Ball Blast MOD APK

Ball Blast MOD APK

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App Name Ball Blast MOD APK
Size 68M
Latest Version 1.62
MOD Features Premium Unlocked/Unlimited Money
Developer VOODOO
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update March 07, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Ball Blast MOD APK v1.65 (Unlimited Money/no ads)


Ball Blast MOD APK is a game that everyone can easily play. If you want to play this game first, you have to explode the balls coming towards the ground with artillery shells. The balls are coming towards the ground at a very high speed. This game has more features as needed. The faster you let the balls explode, the sooner you will be given points. People from all walks of life, from the youngest to the oldest, love playing. Most kids, in particular, are thinking of playing this game as part of their game. We get a whole new kind of experience when you play this game with ball bangs. All of the experiences will take you to the next level of the game. You will be rewarded with some reward when you carry out your game with these ball bursts. The rewards can be in goods, money, and gold. The Google play store released the Ball Blast MOD APK game in 2018. VOODOO has since installed and installed its version of this game.

Ball Blast MOD APK is an exciting game. In this game, you will be given some rewards. That means you have to let your balls explode in the best way possible with the cannon. You will be awarded points for exploding those balls. Based on those scores, you get an area called money. You can easily make various applications such as upgrading, adjusting, and repairing your artillery vehicle with the money available. There are a lot of different paths in this game. That is, each of the paths is mesmerizing and will teach you every great experience. There are many types of winter trails and tropical trails and trails. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Ultimately users have created space in the most beautiful form and given it to you beyond imagination

Ball Blast Mod Apk 1

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Ball Blast MOD APK is one of the most popular sports globally. Whoever watches this game will feel the urge to go into the game and play. What’s more, the thought that comes to your mind is that you have to go inside this game and play it once and play it again. The more attractive the start of the game, the less interesting you will be at the end of the game. How do you play the game? First, we will be given the cannon vehicle we need. You have to keep that vehicle and explode the balls from top to bottom. That means those balls will explode when you shoot through artillery shells. When playing this game, a beautiful look and feel will arise in your mind. However, the coming scenery of this game will take your mind in a different direction. You will also be awarded points when you play the game in the best way possible. You will also be given some reward based on those scores. That reward will be a tool to meet your different types of needs of you.


Ball Blast MOD APK game is based on the upgrade part. Using this upgrade section, you can upgrade your artillery correctly. If there is any repair on the engine of the cannon vehicle, it can be adequately repaired. First, you need to upgrade your artillery vehicle properly. You can recycle your old cannon into a new cannon. When recycling, a vehicle with a lower speed will become a higher speed. The game should be very high in your pace. You can easily win the game if the game’s speed is high. It can also repair individual parts of an artillery vehicle. You can keep your pace high in this game. Before to keep less. This game will show you the indication of how many balls you have exploded. Now you can not engage in real life. That is why users have introduced this game to you.


Ball Blast MOD APK game can be played correctly using the reward section. In this rewarding area, you will be given some reward. With that reward, you can buy the items you need. That is, the reward can be cash or gold coin. If you are now given a gold coin, you can keep that gold coin and replace the cannon and then recycle it. In this game, you can do all kinds of work, such as improving only the correct alignment of the cannon. With the money, you can now buy any products you want. Now, if you have the money, you can keep that money and buy the things you need. The game is more enjoyable only if there is an area of ​​offers in any game. By upgrading this cannon vehicle, you can visualize that vehicle going at a much higher speed. In this game, you have a speed control tool. You can easily control it with your hand movement.


Ball Blast MOD APK game is a game played through the graphics area. In this game, from the beginning to the end, all sorts of objects are used graphics system. All the beautiful places that come in this game have graphics. The lush green spaces and their surroundings are in fantastic shape to look at. Even so, owning one is still beyond the average person’s reach. All of those rocks will teach you a different kind of experience. I.e., paths that look like tropics. There are a lot of different paths in this game, such as the one that affects the view like winter and the one that looks like this. Many different types of graphics are used in this game that transcends nature. The trails are in a beautiful shape to look at, especially in the desert. All the beautiful places that come in this game are created by the users using the best kind of graphics system. The method of playing this game and the artillery shells and ball explosions are just a graphic. That’s why you all can download and play this game on the Google Play store.

Ball Blast Mod Apk 2

Graphics – Simple and Lovely

This game is a 2D game. And it means that its graphics are down to earth. The balls are monochromatic and different from small to big balls. Also, the background of this game is subtly designed with pastel colors.

Moreover, the bouncing movement of the ball when hitting the grounds will make you feel satisfied. Besides, the effect of bouncing gold coins is also fascinating, especially for children.

All the movements in the game are very smooth without any snatch or mistake. This feature is a big plus because it allows you to have a satisfactory experience with the game. When playing a game or watching a music video, it is very annoying when you have to pause or your mobile stops because of the software mistake.

With the free version, you can only choose one type of cannon and three background designs. You will have more options with more than 20 different artillery types and more than 30 background designs for the paid version.

No Sound Effect

Secondly, this game has no sound effects. Instead, you can only choose between two modes: silence and vibration. It is okay when you are looking for a few relaxing moments on the bus, subway, or office. But the absence of the sound makes it much less attractive.

We don’t know why, but the producers can make the game with sounds and allow users to mute or adjust the sound. It is not too complicated actions, but it can make this game more attractive. And the sound effect will be more attractive to children.

For example, the Dinosaur Egg Shoot comes with a beautiful sound when you make the right shot. And it will encourage users to improve their shots and make a point. Sound is a significant shortcoming of this game, and we hope that the producer will improve it in the next versions.

In Ball Blast, your mission is to control a mobile cannon to shoot down enemies. The cannon will be fired automatically, just drag your finger to the side to move. Your opponent will fall from the sky and bring in different numbers. The more you hit the ball, the less the number will drop until they reach 0, the ball will explode and drop gold coins.

However, the ball will not stand still for you to shoot. Round spheres with extremely high elasticity when falling to the ground will bounce and continue to fall. When they are in the air and fall on you, you lose. That is not all! With each big ball you encounter, shooting them down will split into 2 more balls with a score equal to half of the original ball. They will keep separating the score each time you shot until the ball size is not enough to do this.

Many challenges

The number of points per sphere does not depend on its size. When looking at a falling ball, be careful if it is split into two and fall on your head. A case exists in Ball Blast, which is small balls but has several times the number of normal balls. Statistics show that 30% of players killed are caused by these small balls. Whether you recognize this or not depends greatly on your sanity and mastery of the game.

The more balls you break, the more points you will gain. When you win a certain number of points, you will unlock the next level. However, the difficulty of the game will increase with the level. The higher the level of play, the more the ball appears and moves faster. At such times, you can discover your limits.

Super big guns

The difficulty increases with the level that requires more advanced weapons to overcome them. The guns with great destructive power, allowing players to shoot down balls faster is an indispensable item when players play up to the later stages.

The money you collect throughout the game journey will now maximize your ability when they can be used to purchase items inside the store including firecrackers. The guns with cool shapes will help you win every challenge.


Overall, we covered all detailed information about Ball Blast MOD APK. This is an exciting Android game and addictive game. Try the game at all times, and also, this is stress butter for everyone. Must play the game in your stress time. Complete all levels to earn much money from the game. You need unlimited money and shopping items from the original version of the gams. Use our MOD version to get infinity money for free. The file is 100% working and tested by many users. Download the latest MOD version from below the article available links.

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