Armed Heist APK MOD Free For Android

Armed Heist APK MOD Free For Android

Additional Information

App Name Armed Heist APK MOD Free For Android
Size 733MB
Latest Version 2.9.4
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Sozap
Content Rating Teen
Requires 7.0 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Introduction to Armed Heist APK MOD

Armed Heist APK MOD, basically is a shooting game app. In this game, the person playing it portrays the role of a professional bank robber and has the task of running with maximum money by tricking and escaping from many cops who are trying to catch the robber. The game provides features on both the left and right side of the screen i.e. weapons, masks and other shooting essentials. There is a virtual stick showing on the screen, so that you can operate the game easily. All the controls of the game are visible for the user and as the game proceeds, the user can buy and use new rifles ,guns ,grenades etc from the game’s library. It is a very interesting game for android operating systems due to its amazing graphics and customization options.

Armed Heist APK MOD

Features of the Armed Heist APK MOD

The weapon system is completely customised

This gives you the opportunity to make your own weapons for the robbery. You can build the deadliest and extremely powerful guns,riffles,snippers,grenades,bombs,shot guns etc and add them to your kit. All these modified weapons will speed up your game’s progress and will help you in becoming a ruthless robber.

3D map for the crime scene

This 3D map helps to find the place with less security and protocols so that the heist becomes comparatively easy. The map shows the number of guards and armed trucks so that you can look into your weapons supply and plan the robbery accordingly.

The dynamic scenarios in the game

All the scenarios in the game are different from each other and require your moves and shooting skills to enhance the thrill. In this tps online shooting game, none of the challenges are played in the similar way. You need to go through your weapons and techniques to deal with all the challenges separately.

Create your character/avatar 

Now you can customise your character yourself by creating the look you like. Make it a gangster look or a deadly cruel one, all the outfits are available in the game, along with masks,vests and other cool accessories. You can make your character look killer with all the tools present and vibe with the amazing 3D effects of the game.

Requirements to download the app:

Availability of Android 4.1 or any higher version.

Armed heist mod apk unlimited money and diamond hack

Go to your google search and type approm, click on the very first link that shows on the screen. The site will ask for the app name, enter armed heist and the next tab will show you the option of downloading unlimited money and diamonds. By clicking the option, you can install the related apk file link. 

Armed heist mod apk unlimited gems

The procedure of this is same as that of money and diamond hack, but in addition you can watch the ads to increase the number of gems and also follow the notes that pop up on your screen, by completing those challenges you can earn more gems.

Armed heist mod apk latest version

The most recent updated version is 2.4.303 update, which was introduced on 14-7-2022. 

The procedure of  updating the app is automatic, done due to good internet connection and an android system of 7.0 or above.

Armed heist mod apk ios

Due to the updates, now you can download the game directly from the device’s app store if you have an iOS version of 13.0 or above.

The process of downloading the game on ios is very simple.

  1. Check from your device’s setting that the iOS version is 13.0  or above.
  2. Go to your device’s app store/ google/apple play store and search for the app.
  3. Click on the related app game from the pop up screen and download it.
  4. Enjoy the game after the process of downloading.

Armed heist hack

Armed heist hacks are  basically for earning gems,diamonds,money etc as explained above. For these hacks, there is an online generator with the name of Armed Heist Hack generator. This site can generate a sum of 50,000 diamonds.

Steps to activate the hack 

  1. Go to the website and enter your information like name,email,password and insert your account in the website’s system.
  2. Enable the action of the website.
  3. Select your device’s platform i.e. android or iOS.
  4. Now, activate the generator and get 50,000 max diamonds.
  5. You need to import the amount in the database and ensure your identity as human verification by clicking I AM NOT A ROBOT.
  6. Enjoy! Have Fun.

Armed heist cheats

 Pass Code words:

  • Uq5tmIENcY -  use this for upgrade
  •  lrn2wTbuFz - use this to customise
  • h9GGh28Nwo - use this to level up
  • 4G3XDkauIM - use this for premium pack
  • Zhrxub7fJE - use this for gift ticket
  • Vfptr8EuPm - use this for skulls
  • Hbr7QrMDGh -use this for  cash

Armed heist gameplay (description) 

Armed heist is a very action enriched gameplay in which you get to show your moves and strategies while doing the robbery. In this way you face the furious police in about 70 bank shootings- robbery,challenges.

Armed heist mod menu

  • No bouncing and spreading of bullets
  •  Opening the chests spontaneously
  • More than one life/ immortality 

For the game to work without any problem and continuously so do follow the site and the subject because the passwords are constantly being updated.

Armed heist review : 

The game has an overwhelming number of positive reviews and users loved the visuals of the game and the fact that the ads are very minimal. The graphics and features of the game are also very discussable among the audience .

Below are the reviews under the review section on playstore. 

“It was an amazing experience, I loved how the game is enrich with so many graphics”

“Armed Heist is worth a try for everybody”

“I had a blast with my friends last night, while playing armed heist”

How to download Armed Heist APK MOD file on your android system?

Download the app in a very simple way using the following steps:

  1. Scroll down and find the icon showing, DOWNLOAD THE APK FILE.
  2. This step will result in the process of downloading, to begin.
  3. After this, go to your device’s setting and enable the action of unknown devices.
  4. This will lead to the final step of installing the app, click on the install icon and enjoy.
  5. Now, you can enjoy this amazing game.


Armed Heist, is a very action full and fierce game and people like to play games with efficient graphics and sound system as gaming these days is an important segment of any get together amongst teenagers. Thus, the app portrays a great time pass in holidays or days off.

Armed Heist APK MOD


Q. How to do an APK installation?

APK installation is a process, which comprises the android game installer including .apk and .obb files with an attachment to the similar container. Go through this process like the usual common ones in which you install the container with alike or regular apk files. Finally, you can install the game through our respective installer.

Q. What is an Apk File?

Not all the apps are downloaded through the app store, so this file format which is a storage android package format helps in the installation process and is recognized by google itself.

Q. What are APK files and their advantages?

These files are a difficult and complicated version of apk files in a zipped format, as these files contain apk files and .obb files together or only apk bundles. The advantage is obvious that it can carry large files in a compact/zipped format so that space is stored for other installations.

Q. What is the use of .obb files?

The purpose of .obb files is that it can carry any kind of format for saving the file, be it in ZIP,PDF,MP3,MP4 etc. This makes it easy to store files of greater MBs.

Q. What is the correct way to allow the action of unknown sources in the settings?

Every android device has its own way to activate this according to their models but the most basic way is to open settings on the homescreen and go to the security option and from there activate/enable the unknown sources from device administration.

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