Blade & Soul 2 APK For Android

Blade & Soul 2 APK For Android

Additional Information

App Name Blade & Soul 2 APK For Android
Size 884Mb
Latest Version 0.51.3
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 14, 2023 (8 months ago)
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Blade & Soul 2 APK:

Animations have always caught the audience’s attention with beautiful and colorful characters and visuals. People love these fictional characters, whether they are watching a movie or playing a game. Blade & Soul 2 game is a follow-up to Blade & Soul, but it has not fulfilled the expectations or requirements of the gamers. The gameplay in Blade & Soul 2 is completely distinctive from Blade & Soul. The characters and the combat systems have been modified in this new version. The most annoying and disappointing feature of this continuation game is the paying option to win the game or combat. This is not always possible for gamers to pay for getting the required items or resources. 

Even the top gamers get annoyed by this additional feature, as when they are just close to their victory, they get the option of paying the money. Rotten Luck!

Moreover, this is a terrific game with remarkable gameplay and enrapturing graphics. The game characters seem the evolution of the previous characters. There are no old characters. This game offers the team-play mode and the opportunity to create its clans. Different places on the game map are owned by dangerous monster bosses. The player aims to contrive and defeat the vicious boss. Every player needs maneuvering and manipulating tactics to conquer the opponent. Another alternative option for this game is Black Desert Mobile.

Blade & Soul 2



The graphics are life-like and beguiling because of the Unreal Engine-4 technique. The players will love the visuals and the backgrounds. The theme and the color scheme are captivating and enrapturing for the players. 


Three different classes of characters are presented in this game. 


Human race. They are famous for their resolute efforts. 


This is a dragon race. They think that they have dragon powers as they have evolved from the dragons. 


A spiritual race. These are the girls with short stature but with magical powers.


In this, the players have to face the bosses and conquer them with magical powers. For this, the players should be the expert.


Increase the Character’s Power:

The strength of the character is associated or linked with the Equipment. The equipment will make a player powerful or weak. So, the player should increase his strength by buying or upgrading the equipment. The players must get that equipment that has high ranges and powers.

Guild System

The Guild system allows the players to lay the game with other players by joining others or inviting others. It will help them to flourish in their community, and it becomes easy for them to win the game. 


This game is available only in the Korean language, which is placing a hindrance for gamers. Everyone does not understand the Korean language; therefore, they get failed. But, some players support others to comprehend the language. 

Pleasant Sound:

The sound in the game is musical and pleasant. But, the sound while fighting is intense and instigating. The game sound will be changed with the situation. 

Monster Boss:

The monster bosses of different areas will be dangerous or vicious. Each has different power or magical strength. The player has to conquer the monster boss to win the game. The player can start confronting the boss with the clan or alone. This fight needs high powers and resources. 

Tournament System:

Besides the simple fights or matches, the game has some tournaments to allow the users to win rewards. The players can enter the tournaments by joining the other clans, or they can create their clans offering others to join them. The tournament will be time-specific; after that, they will be expired.


Other Features:

  • Hunting Beast
  • Crafting
  • PvP
  • Boss Combat
  • Auto-Hunting. 

Supported Devices:

This is a heavy game and will only be supported by high operating systems. It will require android phones with 5.0 API (Application Programming Interface) or more. This game has no requirement for a rooted device.

Release Date:

This game was released in 2018 for android users. However, the first part of the game was introduced in 2015.

Latest Version:

The last updated version of this game is v0.89.0, and this version came on Aug 29, 2022.

App Ratings:

The game has good enough ratings, as it has many interesting features to attract gamers. But, the payment option has been reduced because every player cannot afford it. Otherwise, it is a supernova among all games.


This is a heavy game and contains almost 900MB. The resources and the game purchases are apart from this file size. So, you must have enough space in your device to allow its installation without interruption. Moreover, this heavy game will be supported by high-end android devices.


Blade & Soul 2 APK Download:

The very simple procedure to download the APK version of this game is discussed in the following section. 

  • Tap the shared link for downloading the APK file. 
  • Clicking the link will open a download option for you, and tap that button to start the download. 
  • Wait a while. 
  • Open the device security button to check the permission. Allow it if it is not permitted. Otherwise, the APK file will not be able to get installed. 
  • Open the File Manager of the android phone and click once the APK file. 
  • The installation gets started with just one click. 
  • Launch the game after completing the installation.



The complete description of this animated game Blade & Soul 2 is given above in this article. You should decide whether you play it or not. But, this is a trustworthy website giving you a safe APK file for an easy approach. The game has no ads or bugs. All the minor and major bugs have been fixed to make the gameplay smooth and uninterrupted. An easy interface will make it easy for you to comprehend the game.


Q. Is it an age-restricted game?

Yes. The sounds and appearance of the monsters are a little frightening for the children. Therefore, this game is restricted for children.

Q. Does it offer gameplay in multiple languages?

No. This game is available in its original language, which is Korean. It does not have any option for choosing or changing the language.

Q. What’s the tough part of this game?

The difficult and focusing part of the game is the threshold point, where the game demands money from the player. This is the point that decides the fate of the game.

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