Camcard BCR APK Paid Full Free Download

Camcard BCR APK Paid Full Free Download

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App Name Camcard BCR APK Paid Full Free Download
Size 97 MB
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MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Developer INTSIG
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 13, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Camcard BCR APK is an android app originally developed by INTSIG company. This app helps you to scan physical business cards by using your smartphone’s camera so you do not have to enter information manually. This app is a must-have for entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketing professionals who do frequent socializing and networking. This app is handy in keeping the details about clients as it is quite a hassle to keep hundreds of business cards in your office. 

So say goodbye to paper cards and download this app and digitize your client's information on your smartphones. This version of the app is free of any cost and is more convenient for bringing orders to the mayhem of business cards. It will help you to organize all your data regarding electronic cards.

Camcard BCR APK

Features of the CamCard APK 

The features of this app are mentioned below;

Quick card entry

Use this free version app to enter all the contact information quickly and accurately by capturing business cards. After capturing the card’s information, this app will save it for future use.

interchange E-Cards

You can interchange your E-Cards when meeting new people at seminars, business meetings, and other business occasions. You can share your business cards in this app by a nearby option. You can even share information via email or mobile messaging as per your need. you can look up the contacts saved in the app, according to the services you need, and can contact them whenever you need their services.

Supporting Tools

As you save the information of other people into this version of the CamCard app, it will help you to visit the business websites of those people. As CamCard links the person's E-card to their business website, so you can know more about their company with more information provided on their business sites. Getting to know about your partner or clients and their businesses will help you to communicate with them more efficiently. You can also use the built-in maps in the app to navigate and locate your client or partner's business location and visit them. 

Smart Management

You can go paperless now and download this app so you can be more convenient for managing your business cards. There are several options for making notes, searching,  setting new reminders, and sharing cards to be more productive in the field of business. Maybe you like this similar app Banner Maker MOD APK.

Easily Accessible

The uploaded cards are saved in the app’s storage on your mobile phones or tablets and are always available to view repeatedly. All the data you have entered is saved in CamCard’s cloud storage and is available for free in this version of the app. To get more updates and new versions you have to update your devices from time to time.

Camcard BCR APK


This app offers you to edit and handle your data in 17 different languages, including French and Chinese, Danish, Italian, Swedish, Korean, and many languages. So people speaking different languages can share their E-cards with each other and take advantage of this app. The main language of this app is English but you can customize it accordingly.

Batch scan

The most interesting feature of this app is batch scan. You can declutter all your paper business cards and synchronize all the business cards information in this app. This cam scanner lets you quickly and easily upload all the needed information in one app. This app uses a built-in camera of your devices and scans the information present on business cards. You can even edit and adjust the captured picture to improve image quality.

Stay updated

The most astonishing feature of this version of the app is that you will be notified when your contacts join new opportunities in new companies or get promoted or any news related to them as every user can edit and update their own profiles.  And you can be the first one to wish them on their new achievements. 

Set reminders

The most intriguing feature of this app is to set reminders or add new notes for seminars or other business meetings in the form of text or in the form of images. So you are always prepared for new business meetings. 

Make eye-catching profile

Make your eye-catching profile for a good impression and attract new people to your profile to hire you for your services. Make a strong profile that represents your skills, the best part of the app is that you can also edit and update your profiles from time to time.

Export options

This app will store your data in its cloud storage and that data will be synchronized among other gadgets. But it is always tactical to have a strong backup plan. The export options are customer relationship management (CRM) software and excel.  

Camcard BCR APK

 How to download

 You can download the app from our website by the following steps; 

You will have to enable the option “Unknown Sources”. Enabling this option is important for users who download the app from other websites and not from the google play store.

  • Click on the ‘Download’, option shown on this website.
  • Save the file on your device.
  • Now tap on the ‘install’, option.
  • After completion of the installation process, you can open the app and enjoy its free features.

Final Thoughts

CamCard BCR APK is a business card scanning app for android users. It is available for free so you can connect with other business partners. The businessmen meet dozens of people every day and trade their business cards. They can be lost in the pile of other business cards. Digitizing these cards into E-Cards can save you from the worry of losing business cards. It connects people in a new era of modern technology and is a must-have app for salespeople, entrepreneurs, and other marketing agents.

Camcard BCR APK

It is used to share information quickly and easily and is convenient for people who have to socialize and do networking frequently. It offers you to communicate in different languages to facilitate international trading services and communication with foreigners. It stores all the scanned information in its system so you can take advantage of it whenever you need it.


Q. How to scan on CamCard app?

Scanning business cards on our free version of CamCard is quite an easy task. Follow the steps given below;
Place the business card in a well-lit place
Open this free version of the CamCard application and start scanning
CamCard app will use the built-in camera of your device and will start scanning all the information present on the business card
It will scan all the information including name, occupation, designation, address, and contact information present on the business card. The information will be saved in the app for future use.

Q. How to save the cards into the phone contacts?

You should follow these steps
Take a photo of the card and choose the option to save the card into the phone contacts
By doing this, ‘Save to phone’, will become the default option and all your future cards will automatically save into the phone.
If you can not save the card into phone contacts then you can select it in the Card Holder and click the option ‘edit’, now on the editing screen shown in front of you, you can choose to save the card in phone contacts.
Just like manual phone contacts, these cards can also be synchronized with Gmail or other servers. So if you change your smartphone, your cards will be still available.

Q. How to transfer your card data to a new phone?

You can transfer your card data into a new phone by following the steps given below;
Register and Sign in to the app’s account on your old smartphone and from the CardHolder page, you can synchronize all your E-cards to the account.
Sign in to the app on your new smartphone with the account. All cards will be automatically synchronized on your new smartphone.

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