Astrokings APK

Astrokings APK

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App Name Astrokings APK
Size 887 MB
Latest Version v 1.56-1524
MOD Features Free
Developer Tilting Point
Content Rating Rated For 8
Requires 7.0 or above
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Update September 06, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Have you ever dreamt of being an astrologist? If you want to become part of a mission impossible to save the whole universe, you must try Astrokings APK. Join this ever-lasting fighting game and protect the whole universe from aliens. This game has gained a huge fan following in the gaming community. It urges you to plan strategically and think critically to overcome the situations. This amazing game has been programmed by a famous software house named Tilting Point. A huge gaming community is crazy for it because of its unique combination of space exploration, engaging warfare set, vast resource management, and beautifully crafted universe filled with science fiction. You can hold the role of space commander to perform various tasks. Your main objective is to build, expand, and defend your space empire in the universe.


Astrokings APK is actually a sci-fiction game filled with lots of strategic and critical scenes. It is a perfect combination of role-playing, fighting, and simulation genres. You can lead an ever-lasting empire in space. Your battle is against the starship team and other galaxies.

Show your fighting skills by participating in space battles. You have managed the resources to provide enough resources to survive on a planet. Build your spaceship, conduct commands, and continue with your space team to explore new worlds. It allows you to customize your weapons, spaceships, planets, backgrounds, themes, and galaxies according to your choice. It supports both solo and multiplayer modes of play. You can either play solo or with a team to conquer other galaxies. The storyline of this game is written by famous New York Times sci-fi authors Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman.

According to the story of this gameplay, you have to defend your planets from evil aliens. Upgrade your planet and collect unlimited facilities for your team. Start a new habitat on strange planets, and build industrial enterprises to grow the economy.  You can also choose an army or political system for the well-being of your planet. Here, you can also build different types of spaceships.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and build your spaceship and participate in the space battles. Let's dive straight toward the post below for further information.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Click on the download link at this page's top.

Step 2: Wait for a few seconds to complete the downloading process.

Step 3: If you are facing downloading issues, move straight to your mobile’s settings.

Step 4: Access the third-party apps by enabling Unknown Source.

Step 5: Now, open this page again and repeat step 1.

Step 6: Tap to install.

Step 7: Open the app and enter your google or Facebook ID to become a verified player. You can also join it as a guest player.


Main Features

Here are some main features of this game. Stay connected and keep reading until the end, if you are interested in this game.

Land On Worth Living Planet

Your game will start on an advanced spaceship. Your spaceship will crash and drop you on a strange planet.  Now, you must make that planet worth living for your crew members. Start constructing buildings and houses. Train your crew members to survive at any cost. Set political policies to build justice and peace. Harvest different types of crops and veggies to survive long.

Weapons In Astrokings APK

Start mining to discover valuable things, collect resources, and use them to build huge space stations. Hire new pilots and astrologists to help you. Your fight is against the evil aliens. Build up a strong team and compete with every disaster together. Fight together and survive together.

4X MMO Space War

4X is actually a subgenre of strategic video games.  MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online games. The player series of this app will take your gaming experience to the next level of thrill. Every living thing appearing on your screen is actually a real player sitting on the other side of the screen. It's your choice either to play as a commander or villain. If you choose to play as a commander, your battle is against aliens, enemy squads, and space pirates. Try to build a huge spacecraft and add cruisers, and interceptors to survive in space battles. Your spaceship has to be advanced to conquer other planets. Become the powerful and strongest commander worldwide and become the leaderboard champion. Unlock advanced and powerful weapons to blow out your enemies within the first attempt.

Graphics Of Astrokings APK

Unlock Powerful Weapons

It is an advanced fighting game. It offers you a wide array of amazing weapons. You can unlock powerful flare guns, machine guns, Freeze guns, laser shooters, bullet guns, and many other weapons. Each weapon has been designed for a unique purpose. Your task is to use the right weapons according to the situation. You will find some simple and basic weapons when you start the game. But as you progress towards advanced levels, you can purchase dangerous weapons. You have to use your in-game currency or real money to purchase such weapons.

Gameplay Of Astrokings APK

So try to collect as many coins as you can. But, if you don’t have enough coins, or want to enjoy advanced weapons without spending money, then you can try its modified version. Its modded version offers unlimited money, already unlocked levels, an ad-blocker, and many other privileges. Its modded version is available on various internet websites. But, I recommend you to use a reliable resource to download it.

Select a Political Policy

After discovering a planet, it's important to construct political and moral values to save human rights among the team. Set some rules and regulations to avoid crimes. Setting a political policy is important for your planet's and space station's well-being. You can select a path of liberalism to construct a powerful scientific society. Build peace and devotion in your team to make further progress.

Develop Your Planet In Astrokings APK

3D Graphics

A huge online community is going crazy for this game because of its storyline and 3-dimensional interface. It offers colorful graphics and PvP action games with beautiful HD graphics. Everything is given in perfect detail. Furthermore, color combination and 3D visual effects will take your gaming experience to the next level of fun. 

Collect And Manage The Resources In Astrokings APK

Collect & Manage the Resources

Collecting and managing resources is very important to survive in Astrokings APK. Players have to gather useful resources like energy, minerals, fuel, and valuable gems to develop and maintain their fleets. Collect and spread these resources to expand your space empire.

Strategic Warfare

It offers a lot of strategic combat systems to keep you engaged for hours. You can own powerful weapons and advanced skills to defeat your enemies. Using your in-game currency, you can freely customize your spaceship, outfits, appearance, skills, weapons, and themes. Keep yourself fully equipped for space wars.

4X MMO Battles In Astrokings APK

Regular Updates

Developers of Astrokings APK are working hard to provide you with advanced settings and a better gaming experience. All you have to do is keep checking new updates. You may notice some lags in its older version if you are an old user. But, I have inserted the link to its latest version at the top of this page. Click the link and get its latest version directly from the Google Play Store.


Astrokings APK is a remarkable sci-fiction game filled with many thrilling challenges. It offers a perfect combination of strategic challenges and complicated tasks. It offers lots of space wars with aliens. You will certainly get immersed in its amazing resource management, attractive combat systems, and vast universe. So what are you waiting for? Join the everlasting journey of space wars with this game.

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Q. Is Astro Kings APK available on the Google Play Store?

Yes, it has been added to all application stores. So, you can access it easily.

Q. Is Astroking APK safe to download?

Yes, it is 100% safe and secure. I recommend you download its official version.

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