Annelids Mod Apk Download For Android

Annelids Mod Apk Download For Android

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App Name Annelids Mod Apk Download For Android
Size 16 MB
Latest Version 1.116.6
MOD Features Unlock all Guns
Developer Michal Srb
Content Rating Teen
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Annelids Mod Apk:

Today I am bringing an amazing game for android users. I am sure that you never heard about worm fighting games before. So, here is an amazing worm-fighting simulation game that you can play to experience an amazing life like a worm. This game is 3D and allows the users to enjoy all the things that are present in the game by giving them full control of the game. Enjoy the action games along with having a weird experience as a worm. Take part in vicious and amazing battles that literally increase the fun of the users and increase their interest in the said game. Because I don’t think there is someone who dislikes playing action games. 

There are different kinds of weapons for the players to choose from and play against the game and have a funny look for your worms. It will look so adorable when the worms will pick these weapons up to take part in an epic fight. But do not mislead yourself into thinking that this game will be easy because all the other worms are also players and have amazing battle skills. So, be prepared to fight an actual game. These weapons include 

  • Guns
  • Explosives
  • Cannons

Annelids Mod Apk


Annelids Mod Apk Gameplay:

The gameplay of this game is extremely unique and is at the top among games of this type. So, it is very good for you all to play this game. The user interface is very understandable and you will love this easy-to-play game. The game has smooth gameplay and action that will surprise you. The gameplay is 3D and astonishes the user's when they can feel like they are in the game when taking part in the battles against their enemies. There will be fights and battles among the worms of different places to win over a place. So, be prepared to make the enemies lose in the battles. 

Annelids Mod Apk

The users will have a lot more access to the game. Like they will be able to dig maps while they are playing the game. Tunnels are the home of the worms. So, that means you will be able to make a home by digging tunnels at your favorite or most suitable place. Use the maps that are present in the game for your help. Check the environment and all the places using the maps to get good access and knowledge of the surroundings to win against your enemies. Unlock the weapons and the tools in the game that are there for you and use them in fighting against enemies. Use the power-ups that are available in the game and make your power max in the given time and you will easily win from the weapons.

There is even a chance for the users to play in the online game system. Yes, you can select that option and have a chance to play with people online. They will also be in the form of worms and will make a good team with you and then fight against the enemies. Make a nice plan and then attack the enemies and win their places over. You must have a good plan and must know good tactics to win the game because the enemies are also very clever.

Annelids Mod Apk allows the users to choose from many modes that are present in the game for their choice. Make sure to select the best mode that suits you the best. This will help you and you will become a professional by choosing the learning or beginners mode. Discover many interesting things like mechanics that are present in the game. Discover new things to make your journey in the game more interesting. Customize the appearance of your warrior worm and that’ll help you in many ways. Other people will recognize you and you will have a homely feeling playing with your customized worm.

Annelids Mod Apk


These are the features of the game and one must know them before playing an app o get the best control over the related app.

Customize your worm warrior:

The main and most interesting feature of a game is the chance to customize your character. Imagine designing your character in the game. Your character will look the way you want it to. The user’s fun increases in this way. I’d love to play a game that allows me to see my character playing the game. That too in the form of a worm.

 You will be recognized wherever you go. It’ll give you a very homely feeling. So, customize your worm in the way you want and then play the game. It’ll be very funny and cute at the same time. Do this customization using the accessories that are present in the game and that too for free. 

Make a team that is powerful enough to beat the enemies:

As this game is an action game and includes worm flights of epic type. You must know that worms usually fight in form of groups and have a battle of a team type. So, in this game, you also have to make a team before fighting with the worms. Make sure all the members know the basic tactics in the field. It’ll be easy if you attack the enemies in from of the group. 

Choose the team that is powerful enough to beat your enemies. This feature will make you enjoy the game because when you are playing alone the fun is less. But in form of the team, the fun is doubled. And the enemies will lose more easily. The maps will tell you everything about their location and also your surrounding. Beat them and add their Kingdom to your and spread your area day by day. 

Gaming modes of different types:

This feature allows you to play this game by choosing different modes that are available for you. There are modes of different types such as 

Death Match: 

This match is the type of match where the users can play until they die. This is also known as survival. The users must kill the opponent to win the match and continue their game. 

Team Death Match:

 This is the same as the above mode but in this mode, the players have to play with their whole team. That means all the team members must stay alive and kill the members of another team to win the game. All the members must be compatible. So, choose your team wisely if you wanna play in this mode. 


In this mode, the players have to win over other kingdoms and groups of worms to win the mode. They must win over the enemy's kingdom to stay alive and win the mode. This model is very thrilling and interesting. It is like a battle between two countries and one must win it.


Capture Flag:

 In this mode, the players have to capture the flag of the opponent's team to win the game and not only capture their flag. The player must also protect their flag in this mode so that the enemies can not take their flag to win over them. This is like a football match.

King of the Hill:

 This mode is for the most aggressive players who want to be the King of all the hills in the game. They have to play the game by winning from other kingdoms and groups and then rule all of them at the same time. Make them follow their orders after winning over all of them. This mode makes you feel like the King who is the ruler of the whole world. He can continue to win over more and more Kingdoms. 

Missions of over 68 types:

The game has become more interesting because of this feature. This feature gives the users a chance to do missions of different types. There are several interesting missions in the game that make the game more amazing. These missions train the players more and more. The players can know about different goals and things that are available in this game through these missions. 

Weapons of different types:

There are weapons of various kinds in the game to choose from and take part in many battles against enemies. There are Guns of many types. Cannons with various capabilities and Explosives with a big range. All these help the users to win the game easily. 

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Annelids Mod Apk Download:

The method and steps of downloading this game on your devices are very easy. 

  • If you are ready to experience the life of an epic worm and want to take part in amazing worm fights, you can easily download the APK file by following the given steps:
  • Just tap on the Download link of this game given on our website. The related application will start downloading on your Android device just as you do it 
  • After the download is complete, go into the settings of your device and allow "Unknown Sources"
  • Now you'll have to allow permissions to this application and it'll start operating smoothly. This step will make the installation of the said application easier.
  • Now, just install the app on your device and enjoy epic worm fights.

Annelids Mod Apk


Annelids Mod Apk is an amazing battle game that includes worms of different kinds fighting against each other. There will be no ads that will distract you from the game. Make sure to customize your worm in the way you want it to be. Choose from different weapons and attack the enemies and overcome their kingdom as well. Take part in missions ad get a good score and a good rank in the game. Use the maps that are available in the game for the use of players. Look into these maps and make amazing plans to destroy your enemies in different ways. So, download this game from our site and get unlimited features for free.


Q. Will the users get the feature of unlimited health in this game?

Yes, the users will get a chance to enjoy the feature of unlimited health in this game for free.

Q. Is it free to install?

Yes, this game is free to install and use on your devices. The users do not have to pay anything at all for this game.

Q. Is it safe to use on our devices?

Yes, it is safe to use on your Android devices as it was specially made for being played on Android devices. And it does not harm the users in any way. All the data of the users is saved and is not harmed by this game.

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