Calculator Mod Apk All Unlocked

Calculator Mod Apk All Unlocked

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App Name Calculator Mod Apk All Unlocked
Size 30MB
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MOD Features All Unlocked
Developer Google LLC
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update April 09, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Solve all your problems of math through the calculation app; if you are a student, office worker, or whatever your profession is, you need to get this application, download the calculation app on your device and get all the access for free as you don't need to pay for calculation software. It would be best to put your math words in and quickly get an accurate solution. The most feature-able thing in this network is getting a backup history of all your solutions. Just go to the setting and get what you have saved. Just tap on the screen and get the result instantly. You can also combine the previous and present results here.


Make your calculation easy

This straightforward and useable application will solve all your fundamental calculation problems and quickly produce results. Open the app here; you need to put the values no matter your words or how much longer, and after putting the values on the screen, you will receive the value's result. Use it for your daily homework if you are a student, and make all assignments with it. Even beginners can easily use it; you don't need more experience and tutorials to use the calculation software. 

Use it for basic needs:

In the calculator application, you can get the result of all your basic needs. Everyone uses this app because it is free and simple and make a folder where you can save your result and edit them. Users love this app for its multiple results features. Don't waste your time on a counting system and get this application.

Save your history:

Putting the values on the dashboard and getting the result will automatically save your previous history. And you can also delete your calculation history by clicking on the removing option available in settings. You can also exchange the rate, change the language of the calculator, and everything on your hand. 

Length Conversion:

This unique calculator has the ability it can also calculate the length of anything—no matter your length in meters (m) or miles (mi). You need to put the values for length and get the instant result from the length conversion option. Here you can put a maximum of 15 digits. 

Area Conversion:

The other unique and valuable quality of the calculator is that you can calculate your length and use it for area conversion. The procedure of getting values for the area is the same as I have discussed in length. Put the value for the square meter (m2) and get the value in hectares (ha).

Volume Conversion:

If you are a student of math or chemistry, then calculation application will be your best choice. This app will convert the volume of gases, liquids, solids, velocities, and other chemistry terms. When you write the value in cubic meters (m3), achieve the result in hectoliters.

Calculator Mod Apk

Convert the speed

Use this for converting the speed of any object. Convert kilometers, hours, seconds, and voice, light even every object. Usually, students use this app to convert the speed of light. It will convert your meter/second (m/s) into kilometer/hour (km/h).

Turning the points of weight:

No matter your weight points, it will convert everything; you can also say this is an all-in-one application. Convert your weight kilograms (kg) into ounces (oz).

Use it for temperature:

If you want to get instant results on temperature, choose the option of temperature conversion and write the temperature value in degrees celsius and get the result in degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe you like this similar Apps Time Duration Calculator Mod Apk

Other things you need to know about the calculator

  • Here you can use it as a general calculator
  • Covert everything (currency, unit, discount, and tip) 
  • Use it for converting sales tax
  • It will convert your power values (watts into kilowatts)
  • Convert the pressure of any object (hectopascal into the standard atmosphere)

Calculator Mod Apk


If you are worried about your calculation problems, then don't be so hyper and get a solution-in-one app that is calculation. It will give you result speedily, and you don't need to wait for anything. Download this calculation app on your android or IOs devices. By putting these on the screen, you can convert speed, velocity, currency length, and weight pressure values. This is straightforward software, and you can get valuable tips from it. Get all calculators (data, fuel, GPA, health, loan, and another calculator) in one app.


Q. How to spot a fake calculator app?

If you want to spot a fake calculator app, look at its icon concentrate, and if it looks like a cheap icon, then don't download this on your device because of its cheap functions.

Q. How to hack a fake calculator app?

For this purpose, you need to go to the setting of your device; the calculator, which is significant, will be the fake app.

Q. How to recover photos from the calculator app iPhone?

For the recovery process, open the calculator app on your iPhone, and then you need to download all the photos that will save on your iPhone gallery.

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