Camp Defense Apk Unlocked Everything

Camp Defense apk unlocked everything

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App Name Camp Defense apk unlocked everything
Size 73MB
Latest Version 1.0.788
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Cantalooza Games LLC
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.1 and up
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Update April 18, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Camp Defense MOD APK

Games are a source of entertainment. A lot of people love to play games. There are different categories of games. You can play games according to your taste. Nowadays, not only children but adults also love to play games. A person can play the game in his or her meantime. This camp defense game is fabulous. Let me tell you about this game. So this game is for zombie lovers. If you love to play adventurous games then this is a good game for you. In this game, there is an intense battle between you and the zombies.

You are a hero in this game. When you shoot like a hero at the zombies then as a gift you will be given cash. Isn't this great? Basically, you are the straw boss and you can control the whole game. You can build a troop by blasting the evil enemies in the form of zombies. That troop will help you to keep the whole area protected from the devil zombies that are advancing toward you. Now you don't have to look at any other zombie game as this camp defense game is the best option for you. just download this exciting game and enjoy this game for sure. This game has different grades as you go further and further so don't waste your time. If you are a gamer, download this splendid game and make your life more fun.

Camp Defense Apk


Features of camp defense apk

Firstly by clicking on the settings option, you can add music to your game, and there are further tree options

  • Sounds 
  • Music
  • Vibration
  • You can add music to your game by tapping on these options and the exciting thing about this is that music is kinda cool, kinda thrilling, it gives you suspicious vibes and it can make your game more exciting. Just click on it and enjoy this game.
  • Another amazing feature is that you have been given equipment to fight with those foes in the form of zombies. The features include heavy good vehicles like trucks and lorries.
  • In the first level, you are given a heavy vehicle, but you can upgrade your lorry or truck by earning. You can do this by killing those bastards.
  • You can guide your highly trained people in the form of troops. just guide them and win the game by killing the enemies.
  • Another amazing and most interesting feature of this game is that you can play this game without a connection to the internet. Now you don't have to worry about the net and you can play this game at any time anywhere. just download this game and feel easy to use it.
  • This game is not limited to only a few grades .This game has different grades as you continue to play. more than hundreds of levels are available.

Purpose of the heavy vehicle/truck

This game will not let you fight with those terrible enemies alone, in fact this game allows you to have a troop. The characters actually sit on the canopy of the truck and then they help you to fight the zombies. The main purpose of this truck is to give you support. 

Lineaments of the characters

The facial features of the characters seem cool, interesting, and unique. They have small bodies. Their face is boxlike. Sharp features. this all looks interesting and all the characters look cool at the same time it seems like they are ready to fight. 

It seems like they are in some kind of tension.

This game as a whole is fun itself.


When you get a prize in the form of coins you can use them to go to another grade as this game has many grades . As you unlock another grade then you can get more characters which will help you to save that area. But you will be given gifts only when you kill the evil zombies and this also depends on the type of the zombies 

With the help of those gifts, you can increase the efficiency of the heavy vehicle. you can increase the continuance of them.


  • This app has another amazing feature of maps.
  • But you can unlock this map at grade ten. just continue to play this game without any hesitation. Once you have reached level ten then you will be no more in the same area you can go to different places to save the world from the zombies. This game is actually amazing.


  • It has another option of towers you can unlock that feature at level fifty 
  • Just continue to play this game and you will be indulged in it for sure.

Camp defense mod apk free shopping 

This amazing app is free. Almost all the tools are free in them. You can buy them without money . For example, you can buy trucks with the coins you get by killing the zombies. You can unlock the grades by killing the zombies. This app is free and you can enjoy it. You can do free shopping. Isn't this great just download this app and feel free to enjoy this amazing and exciting game.

Camp defense mod apk unlimited

In the camp defense mod apk you can have unlimited gold and diamonds. In this, you can have unlimited levels and features. They have different levels, just unlock all of the levels and enjoy this game. This is actually superb because now you can enjoy all the features of this app for free and they are unlimited so you don't have to worry about it. Download this game and fight with the zombies for your survival. everything is unlimited.

Money and gems

In the camp defense game, you can earn money and gems by killing those zombies. When you get the money you can buy, more heroes and characters from the shop store. Everything is unlimited.  This money and gems will help you to upgrade your level and you can kill those devil zombies with greater power and effort. 

Camp defense mod unlock all heroes 

Unlock all the heroes and build an army. You can unlock all the heroes that can help you fight with those evil zombies. You just have to first kill those zombies and then you will get money as a reward which you can use to unlock all the heroes. with the help of the troop that is in the truck, you can conquer the place. Shoot the zombies and unlock all the heroes. They are kind of interesting. Just download this app and get started. Different levels and grades are available for you. Just unlock all the grades one by one. At first, this seems kinda boring and with the passage of time, this seems more interesting.

Camp defense mod apk latest version 

You can play this game without the internet 

  • The size of camp defense mod apk is 73.5M
  • Next, this game has different grades, just unlock and play them
  • Play this game with the strategy, as this is the class of the campus mod apk 
  • The version of this game is 1.0.776. 


In order to download the camp defense app on your pc or Android, you have to follow the following steps :

  • Kindly click on the download button that is given on the following page 
  • Now you have to wait for the download in order to enjoy this exciting game.
  • The very next step is to tap on the option of settings next to allow the unknown sources from there.
  • Now open the download file and the next step is not so difficult you just have to tap on the install button 
  • Wait for the installation once it is finished you can now open this camp defense map and now the app is yours you can play this game without any worries.


This game is for those who love fighting games as in this game you have to fight with the zombies for your survival. you have given troops but that's not free you have to earn money for that and you can get money by killing the zombies. This game is different. You can play this game without a connection to the internet. you have different equipment to fight. In short, this is a very good game.

Camp Defense


Q. Is the permission of the android app mandatory to download this game?

Here is the answer to your question. Certainly the administration needs an approach
to the user's gadget. So yes!

Q. How to download this game on your pc?

You can download this game on your mobile or pc in the way that is told before

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