Apex Legends Mobile Apk For Android

Apex Legends Mobile Apk For Android

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App Name Apex Legends Mobile Apk For Android
Size 2GB
Latest Version Varies with device
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Content Rating Teen
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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What is Apex legend apk?

Apex legend mobile apk is a unique and fascinating battle royale electronic  game which is full of entertainment. You can play it with your friends. In this wonderful game you can make a team by your own choice. You can add legendary players from all over the world. Sixty players at a time can play this game which are divided into two or three groups and during the battle the last group standing there declared themselves to be the winner. All the players are fully equipped with useful items to fully equip against your opponents. Only the strongest will win.

Controls in apex legends mobile apk are amazing. You can move at full speed, you can climb on the walls, you can slide, you can fly from one place to another, you can use hooks and ropes, slide slopes and many more possibilities.

The different types of characters are present in the game that help all players to complement each other perfectly.  It can be said that full use of weapons have become a key to the play of “Apex Hero”. The eight characters announced in “Apex Hero” are divided into four categories. Offense, defense, recovery and support. These categories are given on the basis of functionality. Each category has passive skills. For example the recovery type character can release a healing robot which helps to provide health recovery for everyone nearby.

Apex Legends Mobile Apk

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Apex legends mobile gameplay

Here the simple method is given by which you can easily understand how to play this game. First of all install this game from google play store. This game is restricted for some countries so you have to choose from one of those countries and you can use VPN if you don't have your country name.

By this process you can win more matches.

  • Select the right gun by which you can easily combat the enemy and which is easy to handle. You can test out weapons in the practice range. Always select rare items. White color is common. Blue color is rare. Purple is epic and gold is legendary.
  • If you want to loot faster then turn on the auto pickup.
  • Always move which avoids escaping from the enemy.
  • Use a map to know where you want to go and communicate with your team. It's important.
  • You can use a finisher to finish the enemy.
  • If you want to increase your speed then combine jumping and sliding.
  • In every match you can select any legend which you like. different legends with different names are present in the game. You can unlock them by gaining more experience points. Every legend has a specific personality.
  • To view the game legends first tap on the “Legends’ and then tap on the “Details”

Apex Legends Mobile developer

Apex legend mobile is a free to play game which is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronics Arts. This game was also developed by an American company.

During the development process this game underwent many tests to check if all the features are balanced. The developers spent many  hours a day trying out the game, a process which the producer called the most important part of development. 

To check the game's non verbal communication system the studio tested the game without voice and gave fake names to the testers. Approximately 115 developers work on this game and make this game the studio's most labor-intensive project. One interesting information is that pubg and apex legend mobile games were developed by same studio “The Light Speed studio”

Apex legends mobile apk 2022

The latest version of apex mobile legend apk is released on July 5, 2022. The apex legend mobile apk 2022 is 1.1.839.43. To download this version you require Android 7.0+. It’s size is 2.5GB. It’s totally free to use.

Apex legends mobile best guns

Apex legend mobile best guns are given below

  • LMG
  • SMG
  • Marksman Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • EVA-8- Auto Shotgun
  • Mastiff Shotgun
  • R-301 Carbine Assault Rifle.
  • Submachine Gun.
  • VK-47 Flatline
  • R-301 Carbine

Apex legend mobile battle pass

Two battle passes are present in apex legend. One is a premium pass and the second is a premium pass. The premium pass prices 799 Syndicate Gold. it contains all things unlocked and free to use. The premium pass plus prices 1599 Syndicate Gold. It will give you all things unlocked till the first 10 levels.

Apex legend mobile controller support

Apex legend mobile contains controller support. You can connect controller support with apex legend mobile by given method. First make the controller discoverable. Then open your mobile settings and choose Bluetooth and select to connect to the Wireless Controller. Then it will start working. 

Apex legend mobile characters

Different characters are present in the apex legend mobile game. Some are given here.

  • Bloodhound is the first character and has the ability of Tracker that guides players about tracks of enemies.
  • Lifeline character is a health drone and it heals legends. Its ability is Care Package.
  • Octane is famous for its high speed.its ability is Jump pad.
  • Gibraltar is a defensive character.
  • The Pathfinder character is a moving scout. 
  • Wrath character is a psychic 
  • Bangalore is a smoke launcher character.
  • Caustic is a toxic character. It drops toxic gasses.
  • Mirage is a character that tells you about basic controls.
  • Fade is a character that acts as a teleporter. It also gives a speed boost for some time.

Apex legends mobile global release date

The announcements in last february confirmed that the apex legend game is releasing very soon. The official release date of the apex legend mobile game is May 17,2022 across the world wide.

 This game was just released in some specific countries. This specific release is to test the game then it will be released all over the world. Those people living in the countries where this game is not released can pre-register this game or they can play with the usage of VPN. There are also pre-registration gifts in this game. These rewards are various special weapons, emotes, banners and skin. So you have to register now to get rewards.

Apex legends mobile logo

The default color scheme of the logo is black and white. The type used in this logo is either a custom one or a customized one. In the logo the word “Apex’ is written capital. Below the word apex “Legends” is written in the middle. This word is written lighter and smaller than apex. Legends is written in the center of two bar lines. The other thing is an icon is also present in the logo which is open triangle shape. This icon also looks like A.

Apex legends mobile minimum requirements

The first requirement is that you must have android or iOS.

Your mobile must have enough space to install this game. It must have 4GB free space  and at least 2GB RAM.

Also check your mobile is enough to support this heavy game. 

Apex legends mobile apk download

You can download apex legend mobile by following given method

  • This game can be downloaded from the link given above
  • First you have to click the download button, and downloading will start.
  • Once the app is downloaded, then open it in the downloads of your device.
  • Now go to the settings of your device and allow the unknown sources, and install the app.
  • After a few minutes installation will be completed. Now you can open and use the app.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex legends mobile play store

You can easily install this game from google play store. First open the play store on your mobile. The main thing you have to do is to disable the play protection from the play store. Inside the play protection press the settings icon and it will access the settings.

After that you will see the toggles button. You have to turn off the both toggle buttons. Then go search for the Apex legend mobile game and install it. And open it.

Apex legends mobile size

The size of the apex legends mobile game is 1.34GB.


Q. Can we install this game on any model of i-Phone?

You can install this game from i-Phone 6s to onward models.

Q. Is apex legends mobile free?

Yes this game is free of cost.

Q. How do I play if my country is not supported?

You can install it by the usage of VPN.

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