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App Name ARMAJET Mod Apk
Size 169 MB
Latest Version v1.59.8
Developer Super Bit Machine
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Requires 6.0 and up
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Update June 07, 2021 (6 months ago)
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ARMAJET Mod Apk is the acronym for Automatic Reinforcement and Mobility Asset Management. It is a military first technology designed to support joint operations in the battlefield. It can be translated as "Mobility Alone" where it means that a vehicle can be controlled by the operator alone. It is also known as a dummy or fake user command and is a series of dummy buttons and commands designed to simulate a user in the fight area, enabling the operator to move and work in a battlefield situation without actually risking his or her life. The Apk system has incorporated some exciting features in order to enhance its functionality:

Fast Battles

There are numerous game modes available for ARMAJET Apk. It has various objectives and game-play. The most popular one is the skirmish, which is a standalone game mode. In skirmish, an army of two players are pitted against each other on a set piece of land in an open field. Players can utilize their vehicles and tanks to do battle with each other and their allies, who are designated as "guards".



Arena Mode

This is the standard battle-space of the Apk system. There are several objective-based objectives for the player to fulfill while trying to protect their base. The objective depends on whether it is clearing the base of enemies, winning a duel, or protecting the base from being surrounded by enemy soldiers. In addition to the game modes available for ARMAJET Apk, there are also several challenges and tournament modes available in the action game.



Best Shooting Game

There is an ARMAJET Apk version of an intense, single-player sniper game. This Apk is an updated and improved version of the classic Counter-Strike: Source. In the shooter game, the objective is to either shoot your opponent or defend yourself using various weapons from a single screen. The weapons include pistols, sub-machine guns, shotguns, and rifles.



User-friendly Android Application

The ARMAJET Apk Mod has been designed with full compatibility with the most popular android applications such as, Google Maps, Google Android Market, Grouper, and many more. The android application allows users to experience a true multiplayer action game with their friends that is simply impossible with any other system. Furthermore, with the android smartphone users, there is an enhanced network performance. The complete connectivity along with the built-in Bluetooth support further enhances the performance of the system.



Most active community forum

ARMAJET Apk has a very active community forum on which players can interact with one another to share their views, reviews, and ideas about the said game. The forum also helps the mod makers to know the requirements of their users. For example, if the makers find that the level of graphics needs to be increased, they can request the users for enhancing graphics. In addition to this, other features like faster game loading higher number of players in a local network or a LAN environment etc are requested by the mod makers when they need to make the changes in the game. On the other hand, the users can also suggest some changes that they want to the mod.


Socially integrated with all social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Zynga etc are some of the most popular social networking sites that are used by millions of users across the globe. ARMAJET Apk can be integrated with these social networking sites. In fact, the ARMA website has direct integration with Twitter, Facebook, and Zynga. Players can chat, post news and updates, and even video messages with their friends and acquaintances in this social networking site.


Unique Multiplayer game

ARMA has it's own dedicated multiplayer which has been designed specifically for players who love shooting. Here, players can enjoy a good mix of strategy and real-life shooting action. In order to participate in the multiplayer games, you need to be connected to Internet. However, you need to have a broadband connection. If you are using a mobile then you will not be able to take part in the multiplayer sessions. You can play through your browser if you are having an average internet speed.


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