Beatstar MOD APK Always Perfect, High Score Download

Beatstar MOD APK Always Perfect, High Score Download

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App Name Beatstar MOD APK Always Perfect, High Score Download
Size 210 MB
Latest Version
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Space Ape
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 25, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Beatstar; feel the music with your touch, is a fantastic and entertaining game app for music enthusiasts. This game allows users to experience the pleasant feel of music with their senses. Along with other exciting features, this game contains all kinds of music. 

The game provides its users, an excellent opportunity to choose their favorite music from the bunch. It allows the player to be in charge of the melody by allowing the user to create a melody with their finger touch. 

You can master a game to reach the next one. The leaderboard shows the performance score of all players. You can get your name in there by mastering the current level of the game, you are in. 

Beatstar MOD APK

Tell the app, what kind of music you enjoy listening to. By doing this, you help the app to choose your favorite music from the data. You have a variety of options to select from including; pop music, rock music, country music, indie/ alternative music, R&B music, hip hop music, and dance/ electronic music. 

This gaming application enables users to easily access and enjoy all kinds of music without any restrictions. At the same time, the application makes it exciting and challenging for users to unlock more exclusive songs.

Easy To Play

The melody gaming application is surely very easy and entertaining to play. Even if you are a kid, you can play it with super ease. As for older people, this application is a great side activity and an entertaining activity that they can play with their little ones. 

It allows people to explore the music of previous and modern generations. It is like building a bridge to develop unity with the help of music. As they say, music is for all ages. 

All it requires is the presence of passion and enthusiasm for one to find enjoyment in music. When it comes to beatstar, there is no restriction on age. Music is a form of art, and art is for everyone regardless of their age.

Keep The Thrill Going

At the beginning of the game, the player has some selective songs to play. In order to keep the thrill going, the player must master their game levels. These games are very simple if you focus on the melody and quickly click on the bars. Maybe you like this similar game Magic Hop Mod APK.

Bonuses and Chests

Play games and win exciting prizes, bonuses, and chests. Just like that, you can pass each level with a good score and earn coins. You can unlock more amazing and exclusive songs by showing good performance in your games.


Graphics Quality

The vibrant colours and attractive interface makes it very entertaining and engaging for the player. The graphic quality is another treat for users. You can enjoy the game while being mesmerized by the graphic display of the application.

Beatstar MOD APK

The exciting and thrilling part is, you cannot lose concentration from the melody and are quick to drag the notes. If you forget to do so or lose your rhythm you will lose the level.

Tap To The Rhythm:

As a music lover, there is no better experience than to feel the music. This gaming application presents players to practically experience the melody and rhyme of the song deep inside. 

For music enthusiasts, the feel of contributing to the melody of the song is unimaginable. Beatstar allows players to feel like they are creating the melody of their favorite songs.

Invite Your Friends:

If you are a social person and like to hang out with friends. Or you are an amazing beat star player and you want to show off your skills in front of friends. No need to worry, our gaming application has got you covered.

You can invite your friends to play this music game app with you. You can share your favorite songs and music artists with your friends and earn more coins.

Hundreds of songs:

The main concern of beatstar is to make the playing experience of users as different and as entertaining as possible. With over hundreds of songs, an amazing interface, vibrant colors, and catchy rhyme, it is impossible for players to not play this game.

 Attractive and up-to-date music, combined with pleasant colors and interface, takes the experience of playing the game to the next level.

You can arbitrarily select a song and challenge yourself to play it and complete it with good scores. 

if you are having a stressful day at work or you are returning home after a hectic day. You can relieve your stress by swiping and dragging the notes to the melody of the music.

 Music has been found to be effective to calm nerves. Listening to your favorite to ease stress is always a good idea.

Create Your Own Show:

Most music lovers are so much passionate about music. They want to contribute to creating some musical art pieces, but never got a chance. Well, now it is not difficult anymore. 

While playing you can master the rhyme of the music. Rest is a piece of cake. Play the game swipe and drag the notes, instruments, beats, and vocals. Find your creativity and alter the melody of the song. This way you can create a new melody of your own.

Improve Your Concentration:

Work on your focus and attention during the game. Be mentally present and quick to pick the melody of the song. Swipe or drag the instrument, beat, or vocal. With each game, improve your mistakes and increase your focus. 

This is also a good activity for your mind. It can enhance your concentration and attention level. Also, helps to increase your focus. It is a healthy side activity for people of all ages.

 It is a journey to find a connection with music, discovering your new favorite songs along the way. It is also an amazing gaming application to kill time.

Beatstar MOD APK

 If you are stuck in traffic, or you are waiting for someone or you are just bored and free. You can light up your time by installing this application on your device for free from our website

Express Your Creativity:

Everyone has a creative side. You can bring out yours easily. With the help of beatsar, meet all the new challenges of the game with full concentration. Be quick and gain good scores.

 find your favorite music and master it by playing. You can alter your favorite melody easily. Use your creativity and express your talent through music. You can change a song by altering its rhyme, instrument, and melody. 

Now that you have created your very own music of yours, must be a proud moment. But the fun has just begun. You can share your creativity with the whole world. 

The music that you created can reach more people than you have imagined. In the same way, you can access the songs and melodies created by others. It is a wonderful and exciting opportunity to express your talent.

Unlock Features Easily:

No doubt, beatstar is absolutely fun to play. And everyone must experience the feel of music with touch. But the gaming application comes with some in-app purchases to unlock more features and get more access. No one like ads right, especially when playing games, a random pop-up ad could be extremely annoying. But, not every player can afford to pay for the application. So the ads stop popping up randomly. But to solve this problem, what you have to do is very simple. You can download the latest version of this app in modified foam with all features unlocked. No more annoying ads.

How to download this game?

You can download the clock app from our website with its modified version for free. To do that just follow these simple and easy steps;

  1. Download the APK file of this gaming application by pressing the download button available on our website.
  2. After that, click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  3. “Allow unknown source” from your device to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

After complete installation, enjoy the amazing app.

Final Thoughts

This gaming application is a must to have on your device if you like music. With a variety of cool options and exciting game challenges, the game will never leave you bored. Above mentioned gaming application is entertaining and addictive. You can easily access all of your favorite artists and their songs. Share your favorite songs with your friends. 

Beatstar MOD APK

Complete challenges to win exciting gifts and unlock more features. Complete easy levels at the beginning of the game. This will lead you toward the difficult songs. For some songs, music plays much faster, making it challenging yet exciting to match music with the instruments and beats of the songs. The interface of the game and hundreds of different songs create a pleasing environment for players and make them excited about the game.


Q. Is beatstar free to play?

Yes, the app is free to download and use. However, you have to make several in-app purchases to unlock its complete features, get access to all songs and stop the random ads.

Q. How to get the full version of this game for free?

You can enjoy the full version of this app with completely unlocked features. Get full access to all songs and stop the annoying random ads.

Q. Is it safe to download?

Yes, the game available on our website is completely harmless for your mobile device. Before uploading here, every application is tested and scanned for viruses, to ensure the safe experience of our users

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