Blocklauncher Pro Apk Download For Android

blocklauncher pro apk Download For Android

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App Name blocklauncher pro apk Download For Android
Size 31MB
Latest Version 1.27
MOD Features premium Unlocked
Developer Zhuowei Zhang
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 2.3 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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Block launcher Pro APK:


Hey users, in today's modern era, despite having the facility of the Internet and having a good android phone, you are not aware of Block launcher Pro APK, so what is the use of such an android mobile phone, and the facility of Internet, etc.? So, if you are not aware of the Block launcher Pro APK and are looking to bring entertainment to your life, then you don't need to suffer anymore. No need to worry because today's article will introduce you to an application that allows you to access texture packs, patches, and mods of Minecraft's portable version.

This Block Launcher Pro APK is totally based on Minecraft, actually, it is a modded version of the Minecraft APP. This block launcher Minecraft's portable version is an interesting application that has made a place in the hearts of thousands of users based on its features; Hopefully, after getting information about this application today, you will also be one of the fans of this application. The purpose of this app is to give its users access to texture packs, patches, and mods of Minecraft's portable version. As you can see, when we search for such an application on the Internet, we get to see thousands of such apps, but the features in this best app are not present in those apps.

Block Launcher Pro APK

One of the conveniences of this app is that, if needed, Minecraft Pocket Edition players have the right to immediately manage content and various things they are unsatisfied with, and this is something that is really very attention-grabbing. Remember that this amazing Block Launcher Pro APK application works only for Minecraft Pocket Edition; with this application, you can make changes to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Apart from this, one thing about this app you should keep in your mind is that it is a paid app, which means that you have to buy the premium features in it, not that you will get them for free. But no worries, as our site is providing you with this stunning app at 0 cost. Through this app, you can even change the graphics and have the right to customize the various features of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

This engrossing app with numerous features is also called MCPELauncher. Now you can get compatibility with different texture packs, patches, etc., from this app. This app is also called a bootloader app. These apps play an important role in running Minecraft Pocket Edition with custom parameters. Due to the easy access of Block Launcher Pro APK to various custom parameters, the Minecraft Pocket Edition has become so easy. Because of this app, you can change the fonts in this game, and it also allows the game app to delete documents.

Dear users, you see, Pojav Launcher Manager and Block launcher Pro APK  are very similar apps, but Block launcher Pro APK is a great app that has many superior features. It doesn’t mean that Pojav Launcher Manager is not a good app compared to Block launcher Pro APK; the only difference is that the features of this application are more interesting and modified. So let's talk more about what features are there in this application.

Features of the Block launcher Pro APK:

Unlimited Pt-patches:

One feature of this app is that it Provides unlimited pt-patches to its users. But remember that this is not a free feature app. So you have to purchase pt patches etc., in this app. Yes, indeed you have to buy pt patches, but this app's feature plays an important role in making it very interesting and bringing entertainment into your life. Another important point is that if you follow our link in order to download this app, then it will cost you no money. 

Change graphics:

Graphics are the basic element of any application and has great importance and a great role in grasping the user’s attention. Suppose you don't like the graphics in Block Launcher Pro APK because of which you are in a bit of trouble, then you don't need to worry anymore. With this app, you can change the graphics in the game. Thanks to this fabulous application, now it depends on you that you can design the graphics as you want. You also get the chance to design things unintentionally through this beneficial app.

Mode Scripts:

As you may know, mod scripts play a very important role in making any game interesting. So now you can get different mode scripts in this game. Whenever the user comes to know about this Mode Scripts feature of this app, then he gets interested in using this app. That is why this app has so many users in today's modern era.

Free from viruses:

Block launcher Pro APK is safe and secure from viruses which means that this app is 100 % safe and secure now you can use this app without any difficulty. This app will never harm your device as it has anti-malware and anti-virus software. 

Patch server IPS:

 Dear users! yes, now you can get the Patch server of this game with the help of the Block Launcher Pro APK. This app allows its users to get the patch server IPS of the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Block Launcher Pro APK

Easy to use:

You don't need any practice to use this app. It means that this app is designed in such a way that even a common person or a beginner can use it easily. The functions of this app are very simple. It doesn't have any functions that a human can't understand. So now you can easily use it whenever and wherever you want without any worries.

Easy to download:

If you are wondering how to download this app, you don't need to think or worry because this app as it is very easy to download. We will also inform you in this article how to download this app, enabling you to download this app easily.

No third-party participation:

Dear users! There is no difficulty for you while using this brilliant application. If you are thinking that there is a third party involved or not? Then don’t worry this app is safe from the attack of a third party. This application will never harm your device it means this app is safe and 100 % secure to use. 

No Advertisements:

Block Launcher has no advertisements that can cause to disturb you while using this app. There are no advertisements in this app, That’s why the users can easily use this app without facing any difficulty.

Features that enhance your phone’s performance:

  • Memory boost.
  • Smart folder.
  • Notification reminder.
  • Phone booster.
  • Speed booster. 

Security features:

  • Hide apps.
  • App lock.
  • Intruder Selfie.
  • Lock screen.
  • Anti-Theft Protection. 

Block Launcher Pro APK download:

Dear Users! The download Process of this game is very comfy! But before downloading this game, all must have an idea of the device's specifications. That is why firstly, I will notify you of this game's device’s specifications

Device Specifications of Block launcher Pro APK:

The device’s specifications for this game app are given below:

  • Make sure the presence of an APK file on your device.
  • You must have to download an APK file if there is no APK file exists on your device.
  • The required space to download this application is 31 MB.
  • After that, the compatibility of the device should be Android 2.3 and up. That means this app is very friendly even with low-class Android phones. 
  • After that, be sure to connect your device with a stable internet connection, so that you will not face any difficulty while downloading this app. 

Download Method:

The Procedure for downloading this game is very simple; anyone can download this game without any dilemma. Now, whenever you want to download this game, just follow the steps given below.

  • The first step for downloading this brilliant application is that you have to visit the link that is given below.
  • Go to the search bar and type here Block launcher Pro APK.
  • Now you have to wait for the downloading of this app.
  • Now you will see this app on your screen.

Block Launcher

Installation Instructions:

The installation instructions for this app are given below:

  • See your mobile phone settings to give entrance to all unknown sources.
  • Now click on the install button and let it be installed.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds, and this game will appear on your home screens.
  • Now you must open the app and enjoy this amazing game.

Block launcher Pro APK IOS:

Dear users! This app is also compatible to download on I-phones. Now if you are wondering about the method of downloading for iPhone then keep in mind that the download method is the same for I-phone as for Android. You can download this app on your iOS by clicking on the link that is given below in this article. 

Block launcher Pro APK Latest Version:

So, Let’s talk a little bit about the latest version of Block launcher Pro APK:

  • The latest version of Block launcher Pro APK is v 1.27. 
  • Block launcher Pro APK is the name of the latest version.
  • The size of this game is 31 MB. 
  • Its publisher’s name is “Zhuowei Zhang.”
  • This stunning version belongs to the Tools category.
  • You will get this brilliant version totally free if you download this version from our site’s link. 

Developer name of the Block Launcher Pro APK:

The developer name of this staggering launch is Zhuowei Zhang.

Updated date of the  Block Launcher Pro APK:

The updated date for this gorgeous game is August 02, 2022.

Release date of the Block Launcher Pro APK:

The release date for this game is June 14, 2014.

Block Launcher Pro APK Reviews:

This brilliant Application received the highest rating, 4.5 out of 5; also, this app won everyone's heart. Block Launcher Pro APK is safe and secure with no third-party involvement. 

It is the best app that never kills the battery of the device. It is an updated app. There is no need to root this device; it Provides you the amazing and brilliant features. Now, if you are looking for a functional and productive application, then this is the best choice.

Advantages of the Block Launcher Pro APK:

  • It is a safe and secure app. 
  • There is no involvement of the third party. 
  • It is free from advertisements.
  • You can even customize the interface of this app in your own style.
  • This staggering app has 3D animation effects that literally grasp the user’s attention.
  • Live wallpapers. 
  • This app has Patch server IPS.
  • It contains mode scripts. 
  • You can change the graphics of the game. 
  • DIY themes.
  • This app has various boosters that can even boost your cell phone’s performance.


Disadvantages of the Block Launcher Pro APK:

  • This app will not work offline. 
  • This app demands you to buy a premium package for its mode features. 


Dear users, as in today's article, we have introduced you all to a great app with many benefits. If you are looking for entertainment in your busy life, this is the best app for you. While using this app, you are not at risk of any virus. You have to buy all the features of this app because no feature is available in this app for free. But, we also have a solution for this, that is, if you download this app from our link then it will cost you nothing. With the help of this app, you can even change the game's graphics.  

As you must have noticed that many apps are interesting to use, but they don't provide some features. Some features, like; this app allows you to play games. You can change the graphics of the game. You are provided with mode scripts in this game, which play an important role in making this game much better.

This app is designed so you can use it easily, i.e., its functions are so easy and cooperative, and you can understand them.

So if you are looking for such a brilliant Minecraft app, then I don't think you should wait any longer. Because now, is the time not to wait but to enjoy this stunning launch. 

So let's go, don't wait anymore. Rather, download this app according to the above-mentioned method in this article and get a chance to do something interesting and productive in your life.


Q. What sort of this Block launcher Pro APK app?

Block launcher Pro APK is a boot loader app that won the hearts of thousands of people with its amazing features. It is actually a custom MCPE launcher application. This app basically belongs to the Tools genre.

Q. Is this app safe and secure from third-party attacks?

Yes! This app is 100% safe and secure from third-party attacks.

Q. Do we have to buy a premium package for this game?

Yes! this app requires you to buy a premium package for the sake of interesting features. But, if you want to get this app at no cost, then there is no other best option for you than downloading this app from our site’s link.

Q. Can we use this app without an internet connection?

No, this app requires a strong internet connection, in order to work properly.

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