Apex Legends APK Download v1.0.3 for Android/iOS/PC

Apex Legends flaunts a great choice of weapons, fast-paced action, and promotes teamwork. It probably won’t take over the loyal fans of PUBG or Fortnite, yet there’s no denying that Apex Legends is undoubtedly a very special game.

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About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a FREE Battle Royale game created by Respawn Entertainment. Legendary challengers will:

  • Fight for glory
  • Battle for fame
  • And Win fortune on the edges of the Frontier

Collaborate with your companions to fight against the world. Beat different squads with your group in Apex Legends Android Download 

Download Apex Legend APK

Download a cool action-packed Battle Royale game right on your phones with just a click! 

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Version Info

Download Apex Legends APK v1.0.3

NameApex Legends APK
Last updatedFeb. 7, 2019
DeveloperApex Legends Inc.
Content RatingEveryone
Supported Devices Android 16 and above
App Package com.apex.LegendsSuperL
Available Google Play
CategoryFree Action App

Features of Apex Legend APK 

Here the top features of Apex legend game: 

  1. A Collection of Legendary Characters – Master a growing program of amazing Legends, each with their very own extraordinary character, qualities, and skills that are anything but difficult to gain, however, challenging to master.  

2. Tactical Battle Royale – Use your capacities and your mind games to make tactical approaches on the fly, adjusting your team’s qualities to address new difficulties as the battle intensifies. 

3. Assemble Your Crew – Choose your Legend and join his one of a kind abilities together with different players to frame a definitive group.  

4. Genre Evolving Innovation – Experience a fresh out of the box new cluster of imaginative highlights that level up the Battle Royale game including: 

  • Respawn Beacons
  • Smart Comms
  • Intelligent Inventory
  • Jumpmaster developer and more!

5. Loot – Drop in and plunder up with a large group of ground-breaking weapons, various connections, and valuable shield to ensure your safety in the fight. After the fight, gather an abundance of corrective choices for customizing your character and weapons, and open better approaches to show off during the match.  

Character and Weapon System of Apex Legends  

Rather than making their very own characters, as in Fortnite or PUBG, Apex players can pick one of eight characters (Developer calls them Legends). These characters have various attributes and fighting styles. They are:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Bloodhound
  3. Caustic
  4. Gibraltar
  5. Mirage
  6. Wraith
  7. Pathfinder
  8. Lifeline

Additionally, there are remarkable skills for these classes. These skills incorporate: 

  • Quick move
  • Shields
  • Using Special Weapons

EA said that there will be new Legends showing up in the following updates. Players can pick the vast majority of these unique characters for FREE, however, Apex will sell new characters for $ 7.5 per character. To avoid this, you can use the Apex Legends Mod APK version where all legends are unlocked and FREE.

The in-game weapon framework is different. You will even now observe recognizable firearms like: 

  • Sniper rifles
  • Rifles
  • Grenades
  • Shotguns
  • Many more!

Apart from using Skill, picking a reasonable weapon is additionally a significant factor for the players to win.  

Apex Legends Pros and Cons 


  • Best-in-class movement 
  • 3 man squads 
  • It’s Free! 
  • Fast, frantic combat 
  • Ping communication system is revolutionary 
  • Hero characters add an interesting twist to the battle royale genre 
  • Every Legend has unique abilities and personalities 


  • No cross-platform play 
  • Everyone is a bullet sponge 
  • Only one game mode 
  • Spawn rate of weapons needs increasing a tad 
  • No Solo mode 
  • Expensive microtransactions 

How to Install Apex Legends on Android 

  1. A step by step guide on downloading and installing Apex Legends for Android Devices.
  2. Click on the Download link below to get Apex Legends APK.
  3.  Open Apex Legends APK on your Android Phone.
  4. Allow an unknown resource to be installed on your phone because you didn’t get it from Google play store.
  5. You will see Apex Legends on your Launcher, tap on it.
  6. Complete the verification process which will take a few minutes. [Usually takes 2-5 minutes]
  7. Additional Data may be downloaded too. [Data Obb]
  8. Now you can play Apex Legends on your Android phone.


In the event that you are a major aficionado of the Battle Royale games however you have been exhausted with PUBG and Fortnite then you should download Apex Legends APK.

The game not just guarantees the components of a conventional Battle Royale game, however, it likewise offers numerous special highlights. The imagination in the interactivity makes Apex Legends very attractive, engaging and strategic.

Can you survive this battle? How about you download Apex Legends APK to see for yourself! 


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