Bigjpg Mod APK Premium, Vip, Pro, Unlocked Download

Bigjpg Mod APK Premium, vip, pro, unlocked Download

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App Name Bigjpg Mod APK Premium, vip, pro, unlocked Download
Size 5 MB
Latest Version 1.6.8
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (4 days ago)
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Magnify or expand the small images of anime characters without losing the resolution of the image. Don’t fear losing the original quality of the parent image. Upload the photo from your gallery to this app and get the resultant image in an enlarged size. The Bigjpg app has made the minor details of the images very clear. People use photos to get information, but the pictures may be small to deliver the details. No worries. This app has solutions to such problems as it will increase the size of the picture, and the quality of the picture remains the same. 

This application reduces the blurriness, and the change in MB size depends upon your choice. The MB size will increase up to 12MB if the user wants. The time to do such alterations or modifications is mentioned on the image when you upload it on the app. Plus, almost all versions of pictures are available here, and you can change any version. This app is incredible with all its free features, and the users don’t need to be paid subscription bundles.

Bigjpg Mod APK


Versions or Types of Pictures

The image that you select to enlarge the size may have any type. It can be an artwork or a simple photo. The condition for the type of image is not present to be implemented. You may resize the manga products or anime characters. The color, quality, details, information, etc remain unaltered. Don’t think that graphics illustrations of input pictures matter as you process every version without consideration of such visual illustrations. 

Portraits, designs, logos, pixels, sketches, or paintings cause no issue during magnification. Different resizing scales or functions are available for the images. 


Upscaling is the improvement of the quality of photos, artworks, or videos. You may select the sizing scale in which you want the resultant product or outcome. Some scales are available in the option that you have to choose, for example, 16x, 8x, 4x, or 2x. Among these scales, 2x ad 4x are present in the free version of the app. Whereas you have to pay real money or cents to use 8x and 16x scales, as these scales get unlocked in the premium version of the app. 

Reduce the Fuzziness 

Different quality options are available to reduce the fogginess of the images. You may decrease the sharpness or make it more clear. You will see four options, including Low, High, Medium, and Highest quality. It’s your choice to pick one out of four available options. Just tap the option, and the changes will be quick. 

Solution for Visual Works

This app is an incredible key for all those images that a person needs to extract the details. The information on the picture or artwork may be too small to be understood. So enlargement or magnification is the only choice that a person can opt for. Everyone knows the enlargement in size will reduce the sharpness or quality of the photo and information, so it becomes impossible to obtain the information. 

For this, you must have a solution that will magnify the photo and the carved information on it instead of damaging its original quality, and Bigjpg has solved this issue with its amazing features. The user may use this app for large-scale visual operations. The products or resultant images are in categories. Different folders are present with different categories. The user has no difficulty in searching and sharing the resultant image. 

Two Step Versions

This application presents two grades that are the following. 

> Upgraded Version

> Free Version. 

Both versions are a miracle for the users, but some premiums are not available in the free version, and the user needs to pay for that. The free version has almost the same features except for the resolution and magnification quality. You may access all premium features without paying money with an upgraded version which is a mod update. This modded update offers all features without money. You may get this update from the above link. 

Bigjpg Mod APK

Time Estimation

This app shows the time duration that ap specific process takes. This estimation is not exact, but very close to the actuality. Moreover, the user may get the history of all changes or modifications for each image. Usually, the time taken is shorter than the estimated duration of notification. This duration depends upon the internet's stability and strength. If the strength of the internet is high, the estimated duration will be short. Maybe you like this similar app Talkao Translate Mod APK.

Sharp & Stable Quality

The sharpness and stability of the content get increased in the upgraded version. The quick response will show the results. If the photos are already blurry or unclear, this app will transform these unclear photos into sharp ones. This platform is the best thing for professional work and official certificates. The quality of the content becomes more stable with this tool. 

Image Size & Resolution

The size of the photo gets enlarged if you apply the changes after uploading the input images to the app. People think that increased size will reduce the quality of the picture. Many editing apps may reduce the quality of the photos, but this is not present in this app, as the original quality of the photos remains intact. You may increase the resolution of the pictures to enhance the transparency. The resizing process will make the picture your choice. Plus, the quality remains intact if you share the magnified images with your device or another app. 

Review Changes

When you have done all changes that you want to do, you can check the things before applying them. The preview will explain and show all changes, so you can check if something is not suitable. This option is not available in all editing apps, and you realize the mistakes after completing the process, so you have to reverse all steps to re-edit that. 

Maintenance of Original Quality

Don’t worry about the quality of the artwork or input images. This app maintains the quality after doing alterations to the images. You magnify the images up to 16x without losing the quality of the original photo. You will see everything very clearly and transparently. The pictures may have a size of 10MB after magnification. 

Encrypted Data

This application ensures the safety of the users, and no one can access your data on this app. The images and the products remain safe within the app storage until you share these photos with someone. The links are encrypted to keep the images safe. 


> This APK file of the application remains safe in the device storage even after the uninstallation of the app from the phone. With the APK file, the user can get the app anytime without using the internet.  

Bigjpg Mod APK

> The installation process gets completed within an instant. It will not waste the time of the user. 


> This app is from some third-party source, and it needs permissions from the device security system for installation. 

> The APK files are unsafe and cause problems to the devices. 

> The APK files have no certification or verification from Google Store, so they show warning pop-ups. 


This app demands any android phone with API (Application Programming Interface) 4.4 or more. The app has no demand to root the phone. So you may use any device after matching the compatibility. 


Download this image magnifying app on your android device with simple steps. 

> Tap the link that is available at the top of this article. One tap will start the download of the APK. 

> Enable the device security to allow the installation process of apps from all sources. 

> Open Menu and go to Files. 

> Open the Downloads in which you have downloaded the file. 

> Click the downloaded file to start the installation process. 

> Wait for 3-4 sec until the process gets finished. 

> Start expanding your images to get all details.

Bigjpg Mod APK


Bigjpg is outstanding with all its services that will never let the users lose hope. This app has special benefits for people who have to read documents or files for their office work and for students who are always keen to study the little piece of information from the images. You may enhance the sharpness, the same as the waifu2x does to improve the quality with magnification.


Q. Can I update the Bigjpg app from Google Store?

As you know, the app is a third-party APK file, so you cannot obtain the recent updates from Google that have not verified these unknown sources.

Q. Do I face interruptions by advertisements?

Never. This app has no disturbances of ads if you are using the modified update. The mod update has reported all third-party advertisements.

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