Anghami Mod Apk Premium Unlocked

Anghami mod apk premium unlocked

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App Name Anghami mod apk premium unlocked
Size 149MB
Latest Version 6.1.64
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Anghami
Content Rating Teen
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Anghami MOD APK

 What is Anghami?

Anghami is the most famous music streaming application. This app only works when you are connected to the internet. You can use Anghami as a music player on your phone. It has music in multiple languages and a vast list of songs that can be sorted by country, category, or state. It is designed specifically for those who are enthusiastic about Arabic music. If you are a music addict, Anghami has a lot to offer. You can access global songs for free and receive regular updates on new tracks. In addition, you can download music for free.  The high-quality sound is a critical factor that makes Angi so appealing to listeners. Well, all tracks on Anghami are encoded at 320Kbps. Besides providing excellent sound quality, this app also uses a minimal amount of phone memory. So, Anghami Mod apk has all the features in the standard version.

Anghami Mod Apk

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Anghami playlist

A simple and active search is possible with Anghami. You will be able to enter relevant keywords for the selected song and receive results in a few minutes.  In addition, the app offers new recommendations for users to explore and discover a specific topic. Because there are more and more types of music available, you can develop an increasing number of attractive playlists over time as the availability of music increases.

  1. Music list:

There is one function in the Anghami application that music lovers adore t the cutting edge of extraordinary student organizations. Several prominent musicians' hits are updated every day on the programme. Moreover, the most popular and sexiest tracks are constantly updated. By working with Anghami, you can stay on top of the latest music trends.

  1. Identity Songs in Your Environment:

Anghami detects music playing in the background, which is sure to be appreciated by all its users. You can successfully achieve your results by enabling the app's identification. Many people find it helpful and like it because of its functionality.

  1. Listen to podcasts whenever you want:

Every kind of mainstream press has its features that you can't deny. The podcast attracts listeners because the content helps the listeners learn something new and also satisfies them by answering all their questions. You can also choose what sort of enjoyment you want.

Anghami Artists:

Anghami for Artists is an application every artist needs to connect with their fans, whether to market their music, manage their Anghami accounts, or understand their listeners' tastes. Learn how your music performs, expand your reach, and more with the right tools. Anghami for Artists gives you the following opportunities:

  1. You can claim the artist profile you have at the moment.
  2. Find out how your music performs and how many streams you receive.
  3. Get an idea of how many people are listening to your songs and what songs they are playing.
  4. Edit your songs and information, as well as your profile.
  5. Arrange a campaign to enhance your songs and increase your downloads; update your profile; release information; and much more.
  6. Create a 15-second video that alters the background of the person.

Is Anghami for Artists Mod reliable?

Yes, Angami MOD for artists is 100 per cent safe and reliable.

Anghami Free Trial:

You can use the free trial for one month. When you try it out for free, you can listen to and download unlimited songs of your choice, even when you are offline. You can also share your favourite songs with friends through podcasts.

  1. First, go to the menu and select "subscribe to Anghami Plus."
  2. Then select "Get a free trial."
  3. In the third step, enter all the bill information and submit it for confirmation.

Anghami Ads:

There are no ads in the Anghami MOD apk version.

 Anghami Bundles:

  •  Touch Anghami I

       It costs $1.50 for 400 megabytes. There are approximately 20 downloads available without advertising. The validity period of this package is 30 days.

  •  Touch Anghami II

                  There is a fee of $2.50 for 2 GB. A limitless number of downloads is available without advertising. You can use this bundle for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Anghami subscription

An Anghami Plus subscription is priced at $44.99 per year or $4.99 per month, based on how long you would like to remain a subscriber. Paying for a year allows consumers to get 12 months for the same price as nine months of Anghami plus. You can subscribe by filling out the bill's information.

 Anghami Student Plan

There is a special offer for students. Students can get a 50 per cent discount on the monthly subscription price of Anghami. Students can listen to and download as much as they like and remove the ads.

  1. Sign in to your account for this 50% discount offer.
  2. Press on the student plan and verify your educational
  3. Check your email and click the link to confirm.
  4. Insert debit card information

Anghami For PC

On your computer, you can download Anghami for playing music and exploring new things. You can download the Anghami app for PC on Windows XP, 7, 8, 1, and 10. It is only possible to run the desktop application in 64-bit mode.

  1. Go to the Anghami website.
  2. Select "Download Anghami."
  3. Select the "Install for Windows Application" option.
  4. After installation, simply sign in to your account.
  5. Play your songs

All the albums, likes, and apps you already had on your mobile device will be available.

Anghami Icon:

The logo of Anghami is created in a simple colour scheme. The Icons8 designer team made this format for online and mobile apps increasingly popular. In addition to the free PNG, this icon is available in other versions for $24.

Anghami vs Spotify:

The Anghami app slogan is "All the freedom you love and all the freedom you need." People can use this app anytime, anywhere on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. By subscribing, you can download limitless songs, including all the unique songs from your top favourite musicians. You can wirelessly transfer your old songs from other streaming services to your phone or laptop to keep your freedom. Even without a subscription, you can still use various features of this app.

Although Spotify is growing under the slogan "listening is everything," it provides far less value than Anghami. Spotify has 50 million songs, while Anghami has 57 million pieces. Spotify has too many features and only allows 10,000 songs for download.

How to download Anghami:

The method of using the Anghami app is easy. There are the following steps that explain how to install and download this music player app:

  1. The first thing you need to do is download the original MODDED-1 APK version. The link is available on the Anghami website.
  2. A second step is to unlock any unknown settings on an Android device.

3: Open the Anghami file in the third step of the process. Tap     


  1. Make sure you follow all the instructions on the screen to complete the setup.

Anghami Sign up.

It's beneficial to create your account first. Once your account is created, you will be able to access everything. 

Sign up with your email:

Open your app

  1. Select the "New to Anghami app"Create option.
  2. Click on "Sign up with mail."
  3. Enter your personal information, including your name, email address, and birth date.
  4. Tap "Create an account."
  5. Go to the email box, then click the link to activate your account.

 You can also sign up with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, and phone number.



The Anghami MOD APK Premium service connects people to the music business and lets them stay updated on current music trends. It's now easier than ever to download music.

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