Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK For Android

Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK For Android

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App Name Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK For Android
Size 51.39 MB
Latest Version 1.0.84
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer mobirix
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Bricks Breaker Quest MOD APK:

If you are bored of playing RPGs or fighting games that have in-depth stories and complicated tasks? Then I want to tell you that you should take a break from such types of games, fighting and strategy games are enough to keep you stressed out. But simple arcade games can be a better option for you. Try some simple, straightforward, and engaging games because they are good enough for your mental health. Playing puzzles and brain games is a healthy activity that refreshes your mind by activating your abilities to observe and think.

Today’s topic is about a puzzle game in which you just have to shoot and break. In this game, you will see many sequences or patterns of bricks that are well-categorized. You have to shoot and break these bricks with your laser gun of colorful balls. It also has match-3 challenges in which you have to match three balls of the same color to create explosives. Just try it and enjoy its stress-relieving attributes.

Bricks Breaker Quest


In this game, the players have to break a unique sequence of bricks. The colorful bricks are perfectly arranged in certain sequences. Unleash colorful balls in multiple directions to hit the bricks. Try to break as many bricks as you can, because you will get extra points and bonus rewards if you do so. It is a puzzle game having a too-easy interface and simple touch controls. Try to discover new angles to shoot the balls in a certain direction. Unlock more exciting levels and have more fun.


Accessible and Easy to play:

The gamers of this application would find themselves in quite easy and accessible gameplay that can be understood by all age groups. No matter whether you are a teen or an old man. It can be played easily by everyone. You will quickly get familiar with all of its features and options in just a single trial. You just have to shoot your balls in certain directions to break the specific sequence of bricks. All the levels and challenges are quite easy and relaxing. It is the best way to relax your mind from your hectic routines. The developers of this application have designed it to be played by a single Hand. It can be called one-hand gameplay. 

Stages and setups:

When you start playing it, you will be offered multiple stages to enjoy the game. Each stage has some levels. Enjoy and explore dozens of levels with lots of stages. Each level has its own setup of bricks. Bricks are arranged in a certain pattern. Shoot and break all the setups and patterns. Enjoy the gameplay as long as you wish and continue the exciting game of braking and splashing. Unlock as many levels and stages as you can. You will attain high scores if you break a maximum number of bricks. Each level is interconnected with the other. So you must have to complete each level gradually. Because you can not move to the next level without finishing the previous one. 

Offline Mode:

You can also play this game without connecting it to an internet resource. Thanks to its developer for programmed offline mode. So guys, if you are running out of data or have limited sources of internet, then don’t worry. It does not restrict you from connecting to the internet. You can enjoy all of its features in the absence of an internet connection. You don’t need any internet Resources to play this game. Just enjoy the relaxing gameplay of brick-breaking whenever or wherever you want. 

Energy boosters and power-ups:

Unleash dozens of energy boosters and power-ups. You will get many opportunities to boost your speed of breaking. Thanks to the developer for providing these speed boosters. Because it will bring a new twist to the gameplay by increasing your speed of shooting. Use a laser light booster to break maximum bricks within just a single tap. Lighting booster will break all the breaks with light. Try to catch the upcoming booster as soon as possible. Because they will disappear after a few seconds.  Each booster has its own property like a laser beam used to clear numerous setups of bricks in just a single tap. Speed booster will enhance your speed and make you 4 times faster. 

Customizing the balls:

There are so many customizing options available for you to make your game more exciting. Get rid of typical settings and change the texture and structure of your balls. It provides some types of balls that are unique in color, shape, and structure. It will increase user engagement with the gameplay because of hooking colors and interesting visuals. You can select triangles, hard balls, and stars to play with. Make your balls difficult to break by selecting hard balls. It will make your gameplay a little bit more difficult and enjoyable. Feel free to select the structure of the balls and make it a lot more exciting. 

Multiple Accounts:

In order to make it more exciting, the users are able to play it on their multiple social media accounts. As can be scanned across multiple devices which makes it a unique and rare puzzle game. For example, you can sign in with your Facebook or Insta account to invite your followers and friends to play with you.  It would be a very adventurous feature for you if you are active on multiple social media accounts.

Bricks Breaker Quest

Compatibility with Table Devices:

Feel free to download it on your PC as well as all types of Table devices. Because it can be used in all types of operating systems. 

Visuals and Sound Quality:

Sound Effects:

Thanks to the programmer for giving high-quality sound effects and popping sounds after every shoot. Its popup and expressive sound will keep you playing it continuously. 


Its interactive and simple visuals will certainly impress you. The perfect color combination and thousands of color full balls and bricks make it more immersive and hooking. 

Free to Play:

You will be glad to know that this application is completely free. Its original version is completely free of cost. You can download its standard version directly from the Play store.  It does not require any type of subscription charges to its users. But one thing about its standard version may disturb you. It incorporates many commercial companies. So, you may get disturbed after every 5 minutes because of popup notifications and sponsored videos. If you want to get rid of such types of irritating ads, then I suggest you try its modded version. Because it does not interrupt your gameplay with any external or internal distractions. You can freely enjoy your gameplay without any interruption.

Unlimited Money:

Money and gold coins are the primary factors of all arcade games. This application also restricts you from collecting as many gold coins as you can.  You have to attain high marks by collecting maximum coins. It may take some time to attain high marks by collecting coins step by step or level after level. But I have an excellent option to collect these coins without making any effort. You can download its modified version for this purpose. It offers you an unlimited amount of money and gold coins.

Bricks Breaker Quest

Steps to download:

Here are some steps to download for those who are interested in downloading it.

1:Search for the download option given above, and press it.

2:Tap to install.

3: If you find a popup notification of Unable to install, then simply grant permission to third-party apps by going to the settings.

4:That’s it.

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Bricks Breaker Quest


Now, it's time to download it. The link to download its latest version is already inserted on the top front page. Just press the download option and get it on your Android. 

Share your experiences with us in the comment box.


Q. What is the download size of this application?

If you are interested in downloading this application, then you must have storage of about 51.39MB or more on your device.Because it can consume more storage due to the accumulation of its cache memory.

Q. What is the latest version of this application?

Its updated version is 1.3.15. It was recently launched on its official site on 25-08-2022.

Q. Can I download this application on my iPhone?

Yes, its original version has been launched on the App store. You can download it directly from the Apple Store.

Q. Is this application safe to use?

Of course, It is completely safe to use because our team has scanned it many times before publishing. So, you will never find any bugs or viruses while using it. Feel free to download it from our site.

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