CAPCUT APK Latest Version

CAPCUT APK latest version

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App Name CAPCUT APK latest version
Size 87M
Latest Version 6.1.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Developer Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (1 month ago)
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CapCut is a free video editing and video-making application trending nowadays. It is brought to you by the developers of the top-rated TikTok app, Bytedance Pte. Ltd. CapCut has a simple user interface available for everyone. Along with a wide variety of filters, colours, effects, and music, the advanced features in CapCut are keyframe animation, slow-motion effect, picture-in-picture, and snipping tools. Hence, it is an all-in-one app for making high-quality and mesmerising social media videos.Formerly, it was named ‘Viamaker’ but soon it was launched again as ‘CapCut’- the free video editing app. It has gained popularity due to its high-quality effects and advanced features.

CAPCUT APK Latest Version

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CapCut PRO APK is a professional movie-maker and photo-editor application used to create and edit videos like YouTube videos and other social media videos. Due to its simple user interface, even a novice can create and edit a video by applying filters and effects and using other features. It has been installed more than 100M times from the Google play store on smartphones. So, what are you waiting for, start editing and sharing your incredible work by downloading CapCut now.


To enjoy the CapCut Pro APK without a watermark, you have to download the Mod APK version online.

  • Before installing the CapCut Mod APK version, go to the “Settings” of your android device
  • Tap on “Allow the third party” to install the app.
  •  Now, click “download” mentioned on the trusted third-party webpage to install the app.
  •  Downloading completes after a few seconds, open the file.
  • Start by adding a video into the app and unleashing the power of CapCut tools and features.


Currently, CapCut templates consist of video and text templates. These templates are used to apply variations to the videos and pictures. You can find several templates in the app in the ‘Template’ icon.

  •  Choose any one template and open it.
  •  If you like the selected template then click the ‘Use template’ option to proceed.
  •  Next, you have to select the one or multiple images from your gallery to add to the video.
  •  Now, tap on ‘Preview’. It will automatically set the pictures on the chosen template and play the video.
  •  If you are satisfied with the layout of the video, then export the video on your smartphone.

Now the video is all ready to be posted and shared on TikTok or Instagram. With help of CapCut Templates, video making has become a child's play for the newbies as well.


CapCut app is for everyone and everyone can join the trend with the CapCut 3D effect. The 3D Photo trend gives images and photos a unique 3-dimensional outcome.


Actually, the CapCut app was published for Android devices and was found in the Google play store only. Later, it was available on the iOS play store for iPhone users as well. Now, with the growing trend, the demand for the CapCut app to be installed on PC, laptops, and MAC has increased.

CapCut for PC is now available and can be sourced from an online third party. Moreover, with android emulators, you can install the app on your PC. Install it now and enjoy the free editing software on the big screen as well.


Besides video making, the CapCut app is highly optimised for creating a 3- Dimensional effect on photos and images. The CapCut app has an option called “3D Zoom” which when applied on any image, converts an ordinary image into a 3D image. Having the same publisher, the 3D effect went viral on TikTok as well.

In order to create 3D effects via CapCut on your android and iPhone devices, you need to:

  • Open the CapCut app, select one image from your gallery and ‘Add’ in the CapCut timeline.
  • Select the frame of the image. You will find a list of editing tools on the bottom of the screen, tap on ‘Style’.
  • Next, click on the ‘3D Zoom’ feature and wait for a few seconds to process the effect.
  • Now, click the play icon, to preview the 3D effect on your image.
  • To save the edited image, tap on the check mark icon.

Usually, CapCut adds its logo image clip at the end of every video, you can remove it by using a cutting tool or delete the last clip. Well, in this way, you can create 3D effects via the CapCut app on the rest of the pictures and videos, and post them on social media to join the viral trend on TikTok.


Among its interesting features, the CapCut anime filter is one of the viral features nowadays. This anime filter converts photos and images into graphical animation. It is easy to use the CapCut Anime filter,

  • Open Cap Cut, click “+ new project” and select one picture from your gallery.
  •   Next, tap on the edit icon and click ‘Style’ mentioned in the below panel. Here you will find the ‘Anime’ filter.
  • Scroll and check different anime filters. Select the one you like and apply to the image.
  • Within a few seconds, your anime image is ready. Export the image in your gallery but it will be saved in mp3 format. You can take a screenshot to save it as an image file.
  •  Now, Post your anime picture and join the trend with the CapCut app.

Other than anime, you can try other features like sketch, cartoon, 3D cartoon, Game cartoon, Classic cartoon, and Babyface to convert your images.

CAPCUT APK Latest Version


Fortunately, the CapCut video-making and editing app can be available on Desktop Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows Vista and MAC PC. Following are the guidelines to download the CapCut application on your desktop.

Firstly, download the CapCut from this website.

  • A zip file will be downloaded. Save the zip file as it contains, the CapCut APK file and the Android Emulator (usually BlueStacks).
  • Open and run the Android Emulator file.
  • Then, ‘Google play store’ appears on the home screen. Open and log in with your Gmail I.D to access the play store.
  • Now search for your favorite CapCut app and click install.
  • After installation completes, open the android emulator folder, you will find the CapCut icon in it.
  • Open and launch the CapCut app, and explore the fascinating filters and professional editing tools on your desktop.


CapCut editor online assists in posting videos and images on different social media platforms. The content to be posted needs to fit according to the size and ratio of the particular app. CapCut editor online defines the ratio as per the requirement of other media’s content without compromising on the quality of the video. It doesn’t crop but adjusts the image or the video according to the desired ratio.

The standard aspect ratio for posting content on YouTube is 19:9 for long videos and 9:16 for short videos, for Instagram posts 1:1 and Instagram reels 9:16, and for TikTok is 9:16.

For adjusting the content, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the CapCut Editor Online app. Touch icon ‘+’ ‘New Project’.

Step 2: Next, select a video to edit from your gallery.

Step 3: Now, choose the ‘Format’ icon from the bottom panel displayed on the screen.

Step 4: All ranges of ratios appear. Select one ratio, for instance, the 9:16 ratio for TikTok.

Step 5: Click on the ratio aspect and then the video content is adjusted to a 9:16 ratio immediately.

In this way, you can use CapCut Editor Online to customize the content no matter where you want to post and share it.


Capcut filters like umber, summer, foodie, and winter, along with the trendy ones are the slow-motion effect and 3D-Zoom effect. Furthermore, you can enjoy

  • Zoom in and Zoom out effect
  • Prism Effect
  • Cybercity Effect
  • Retro Film look Effect
  • Fire hand Effect
  • Double Exposure Effect
  • Hologram Effect
  • Glitch Effect
  • Blurry Background Effect
  • Text Behind person Effect
  • And many more as you explore.


With the comprehensive features of the CapCut app, editing a video has become an easy task. CapCut editing video includes split, reverse, speed, and rotate features. You can trim and crop the videos as well by dragging both ends of the video with your fingers on the screen of your smartphone. You can split the video into several mini clips and frames. Tap and try all the features used in editing a video to create an eye-catching video.



The Chroma key compositing is commonly known as a green screen. It is a technique used after creating a video. A video having a green screen in its background allows the editor to change the background with a photo or video.

Amazingly, the video editing tool, CapCut, offers two options to edit the background green screen video in its overlay feature. They are:

Background Remover, and

Chroma Key (key out the color)


The first method of changing the green screen via CapCut is “Background Remover” and this tool is accessible only on android phones. Here is the step-by-step instruction for how to use or remove the green screen on the video editing the CapCut app

Step 1: Open the CapCut app, and tap on ‘New Project’.

Step 2: CapCut app asks permission to access your gallery, Tap ‘Allow’. Then select the video that you want to add as a background clip in your video and Tap the ‘Add’ icon mentioned at the bottom of your smartphone screen.

Step 3: Now search for ‘overlay’ in the menu options. Tap ‘Add Overlay’ and select the green screen video from the gallery and click ‘Add’ to get the video on your timeline.

Step 4: As both selected video displays on the screen, see the below-mentioned features. Select and apply ‘background remover’ to start the process and wait till it completely removes the background.

Thus, in this way the green screen video is removed and is ready for further formatting on the CapCut app.


In addition to the background remover, the second method of changing the green screen via CapCut is “Chroma Key” and this tool is accessible on iPhone and Android devices. Following is the step-by-step instruction for how to use CapCut green-screen tool on a video.

Step 1: Open the CapCut app, and tap on ‘New Project’.

Step 2: CapCut app asks permission to access your gallery, Tap ‘Allow’. Then select the video that you want to add as a background clip in your video and Tap the ‘Add’ icon mentioned at the bottom of your smartphone screen.

Step 3: Now search for ‘overlay’ in the menu options. Tap ‘Add Overlay’ and select the green screen video from the gallery and click ‘Add’ to get the video on your timeline.

Step 4: As both selected video displays on the screen, see the below-mentioned features on the screen. Scroll forward, you will find the ‘Chroma key’ tool between the mask and main track. By clicking the option ‘Chroma key’, a circle-shaper colour picker appears. Drag it on the video to remove the colour you want, that is, green colour.

Step 5: After selecting the green colour, select ‘Intensity’ from the other options displayed. A slider icon appears to adjust the intensity of the green colour. Slide it until you get satisfying intensity on your video.

Step 6: Similarly, select the option ‘Shadow’ for getting a shadowy effect. Slide it across until it is blended well with the intensity, making a realistic effect on the video.

Step 7: After completing the procedure, tap the check mark in order to save the changes made on the video.

Now you can preview the video or further edit by applying CapCut filters to get the final desired results. Hence, the CapCut app is an outstanding video editing tool for beginners and professionals too.


Undoubtedly, CapCut is a powerful, all-in-one video maker and image editor app available online. Capcut MOD premium is the unlocked version in which the user can freely make, edit and format lots of pictures and videos. Moreover, the unlocked version gives access to a music library with lots of the latest music. The app is intuitive and allows the user to play all the features.


You can trim, cut, edit and crop the videos. You can rewind, reverse, rotate in all angles, and flip left and right your video. In addition to this, you can combine several short videos to make one complete video. The beauty effect enhances the facial expressions. The style feature contains exciting effects like anime and 3D zoom effects. By setting brightness, saturation, and contrast, animation can make the original video a movie-like video.


Currently, 60 plus transition effects are live on CapCut unlocked version. Such as, basic, dreamy, party or retro, fade in, fade out, light, glitch, ghost, and slice can highlight and transform the images into an attractive one.


Adding music can also enrich the video and photo. Record your own voice to add in the video or you can select music from the library according to your video. You can share your feelings by inserting a birthday song, wedding song, or party song to boost the video. The app has in-built voice-changing features, for instance, robot, chipmunk, and pitch type of voices can take over the original voice.


With emoji, more than 1000 stickers are offered in the CapCut unlocked version. Like other apps, the gradient color feature in this app contributes to forming of fancy texts by adjusting the opacity and shadow effects.


The app provides an option to customize the size of the image and video according to the social media app. Suppose, for TikTok 9:16, for Instagram 1:1 ratio, and for YouTube 16:9 ratio. Post and share your videos and images without any stress from the CapCut app to other social media anytime.


  • Easy and manageable video editing tools.
  • Control speeds have a slow-motion effect.
  • Inbuilt video compressor tool.
  •  Provides video templates.
  • Has overlay functions for making transition videos.
  •  Keyframe editing tool
  •  Beauty-enhancing filter
  • Music library, latest songs, and sounds
  •  Plethora of text fonts, emoji icons, and multiple stickers and animations.
  •   Green screen video editing options


  •       PROS:
  1. a)     It is a feasible and easy-to-use app.
  2. b)     It has the latest and most amazing features.
  3. c)     The music library is free from royalty.
  • CONS:
  1. a)     The app crashes often when setting multiple videos.
  2. b)     The mobile software limits the working of the app

On the whole, the CapCut app is a popular editing app. It comprises a bundle of essential magical tools that can make, edit, add filters, change colors, and apply 3D effects on your photos and videos like a Pro. Download and install the app online right now and don’t hesitate to post your CapCut edited stunning images and videos on the social media platforms.

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