Blackmoor 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

Blackmoor 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money Download

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App Name Blackmoor 2 Mod APK Unlimited Money Download
Size 158 MB
Latest Version 12.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Four Fats Limited
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update August 23, 2023 (10 months ago)
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Blackmoor 2 is the continuation of its previous version that presents an intense and challenging battle system for gamers. The game has a story of a peaceful kingdom where everyone lives happily. But some evil forces have attacked and destroyed the Kingdom. No one knows about the evil force. But a chevalier has decided to search and confront the enemies. He has not come back yet. His friends have started to gang up and search for their companion. 

The gang of many persons has started their journey to meet their companion and to demolish the force or artifact that has destroyed their kingdom. This gang faces many monsters, enemies, and rare creatures that will stop them from moving forward, but they have made up their minds. They will use all their skills and strategies to bring their friend back and eradicate the evil force. The journey is long and tiring, but they will not stop their missions. In short, the game is enchanting with its gameplay, and you should explore it yourself.

Blackmoor 2 Mod APK


The journey of the gang, which is going to find their pity friend, is the storyline of this game. The player is part of the gang, and he has to choose the hero for the game character. The character must be robust to withstand all difficulties the way. The character will encounter many enemies, traitors, and monsters that will hinder the player. But you don’t have to stop. 

You should use the available skills of the characters to improve their abilities. Complete the assigned missions or tasks when you are on this adventurous trip. These completed tasks will get you currency which will help buy the accessories from the item store. Get some small, unique creatures with you to assist you. Unlock all heroes, stages, and resources to conquer the world. 


Create A Crew

Start your battles with your friends and build an expert team that has players with unique abilities. You may add only three players to your team, as the game allows only 4-4 team battles. Moreover, the player has to evolve some mini creatures that will show some hindrance for the opponent. These mini creatures will give you the time to boost your energy or to prepare your defense against opponent forces. 

Select Heroes

The game offers eight heroes to select from. You have to select the hero that is compatible with the stage. Equip your hero with useful weapons and enter the battleground. Fight and win battles with heroic characters. Upgrade the skills of your heroes and unlock more characters. Powerful heroes are needed when the player has to fight at higher levels. The power of monsters and the forces gets increased with the level, so you should have upgraded heroes for these situations. 

Horror Stories 

The game plot presents horror stories that have a connection with the history of the Kingdom. The haunted buildings and the terrifying creatures will frighten you, but you have to ignore them. You should fulfill tasks in such locations, so you may obtain rewards and gifts. Use these gifts to get currency and upgrades. 

Blackmoor 2 Mod APK

Experience the Challenging Life

The gamers will experience a demanding and arduous life in this game; because they have to strive to defend their kingdom. The players have to walk on a road where the challenges will warmly welcome them and they have to ace these challenges to become the top-ranked warrior on the global scoreboard. Each challenge gives a thrill and satisfaction to the player. The player accomplishes the tasks to step forward. Maybe you like this similar game Last Island of Survival mod APK.

Fight to Flaunt

Practice and become an expert to fight and defend. You should play practice matches with the robots. When you feel you have enough skills and powers, you may join the fights with other players. You may opt for unique styles and stunts to show your distinct abilities. Attract other players in the battlegrounds with your expertise and stunts. 

Oppose the Boss

If you conquer all battles against monsters and dangerous creatures, you have to encounter the mighty bosses. The bosses are so much power that they can destroy you with one attack. So you should be prepared for their attacks and their powerful abilities. Otherwise, these robust bosses will demolish you and tear you into pieces. You should choose the upgraded hero for your character when you have to oppose these bosses. If you defeat the bosses, you will bring your companion back. 

Unlock Rare Characters

This game offers almost eight heroes that are not available when the game starts. But the player has to choose the hero for his game character. This hero will fight and accomplish challenges to unlock the remaining heroes that have more powerful skills to destroy the evil forces. After unlocking the heroes, you should upgrade their abilities. These rare characters will be useful when the difficulty level increases with the higher stages.


> Story Mode: 

This is the normal Mode with the basic storyline in which the player has to fight against unlimited bosses to win. The player chooses the character from the available heroes. 

Blackmoor 2 Mod APK

> Build:

The player has to create the tasks, missions, or challenges for himself. These self-made challenges will give rewards if the player completes them. 

> Multiplayer Mode:

This Mode permit matches between two teams. Each team has four players, and the player can select the teammates from his friend list, or the game will randomly match the players. The victory depends upon teamwork, so you should perform your part to support your team.  

> PvP: 

This Mode allows the players to fight against players in battlegrounds. To play this PvP Mode, the player must have powerful weapons and proficient skills, as the opposing player may have more expertise than you. 


This game has two-dimensional graphics that look great in different vibrant colors. The colorful characters are fascinating animations. These characters and their costumes look amazing. The effects and views give attractive and enchanting scenes. The fights, battlegrounds, and kingdoms entice the audience. 

Mod Menu

> Unlimited Money

> Unlocked All Stages

> Free Premium Features

> No Ads

> Unlocked Heroes

System Requirements

This game requires android phones with operating systems of 5.0 or above. Check the compatibility of your android phone before you think to install the game.


The procedure to download the app on an android device is simple and gets completed within a few steps that are following. 

> Check the device security to enable it, as it allows the installation of apps from all sources, including third-party resources. 

> After checking that, tap the above link, which is for downloading the APK of the game. 

> Open Files and scroll to reach the Downloads. 

> Open the folder and search for the APK of the game. Click it. 

> The process of installing the APK gets initiated, and you have to wait for its completion. 

> After completing the installation, open the game app ad start battling.

Blackmoor 2 Mod APK


Blackmoor 2 game has offered a fierce battling system with a diversified map. The game presents a simple and interactive interface.  This multiplayer provides an exciting adventure for passionate gamers who love playing action and combat games. Other similar fighting games include Gangster Vegas with many exciting stages. Practice and become skillful to get ranked as the top-class warrior that can defeat any monster on the landscape.


Q. Do we need to pay to obtain Unlimited Money?

In the standard version of the game, you pay to unlock Premium Features. But with the Mod update, you may access all premium features for free. Unlimited Money is free in a Modified version.

Q. Is the Blackmoor 2 Mod game safe for androids?

Of course, yes. This website offers a safe and tested game file to ensure your security. You can get the recent update of this game from the above link, which offers a safe app for all android devices.

Q. Will this Mod update steal the device data?

If you have installed the Mod update from a trusted source that is safe, it will not damage the data. This Modified update will not harm the data of the device.

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