Choices Mod Apk v2.7.0 Unlimited Keys and Diamonds 2020

If you are a fiction lover then you will love the story telling. Choices Mod Apk is the game which helps you to choose your own story. Often our mind is rushed with a lot of serious or funny illusions which some time would be summarized into an interesting story. This game is the helping point, in the scenario where one wants to set his own limits in life and wants something big and adventurous.

Choices Mod APK unlimited

Choices Mod APK: will help the players in achieving player’s goals regarding different game choices Mod Apk in the game. Once you will set the character of your own it will be the deciding factor of your success or failure. In order to empower your part you will have to work on your looks, hairs relationships and many more and we know everything demands money

Choices Mod Apk will help you to attain desired levels by providing you free diamonds and gems or money which will ease your purchases. Game is quite unique and simple for everyone.

NameChoices Mod APK
License Free
Mode Features Unlimited Keys and Diamond

Download Direct Link

Game Play:

This will be based on the story you will choose for yourself. Once you enter the game it will demand to choose your story and after that you will define each and every level of that tale just like in your real life. For example: if you are an officer then how to maintain your living standard, how to impress others and choosing relationships and many more. For these purposes you will require money and you have to earn diamonds and money by playing the game or sometime.

If you have not enough cons you have to pay some real money to move on. choices mod apk 2019 can be a your definite life game , like what you think about life should be either in terms of job or relationship or decision making.

Features of Choice Mod Apk:

In the start of the game you have to define your leading role which will decide the dimension of your whole life.
After making your job secure you will find love of your life and decide where to live, how to spend the time and manage friendships.
You will be able to decide each and every turn of your life.

You can enhance your executive skills by looking deeply at each matter so that you can evaluate your strengths or weaknesses.

Choices Have Stories:

As told before that choice is the game full of stories and its publishers are still busy in introducing new stories every week to its users which is the lively side of the game. Till now five main stories are played among the users worldwide, here we will tell you a little about them:


is a character where you will perform as a faculty member of Hartfeld College where you will find a couple of friends and beautiful ladies. Obviously you can search your love mates here which will make the game fun to play.
CROWN & FLAME: is the story where you have to act as a king of an astonishing realm which you have to build delightfully and train your troops in a way that your kingdom would become unbeatable.


is a dating story, you have to find the right choice of dating and your special focus would be your dressing, hairstyles and where to date. To make love choices will provide you some challenges either intellectual or field fights, to prove yourself as a smart choice.


is the story where you will have a chance to work with the CEO of a company and later you have to create some romance story by impressing her by your work and personality.


is actually a student’s life story where he will enter a classy school will interact with colleges to make new friends and understand the atmosphere of school. Some love stories of your teenage may add up here.

So have fun with these interesting proceedings on choices mod apk ios which is available for apple and android users as well. More stories will be updated from time to time as they arrive.

What would choices mod APK deliver to you?

  • Through choices mod apk unlimited keys you can avail every story of the game for free.
  • You can unlock hairstyles and beautiful dresses for free.
  • Choices mod apk unlimited keys and gems makes you able to purchase desired things to live and interact in the game as in real life you need a lot of resources to live and survive.
  • You can avail a variety of perceptible looks and personality ads up in mod for free of cost.
  • Automatically updated are available in mod Apk edition,


  1. You are free to make your own story which you often think to be in the actual world.
  2. You can enhance your powers of life planning where you are doing wrong and so improvements are needed.
  3. It’s totally free and easily accessible.
  4. Choices mod apk unlimited keys and diamonds 2019 are helping gears in the game which assist you in making your story more firm and unmatchable as you can spend a lot without wasting your real-time money.


  1. Most game stories are based on adult content which demands gamers to restrict it to the 18+. So we can say this is not designed for every age group.
  2. We will find that there are defined numbers of diamonds in the game which somehow bond the users to use them wisely and not waste them. It is also noted that if you will take wrong steps in the game then you can be shifted to a lower level or the number of diamonds may decrease.
  3. One drawback of the choices is that they have not done enough with graphics quality yet.

Final words:

Choices mod apk android 1 is widely downloaded and plays games which grasp the attention of users easily. Through this game you can write and portrait your own story with a leading role and do amendments in character playing when you need. Once you will penetrate in the game you will surely fall in love with its luster.

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