Best Stretching Apps for Android and IOS

Top 12 Best Stretching Apps for Android and IOS

If you are a fitness freak, you probably already have an idea about stretching and its benefits. Stretching is very important before your start your regular exercise, as it makes sure that you don’t get any injuries while you exercise. It also plays a very major role in losing weight and it also makes you feel relaxed and good after a long and tiring day. So basically, if you want to stay active and attentive throughout the day, you should definitely make time to stretch and exercise every morning and stay fit.

Yes, there are so many benefits and advantages of stretching on a regular basis, but do you know that if you stretch wrong, you might injure yourself as well. Before you make up your mind to stretch daily, you should search for the best correct stretching positions so it doesn’t harm you in any way. Now that everything is easily available on the internet, there are so many stretching apps that will be very useful for you.

Here we have sorted out the best 12 stretching apps for you. It doesn’t matter if you use an Android phone or an IOS phone, these apps can easily be downloaded and you can start stretching your way to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Best Stretching Apps for You

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is a free app for everyone who will love to do daily stretching that will make their day 10 times better. This app is very easy to use and is also very useful for everyone who loves to exercise. You will really like this app as it gives all the details on how to stretch and the good ways of it. Apart from stretching, the Flexibility app also allows you to learn yoga, dynamic warm up and other daily workouts that will help you stay active and in shape. Flexibility is free to download and is available on Play Store and App Store as well.

  1. Stretching Sworkit

Stretching Sworkit is another popular stretching app that has thousands of users. People love using this stretching app as it provides up to 100 amazing workouts and stretches that will help you to stay fit and active and avoid any major or minor injuries during your workout session. Stretching Sworkit provides 3 basic and essential work outs of basic stretching, head to toe stretching and Pilates. You can also create your custom exercise routine by adding in different exercises from Yoga, strength, stretches and cardio.

Not to mention, Stretching Sworkit is a free app and can be downloaded by Android and IOS users easily.

  1. StretchIt

StretchIt is another amazing stretching app that is loved by many people. This app provides you with lots of basic stretching exercising videos. It is very easy to use this app and to also follow it. StretchIt has all of these amazing stretching videos which you can watch, follow and learn. Apart from amazing stretching exercises, this app also features useful workouts, Pilates and dancing workouts that are easy and fun too. StretchIt provides you with 30 days of free use, where you can use it and you will have to pay to subscribe for even crazier workout sessions.

  1. Home Workout

Nobody has the time to go to the gym every single day. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get to do your exercises daily at home? Well now you surely can. Home Workout is an app that is available to download for Android as well as IOS users. The best part of using the Home Workout app is that all the workouts are well researched and practiced by professionals, so there is no chance that any exercise cause injury. This app has more than 60 workout videos that include the basic stretching exercises and the workouts. Home Workout is free to download as well.

  1. Pilates

Pilates is one of the most effective and the most amazing form of exercise. There are now actually a lot people who are switching to Pilates and are also noticing a huge difference in their workout regime. Pilates is an app that you can download on your Android or IOS smart phone and start doing all these amazing exercises without any instructor. Only the exercise isn’t enough, you must also take proper diet and important supplements along with it.

If you want to start Pilates, you should definitely have this useful Pilates app on your smart phone. It is also free to download.

  1. Daily Workouts

Walking and exercising daily is important for our health. It also maintains your weight and keeps all the important things in check as well. Now, not everybody has the time to go to the gym every single day. Daily workouts is an app for all the people with busy schedule so they can do all of their workouts at home. This app features many exercises starting from 5 minutes that goes up to 30 minutes. You can choose your daily exercise that suits you that day. Daily workout sure is a free to download app but it also has a paid version. You will have to pay and get more exercises every day.

  1. Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises is one of the most popular stretching exercise apps with thousands of users.  This app has more than 100 workouts that are beneficial for every body part. To get started, you just have to download this amazing free app and click on the exercise that you like and get started. All the exercises that are listed in Stretching Exercises are helpful in increasing muscle flexibility and it also makes you more energetic over time. This useful exercise stretching app is available to download on Play Store and App Store as well.

  1. Extreme Eye Exercise

Extreme Eye Exercise is one of the most unique exercise apps that are developed for your eyes. You can actually improve your eyesight by using this smart phone app daily. Extreme Eye Exercise has a unique pattern known as Gabor Patch. This pattern helps you to improve your eyesight.  You just have to match some puzzles, that will train your mind and your eyes to stay focused, thus improving your eyesight.

This eye exercise app is free to download and is available to download for both Android and IOS users.

  1. Stretch HD

Stretch HD is another amazing and helpful stretching app that is free for Android and IOS users. This app has a variety of HD quality videos and you can select which exercise you want to do for that day. All the videos have detailed instructions and all the videos are uploaded on the app after a lot of research, so you don’t have to worry about getting injured or doing the wrong exercise that may be harmful.

  1. Stretch Timer

Stretch Timer is a very useful app for everyone who works out every single day. This app will record your time for stretches so you can do proper stretches. Not doing proper and detailed stretches before exercising may get you injured. So you need to make sure to take your time on stretching. You just have to set the time and work such as stretch, rest, reps and press the ply button. This app will tell you the remaining time as well. Stretch Timer is a free app that can be downloaded and used easily by any Android or IOS user.

  1. Track Yoga

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do for yourself. Yoga helps you lose weight, gain flexibility in your muscles, it helps you to relax and stay calm throughout the day. So a daily dose of Yoga would be the best for you. You can download Track Yoga and start your daily Yoga sessions at the comfort of your own home for free. You can learn different yoga exercises and poses that are very helpful. Track Yoga can be downloaded by Android and IOS users.

  1. 8Fit

This is the last and the most amazing and useful app for all the fitness people. 8Fit is a free app that will provide you with daily workouts. Apart from daily workouts, this app is also a meal planner. If you are someone who wants to lose weight or someone who just wants to stay fit and energetic, 8Fit is the app for you. You can easily shed those extra pounds by downloading 8Fit app on your Android or IOS smart phone and stay fit and active every single day.

These were the best 12 stretching apps. All these apps are approved by thousands of people and are known as the best and the most effective ones for everyone.

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