

How Does Always On Edge Work

The latest mobile devices are being developed with an inert ability to customize display lighting. However, somewhat old devices do not have the ability to do so.

Hence, people with such cellular phones are incapable of utilizing the flair. Therefore, they might require third-party software to do the magic for them. The most widely used one is Always On Edge.  

This app works wonders by brightening the boundaries of your screen with beaming or dappling colors. Therefore, every time you get a message, device's insight, or any other notification, your cellular screen's edges will illuminate. 

What Can You Avail With Always On Edge 

The app was basically built to impart its folk's cellular phones with shining and dazzling colors. However, it is not the only advantage of Always On Edge. Some more trump cards that you get with the app are discussed below: Maybe you like this similar app Cyber Launcher Mod APK.

Always On Edge Mod Apk

Colorize Your Screens 

Remember the days when you were a child and used to colorize a copy's margins? Well, if yes, then you might want those days back, but a bit of change. The desire is achievable now. Using AOE, you can colorize your digital copy's (or cellular phone, as we say) margins as well. 

Do you love yellow? Or you are fond of red. Select whatever tint you desire. 

Get Notified In Colors 

For most mobile users, the only way to get notified whenever something new comes up is a dull thud. If you are a person of rainbows and fairies, you might find it spiritless. 

Wanna add more color to life? Use AEO, as we have already mooted that this astonishing software brings color to your device. It lets you illuminate your display with a rainbow of multiple tinges.  

This way, you not only get a radiant display but also relish the eligibility to get notified in colors. Set a different shade for varying notifications and cheer. 

Always On Edge Mod Apk

Set Up an Application as You Want 

What's more with the bewildering application? You might be thinking, "That's it. That's what I needed." However, we can surprise you by saying, "No, it's not all." 

Wondering why? Let us make our point clear. Always On Edge can dig deeper and lets you tailor your other apps as well. 

You can avail of several set-ups for different applications. It will further please your eyes and make you happier after looking at your display.

Always On Edge Mod Apk

What's At Stake?

You always wanted it all but cannot have it all. This sentence is valid for this application as well. With all the pros, it brings some cons as well. 

The followings are the drawbacks of using Always On Edge. 

  • One of the most annoying things that you might have to face while using the app is battery drainage. The app needs some extra fuel to run. 
  • If you are a person of simplicity, you might find this app irritating. It is because of the perplexing steps you might have to overcome before its complete functionality. 
  • Ads can get anyone miffed. If you are not an appreciator of ads, there might be an issue. This app constantly begs you to watch ads before utilizing some features.


Q. How do I set my edge to always?

Setting>Display>Edge screen>Edge lightening>Tap on.

Q. What is always on edge app?

The app lets you enjoy LED lightening on your cellular screen's margins.

Q. Does always on edge drain battery?

Most users complain that AOE exhausts the battery faster.

Q. How much battery does AOD use?

There are varying reviews about how much battery does the app use. On average, it might drain 0.2-2% of your battery.

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