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Logic Games are the most unique of the three sections on the LSAT. They have no basis in objective fact or subject-area knowledge. In fact, the only thing you need to do well on Logic Games is master a set of techniques that can be applied over and over again. It’s like an LSAT logic puzzle.

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The good news is that you don’t need to worry about wasting your time studying for Logic Games. Unlike Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning, there is no wasted studying with Logic Games. Every minute you spend learning how to get better at these questions will pay off in higher scores.

Logic games are made up of several parts: rules, questions and diagrams.


Rules tell you what can and cannot be done in order to solve the game. Rules always come in pairs: a rule tells you something that can be done, and its opposite tells you something that cannot be done. For example, if the first rule is “Shelby has to go first” then we know that Shelby cannot go last because she must go first or somewhere in between.

Logic Mod Apk Games, or simply "games," are arguably the most enjoyable and easiest section of the LSAT to improve upon. For those of you who are new to the LSAT, these games consist of a set of rules that describe a scenario and a question that asks you to answer one or more questions based on those rules. The rules typically involve some combination of numbers and letters, but they can also include everyday people, objects and events.

The LSAT contains four logic games. Generally speaking:

One game involves ordering variables in a sequence

Two games involve grouping variables into categories (with some overlap)

One game is an advanced sequencing game

Logic games are a common part of standardized tests. They involve a set of facts and rules that you must use to solve a problem that requires logic and analytical thinking.

Here is an example.

  1. Adam, Bob, Chris, and David are all neighbors.
  2. Each of them has a different hometown: Adam is from Atlanta, Bob is from Boston, Chris is from Chicago, and David is from Dallas.
  3. Each of them has a different favorite sport: Adam likes baseball, Bob likes basketball, Chris likes cycling, and David likes football.
  4. Their birthdays are all in different months: Adam's birthday is in January, Bob's birthday is in February, Chris's birthday is in March, and David's birthday is in April.
  5. Each of them has a different favorite color: Adam likes blue, Bob likes black, Chris likes brown, and David likes gray.
  6. Each of them has a different favorite fruit: Adam likes apples, Bob likes bananas, Chris likes cherries, and David likes dates.
  7. Each of them has a different favorite flower: Adam likes azaleas; Bob likes bougainvilleas; Chris likes crocuses; and David likes daff.