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Cartoon Craft APK

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App Name Cartoon Craft APK
Size 42 MB
Latest Version V 4.17
MOD Features Free
Developer Studio NAP
Content Rating Rated For 7
Requires 8.0 or above
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Update September 09, 2023 (9 months ago)
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One more strategy game has been leased in the world of mobile gaming. Practice your problem-solving capacity with Cartoon Craft APK. Here, you can increase your thinking power to build creative ideas. It has gained a huge fan following because of its innovative mechanism and intersting gameplay. Cartoon Craft APK is a strategic puzzle game filled with lots of enjoyable factors.

Your goal is to protect humans and defeat evil zombies. Your first task is to create a shelter for yourself. You have to collect gold coins from the mines. Purchase wood and build up your shelter on the tree. Create your own farm, and don’t forget to purchase barricades. Your war is against zombies. Build up your town and protect your place from evil zombies. You will see many maps and navigational gestures to approach your goal. Use beneficial resources to protect your town. Hire new troops and train them to compete. Arrange your army wisely by placing strong soldiers in the first row.

Gameplay / Story

This game would be a great option for those who love classic fighting. It is a strategic fighting game and a completed blend of action, classic puzzles, and building tactics. The most important part is its captivating story, hand-drawn characters, and eye-catching visuals. It will definitely make you addicted to it.

It also offers different races. You can select your race according to your choice. Each character has its own abilities and fighting skills. This game is a combination of both easy and difficult tasks. The tasks include building towns & shelters, hiring troops, creating an army, and announcing battles against zombies. Attack on your enemy’s headquarters before they approach you. Your main objective is to win maximum levels to attain high scores. Collect as many coins as you can. Work for a better lifestyle by upgrading yourself. Discover some premium and interesting features for extra privileges.

It also supports multiplayer mode, where you can add online gamers. Playing a game with familiar people makes it more engaging. You can add your real-life friends and online gamers into your town.

Overview Of Cartoon Craft APK

The whole game is about developing a reliable shelter, building a powerful army, and destroying the evil zombie forces. After every successful task, you will get some cold coins. You can purchase wood, power-ups, energy boosters, and many premium features using your gold coins. Want to know more about this game? Let's dive straight into the below post to explore more.

Key Features

It's time to reveal the exciting features of this game.

Enjoyable Gameplay

It is a perfect blend of real-time strategy and enjoyable tasks. You have to explore the whole map to find new things. Hire some powerful troops and start collecting gold coins from the mines. Use that gold to purchase new features from the mentor store. It demands you to build different shelters and constructions for the people of your town.

Gameplay Of Cartoon Craft APK

When you start the gameplay, your first task is to build a reliable shelter for yourself. After that, you can hire some troops to protect the territories of your town. It also offers multiple upgrades to boost your progress. Unlock premium features to upgrade. Keep updating your app for an improved gaming experience. Protect your homes from zombies and destroy them before they approach you. The overall gameplay is engaging. The immersive storyline will keep you engaged for hours. You will never feel bored of it.

Easy To Control

The most amazing thing about this game is its simple and easy mechanism. It offers very simple and easy navigational tools. You can move your character using its simple arrow keys. It also offers some convenient gestures to move your character. Use arrow keys to move your characters back and forth. Summon trained soldiers and place them in the first row. They will compete with zombies at your side. Learn to use gesture commands to view maps, order soldiers, attack enemies, and for other tasks. Everyone can play this game easily because the user interface is simple. This game is programmed for kids and teens. But if you are searching for a casual fighting game, it would be a great platform.

Fight With Zombies In Cartoon Craft APK

Furthermore, you will see a mini-map on the left corner of your screen. Using this map, you can explore various locations. Using its accessible mini-map, you can discover the current location of your enemies. 

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Multiples Races

You can unlock multiple races of troops in this game. Each race has unique abilities and fighting skills. Select the race of your troop according to your choice and enjoy. Enjoy the strategic tasks with multiple races. Select a specific race and discover their soldiers, swordsmen, tanks, and archers. Simply unlock the troop race and allow them to fight against your enemies. Being your town's leader, you can command an individual or group of troops to perform certain tasks.

Different Races In Cartoon Craft APK

Construct Buildings

Try to build shelters for your people and give them proper protection. You will be the only owner of your town. You must work for well well-being of your town. You can construct buildings and houses for your people. To build a house, you must collect certain units, resources, upgrades, and useful tools to protect your camp. You should have enough amount of in-game currency to purchase new features. So keep collecting gold coins and work for further progress.

Construct Buildings In Cartoon Craft APK

Interesting Modes

To provide you with realistic strategy combats, it offers different gaming modes. These gaming modes are explained below. 

  • Story

You can enable its story mode to expire RPG simulation. It offers you different stories depending on your race. It allows you to discover hidden secrets and mysteries in this mode. You will lead the main character in the story mode. 

  • Arena

This mode is for those who are interested in multiplayer battles. In the Arena mode, your friends and online gamers can join you in the real-time battles. This feature is similar to PUBG MOD APK. Here you can summon online players to help you. 

  • Battle

This mode is designed for classic battle lovers. It is a custom battle mode that allows you to play your own way.

Missions & Events

It offers you lots of missions and events to play with. You have to perform exciting adventures and events to become rank player. If you want to become a rank player, then you must pick at least one mission regularly. The purpose of its missions and events is to collect maximum in-game currency. Keep performing daily missions and events to collect gold coins. Afterward, you can purchase anything using your gold coins.

Missions In Cartoon Craft APK

Multiple Languages

 It offers multiple languages for the user’s convenience. You can switch the whole interface into the language you know the most. You can select Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, English, and many others at your convenience. This feature will help you to understand the real in-game context of Cartoon Craft APK.


Enjoy the simple and enjoyable gameplay of Cartoon Craft APK on your portable device. It is a perfect RPG game for casual and professional gamers. It has been programmed for kids and teens, but adults can play it. This app can be a great beginning if you are a classic battle lover. Also, consider its MOD version for extra privileges like ad-blocker, unlimited in-game currency, and premium unlocked.

Trains Your Troops In Cartoon Craft APK

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Q. Is Cartoon Craft APK a paid game?

No, it is free to download and play. But it may have some paid features. You have to spend monthly or annual membership to use its premium features.

Q. Is Cartoon Craft APK available on the App Store?

Yes, it has been uploaded to all application stores, including Appstore. You can easily access it without any availability issues.

Q. Does Cartoon Craft APK have any modified version?

Yes, its modded version is available on various internet websites.

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