Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK Unlocked

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK Unlocked

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App Name Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK Unlocked
Size 1G
Latest Version 2022.4.1
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Budge Studios
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK

The name of this game is literally telling us all that it relates to Barbie characters and we have to make a dreamhouse in this game. If you are a barbie lover then this game is a must for you as in this game our character in this game is a barbie. Get a fun experience and adventure a life as a barbie. Barbie is a toy that is very much loved by children and even some adults prefer Barbies as a toy. So, if you are one of them then you are at the right place. 

 Create your dream world by playing this game. It is like playing a game where you can achieve a lot of things. Be friends with other barbies, yes there are other characters in this game as well. You can be friends with them and have a friendly feeling to grow inside you in this game. Other characters are your parents who will love you. Your siblings give you a homely feeling in this game. Get the lovable emotion with your other friend named Ken and enjoy this game at its peak. Get along with some strangers and make them your friends in this game. Do parties and meet ups with your Bffs. 

In addition to building a dream house you have many more duties as a barbie in this game. The first duty is to customize the barbie (you) in the game. This is very important as you will be the main character and you must style yourself different from others. Make your character as a barbie stand out from the crowd by preparing her fully. Do her hair, choose excellent clothes for her, manicure, pedicure, makeup and a hell lot of amazing things to try in this game. Make the barbie( yourself) as pretty as you can.


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Features

Here are some features that will force you to play the game at its core.


  • Dress Yourself:


The most amazing feature in this game is to dress yourself. Your character in this game is a beautiful Barbie. You must prepare everything for yourself professionally in order to look mesmerizing. Do your manicure, pedicure, ficials , apply beauty products, take long baths and then choose ethereal dresses and do cute makeup along with amazing hairstyles. 

You are the main character among your Family, Friends and other people so you must look representable enough to be called a main product. So, this game is offering you amazing clothes and other things that you may require. 


  • Decorate the Dreamhouse:


It is everyone’s wish to make a house of their liking so that must be in your to do list as well. So, this game is giving you the access to this feature to fulfill your wish and build your own house. Be a barbie and make a house that offers a  barbie vibe to you. Beautiful rooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and many more. You can design almost all things.

The Barbie (You) have all the access in the game to decorate your house as per you want. The game name shows that you can design your dream house in this game. Design it as per you want and then decorate it beautifully. You have to live in this house so it must be your type. Choose the themes you prefer and color the walls with your favorite color without any restriction. 


  • Meetup with Barbie’s friends:


Friends have a very important role in our life. We can joke with them and they also help us go through a lot of hard times. They are always standing with us right by our side. So, you must meet up with your friends in this game. And the best way to meet your best friends is by arranging parties at your home or at the pool. 

Parties can be arranged easily, you just have to cook food and decorate the house according to the theme of the Party. Your friends in this game are “Brooklyn” , “Teresa” , “Nikki” , “Renee” , “Daisy” and last but not the least “Ren” who is unique among all of them. You can ask them all to cook with you in the kitchen and it will be more fun.


  • Selfies with friends:


By real life game adventure I meant that there will be a lot of things that match the real us. Like in the game we are allowed to take selfies. We can make poses to take selfies. Taking selfies alone is kind of boring so we will take selfies with our friends by making different and weird poses and spend a good time together.


  • Pool parties:


Pool parties are a must when it comes to summer time because in sumeer it is very hot and people mostly prefer spending holiday or fun time in pools. So, it will be a very great idea to have pool parties with friends because in this time you can do two things at the same time. Enjoy the time with friends and do swimming as well. 


  • Delicious Food:


Who forgets food when it comes to parties? Yes, food is amust thing when you arrange parties. You can make delicious foods for your friends and have fun  by sharing it with them. You can even ask your friends to come a little early and enjoy making food with you because that will be more fun than making the food alone in the Kitchen. 


  • Dance at the parties:


The main thing of a party is the dance. Yes, dance is very much important when it comes to parties because dance creates a vibe. The vibe of the party is only completed when people dance with each other on the stage or on the Dance floor. Play incredible songs at the party and jam along with them and perform amazing moves at the parties and shock your friends with your dancing skills. 


  • Graphics:


The graphics of this game are also very amazing. You will get to play the game in high quality without any kind of limitations in this unlocked version.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Vip Unlocked

You can get all the features unlocked in this version of  Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure , you just have to download this apk version of the game. You will get

  • This version will let you get all the things unlocked, which means that you can use any clothes, outfits and any accessory you want in this version without paying. 
  • Get a chance to earn unlimited money in the game by using this version, you can get unlimited money from the gift box of the VIP Club. Yes, you will receive money in the form of Gift from the clubs. 
  • Get the feature of Drawing, in the normal version you are not allowed to do drawing but in this version we are allowing you to do drawing as this feature is unlocked. 
  • When a party comes, you have to decorate your house but most of the decoration equipment is locked in the game and you must unlock them in order to use them. So, we are giving you access to the equipment for free.
  • And a whole lot of objects are also locked in this game and to unlock them you must play but we are giving you this unlocked version so you can use them without any restriction.

Just download this version from the link given in this page and you will get access to all the above unlocked features.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure Latest version

As this game has got so much attention from people all over the world, people are downloading this game so much. The team of this game is working on the game to make it updated and allow the users to get access to all the new things. That’s why new versions of this game are being updated again and again.  

The latest version of this game was released on July 6, 2022 and this version is 2022.4.0 and its size is 1252.49 MB.  This version is unlocked and has all the features that you desire.

Barbie Dream House Adventure Game Online

Yes, this game is an online game and allows the users to play it online when the data is connected. You can get access to everything by being online. This game is actually more of a simulation game that helps the users to get access to almost everything. The users can do everything they wanna do with this game and it is very fun to play. Download it and be in control of a real Barbie world.

Barbie DreamHouse Adventure All Characters

Mostly, games only consist of the main character, the protagonist who is the player himself/herself. But this games other characters as well and is allowing a lot of people to play the game at a bigger user-interface. The other characters of this game are the Parents, Siblings and the friends that are very close to the protagonist, Barbie.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert is the parents of the main character of the game. The main character is you, which means they are your parents. 
  • The next characters are your Siblings, who are Stacie, Chelsea and Skipper. Yes, you have three siblings in the game and they are very close to you and are very jolly when it comes to parties.
  • Next characters are obviously your friends. They include Nikki who is an aspiring and a very much appreciated fashion Designer, Teresa who loves science and make theories related to it, Renee who is obsessed with sports and all he thinks about is sports, Daisy the heart of the group because of her amazing DJ skills and i very Talented, Brooklyn and she herself is the Barbie and last but not the least Ken . He is very unique in his style and is close to Barbie.

Barbie DreamHouse Adventures Cast

Barbie DreamHouse Adventure include the cast of

  • Barbie herself
  • Her Parents
  • Her Siblings
  • Her Friends
  • Ken

Barbie DreanHouse Adventure Daisy

Daisy is one of Barbie's Friends and is very beautiful. She loves music and learnt music very deeply. That’s why she is a very talented Dj and plays the song with her remix everytime they are at a party. Her character is very aspiring and she is very confident. She makes amazing tunes and beats and the whole squad vibe on her creations. They all appreciate her beats by learning choreography on her beats. 

Barbie DreamHouse Adventure Ken

Ken is a male friend of Barbie and is very Rich. He is very close to Barbie and their chemistry is so good. Ken always throws pool parties and the whole squad attends his pool parties. They all wear their dresses and go to his house to enjoy the meetups along with swimming. They all are very close to each other.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Logo

Barbie DreamHouse Adventure Logo has Barbie and her Dog in the Logo. The logo shows that Barbie loves her song so much. Apart from this, this game has many more logos and in those logos there are Barbie's friends, family with her. 

Barbie DreamHouse Adventures All Episodes

There are different episodes in this game and the players can go in all these episodes. In each episode Barbie goes on different Adventures and has fun. There are episodes in which she is with her friends, in some of them she is with her pet , family and other things. All these episodes are unlocked in the apk version of the game.


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD Apk Download

You can download this game easily by following these steps.

  • First step is to click on the “Download” button available on this page. 
  • Then, wait for the download to start and after some time the download will be completed.
  • Now, go to the settings of your device and allow the “Unknown sources” from there. 
  • Then, open the downloaded apk file present in the file manager.
  • Open it and tap on the “Install” option.
  • The installation will be started and after some time it will be completed.
  • Now, you are ready to enjoy the adventures of this dreamlike game fully.


Barbie DreamHouse Adventure is an amazing simulation game that allows you to experience an amazing life as a barbie. Dress the barbie, make her look pretty and do her makeup and hair. Do different activities like playing, cooking, dancing and singing with friends in this game. Be a part of this game by decorating the house according to the Party’s theme and have fun with parents, siblings and your best friends.


Q. Is this game safe to use?

Yes, this game is completely safe to use , you can download it without any worry.

4.73 / 5 ( 51 votes )

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