Billar Pool Billiards Pro Mod Apk Unlimiter Money

Billar Pool Billiards Pro Mod apk Unlimiter money

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App Name Billar Pool Billiards Pro Mod apk Unlimiter money
Size 6MB
Latest Version 4.7
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer TerranDroid
Content Rating Teen
Requires 1.5 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Billar Pool Billiards Pro Mod apk:


Respected users! We care about you alot, and this is why we always try to cover all of your interests. Today we have great news for billiard lovers. Because we are going to introduce the best billiard game application named “Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK”. 

This billiard game is indeed the best game for Billiard fans, as it has so many great attributes, which will surely fascinate you. This explicit game is unquestionably the most popular game all over the world. It is completely free of cost. 

By having this game, there are lots of simple and joyable tools for you. Those tools can help you to play this billiard game in different modes. There are mainly two modes available:

  • Online Mode
  • Offline Mode

In offline mode, you have to play offline. There is no need for network connection.

The offline mode is further categorized as:

  • The solitary Mode
  • Practice mode

In Solitary Mode, there is no need for an internet connection, and you have to play against yourself. Yes, in solitary mode, your opponent is the only you. Because no one can beat you, except you. If you want to become Pro in anything, then you have to challenge yourself and prove yourself better than before. This is the only thing that makes you more and more better than before. 

After that, we have a practice mode. In practice mode, again there is no need for an internet connection. In the practice mode, you have to practice with a computer. In other words we can say that you have to play against the computer. Yes, in this mode of Billar Pool, your opponent is a computer. The computer will automatically play its turn in order to rehearse you and when your turn comes then you have to play against the computer and defeat your opponent. And it makes your skills more powerful and makes your moves more effective.

Let’s talk about the Billar Pool Online Mode. The online mode also has sub categories named as:

  • Multiplayer mode 
  • Play Minigames
  • Play Special

In Multiplayer Mode of Billar Pool Billiards Pro, you need to have a stable internet connection. Hence you can even enjoy this stunning game with your friends as well. You can enjoy this gameplay with your friends by inviting them to play this game with you. Before starting the game with your friend, you and your friend will have to invest some money on the game from your own wallets. And on winning the match your money will become 2x. Because your friend’s wallet money will also be added to your wallet. Hence, it will become 2x.

If we talk about Minigames mode, then in this mode you again need a stable internet connection. And on activating this mode, you will have a variety of options in front of you like:

  • Scratch and win 
  • Lucky shot
  • Spin and win
  • Surprise boxes

In the scratch and win option, you just need to scratch on the screen and there will be so many rewards hidden behind the scratch box. 

In the Lucky Shot option, you will be provided with 2 to 3 lucky shots. And if you hit right then you will be rewarded with a champion box, lots of cash and lots of coins. 

The spin and win option gives you a chance to rotate a lucky wheel and hence to win the rewards. 

Last but not the least, in the surprise box option, there is an availability of surprises for you. In the surprise box, there may be a rare box, an epic box or even a legendary box for you. 

After that, there is a mode of Play Special. In the Play Special mode, there are again further options for you like:

  • Play 9 Ball
  • Play Tournament
  • Play no guideline
  • Lucky shot

In the Play 9 ball, you will be provided with the 9 balls to play and win the match from your opponent. 

If we talk about the Play Tournament option, then in this option there is a Billiards tournament arrangement for you with your friends. After winning the tournament, you have to play in the final. And then on winning the finals, there are incredible rewards for you that are beyond your thinking. 

In the Play No Guideline option, you are free to play. There are no guidelines available for you. And you have to play in your own style. 

Last but not the least, there is again a Lucky shot option in the Play special mode. Again you will be provided with very less 2 to 3 lucky shots and in this limited shots option you have to take the match to yourself, by defeating your opponent. Indeed there are cash and rewards for you on completing or accomplishing your each mission or challenge. 

In the Billar Pool Billiards Pro game, there is a variety of sticks available in the store for you. You can pick any stick of your preference from the store and show off your skills in the game.

Billar Pool Billiards

Features of Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK:

It’s time to have some conversation about this game app’s astounding features. So, here we go:

  • Variety of modes:

In the Billar Pool Billiards game, there are several modes available for you. There is an availability of everything for your convenience. You can play in any mode according to your preference or feasibility. The detail of each mode has discussed below:

  • Practice Mode:

If you are new or beginner in this game, then you need to do practice first. You first have to make your moves effective by practicing, until you are able to defeat other players here in this game. The benefit of this mode is, there is no need for network connection in this mode.

  • Solitary Mode:

After practicing, you have to beat yourself first. Because if you have the power to defeat yourself then you can easily defeat anyone. The solitary mode will prove very helpful in making you better and more better than before. This mode is also free from internet connection. 


  • Multiplayer Mode:

When you have become capable enough to beat yourself, then you can do a match with your friends in order to defeat them in the Billar Pool Billiards game app. This is a multiplayer mode of this Billiard game, in which you will have a match with your friends. 

  • 1 on 1 Mode:

In this mode, you will have a chance to improve your playing skills more. Because in 1 on 1 mode, you have to play with the champions all over the world. Hence, in this mode there are a variety of things for you to learn.

  • Lucky shot:

This marvelous game app is also giving you an option to do a luck shot. The lucky shots have very exciting surprises for its players if they rightly complete all the given lucky shots. In this game,2 to 3 lucky shots are provided to you. And in these limited shots, you have to prove yourself by showing your billiard skills. 

  • Availability of sticks:

In the Billiard’s game app store, there are numerous sticks present for the players. Players can use any stick of their own consent and can easily use that stick in their game. Very fascinating and attractive sticks present in the store having very capturing colors. 

  • Billiard 9 ball match:

Dear users! You will also be provided with an option that you can even play with 9 balls. In the 9 ball game, there are 9 balls present on the table with a cue ball, which is always in a white color, a solid cue ball. You have to play this game in the same way as you play the 8 ball pool. The only difference is that, unlike the 8 ball pool, there are nine balls here on the table.


  • Lucky wheel:


After downloading this game app, you will have a luck spin daily. Yes, if you have downloaded this game app once, then from that day to onwards there is a lucky wheel or spin present everyday for you. And that lucky spin will have lots of coins, cash rewards and even surprise boxes for you.


  • Billar Pool tournament:


Dear players! If you consider yourself a Pro of this game, then you may also have a tournament in this game with your friends. And on beating a tournament to your friends, you can easily play the final, and then you will have a unique standard in this stunning and super duper game app. 


  • Incredible rewards:


On completing your each target, there are many incredible or surprising rewards for you. The rewards may be in the form of coins or cash. It will totally depend on your capability to complete each mission. 


  • Realistic Illustrations:


The most powerful trait of this game app is its realistic graphics. This game has an extraordinary display. While playing this game, you will surely have a realistic feel, as it has a wonderful display.


  • Multiple Languages:


This stunning gameplay has been released in multiple languages. It has been released in more than 12 languages. Because it is a widely accepted game app, that is why it is more accepted all over the globe. And this is the main reason that it has been published in more than 12 languages right now. 


  • 2-min Challenge:


A game becomes more interesting when you have lots of challenges. This game also provides you with many challenges. Like while playing, there may be a challenge in front of you that you have only 2 mins and you have to achieve a high score. This is indeed the more challenging point, that you have to achieve a high score in the game in only 2 mins. And of course, if you completed your challenge then you will be provided with many standard raising rewards. 


  • Scratch and win:


If you want to get more rewards daily. Then another option available here for you to scratch and win. By clicking on this option, and when you scratch on the screen then there is a chance to win more and more rewards daily. 


  • Controllable Touch:


If we talk about its touch control for moving the stick, then this game app has awesome control on touch. Because all the game depends on the stick. And sticks are controlled by touching the screen. So, it has a very adjustable touch control.

Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK Unlimited Money:

This is the most advanced feature of the Billiards Pool game app. If you have its latest version then you will definitely have this feature. So users! Don’t miss out this chance to take advantage of this advanced feature, as this is providing you with an unlimited money option. You will have unlimited money on the completion of its mission.

Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK Latest Version:

If we talk about its updated version, its updated version is v4.5 by the name of Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK 4.5. This version was updated on 26-08-2021. Billions of people from all over the world have downloaded this stunning game app. This file acquires only 7.22 MB space, making it more acceptable around the globe. TerranDroid offered the Billar Pool game application. This app is compatible with Android 1.5 and plus. This updated version has Unlimited Money and Cash MOD Info.

Pool Billiards Pro Cheats:

There are guidelines provided to you in this explicit gameplay, so that you will never get stuck anywhere in the game. In case, if you get stuck, then you don’t need to worry dear users! As we are providing you step by step guide or cheats in this game app. So there are very few chances to get stuck in the  game. Proper guidelines will be provided to you on your screens as you hit on the hint key. Beside that you should have a proper knowledge about:


  • 9-ball
  • Cue ball
  • Cue stick
  • Object ball
  • Clean the table
  • Chalk
  • Bridge



Pool Billiards Pro Hack:

Respected users! We are providing you with some hacks through which you can raise your level in the game:

  • First improve yourself by playing on Practice Offline Mode.
  • After that play on Solitary Mode.
  • And then come on the Multiplayer Mode. Do things step by step, not immediately.
  • Then give and accept challenges to your friends and from your friends.
  • You need to check your game app daily.
  •  You should consistently sotate your spin wheel.
  • Purchase an improved cue for yourself.
  • Think wisely while choosing a table for you. 
  • You need to shoot faster so that your shot will hit right. 
  • While communicating with your friends, use basic English language.
  • Never be over smart.

Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK Release Date:

This demonstrative game application was released on 28-02-2011. 

Rewards you can get from Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK:

Now it's time to have some discussion on the very attractive point. This point is about having some discussion on the rewards which you will get from this Billar Pool Billiards Pro game. The rewards you can get from this Billiard game, may be in the form of cash,coins and surprise boxes. If your friend is requesting you to play a game with him, and if you accept his request then you will be rewarded with coins. And if you don’t accept his request then no coins will be added or subtracted to your wallet. And on the completion of each mission or challenge, you will be rewarded with cash, new sticks, frames, and you can even upgrade your level on completing your each mission. 

Respected users! Don’t miss this huge opportunity to play with this demonstrative game app. This is the most satisfying gameplay, especially for those who have keen interest in Billiards games. So, don’t get delayed, just download this versatile game app and have some entertainment in your frantic life.

Pool Billiards Pro Download:

Let’s talk about how you can download this brilliant and the most entertaining game application. So, respected users! You just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Make sure that your Androids devices have 1.5 and above versions for this app to run smoothly.  
  • There must be an empty space of 10 MB only in your Mobile phone’s devices. Because, this file requires 7.22 MB space for itself. 
  • After that, you need to go to our mentioned link at the end of this article. 
  • In the search menu just type, download the Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK.
  • If you do not have an APK file, then don't worry simply download and install an APK file in your Androids Devices.
  • Then let's download this game application. 
  • After that, you just need to install this Billar Pool Billiards Pro game application.

Billar Pool Billiards

Installation commands:

In order to install this gameplay, you just need to do:

  • You need to go to your Android Mobile Phone’s settings.
  • Allow all unknown resources there to install the game application.
  • Then press Install App key.
  • After that let the Billar Pool install.
  • In just a few seconds this application will be added to your mobile phone’s home screen. 
  • Open and enjoy the best entertaining game application.


In the end, I must say that this is undoubtedly a stunning game app that provides you with all the feasibility. You can use it without any errors. It works very smoothly. This game app occupies very less space, so no need to tense about mobile phone’s storage. Respected users! It is a free suggestion to have this stunning gameplay in your mobile phones. As this game app can make your day. So go and download this game app through our website. The website’s link is mentioned at the end of this article.


Q. Is this App ads free?

Yes, this satisfying game app has no ads system.

Q. Does this App charge any fee?

No, not at all. It provides its all features totally free from any cost.

Q. Is this the safest game option?

Yes, the Billar Pool Billiards Pro MOD APK is 100% safe and guaranteed game application.

Q. How can I download this game application?

Players can easily download this game application through our website’s link. It costs nothing to download this stunning game application except your time and internet connection.

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