Choices: Stories you Play Mod Apk v2.7.0 Unlimited Keys and Diamonds 2020

Choices: stories you play Mod Apk is a marvelous creation of Pixelberry that is filled with lots of new surprises, chapters, episodes, and unlimited customization of each and everything according to a player`s mood. This game is on spotlight because of its multi-diverse tasks which are continuously being updated every week with much interesting and addictive game tasks.

Choices Mod APK unlimited

Choices mod apk has storyline of every genre which is technically converted into game tasks that want a player to live a life of any character a person chooses. With every genre, which includes horror, funny, romantic and fantasy etc, there are plenty of episodes and tasks. Your character has to perform the tasks assigned through the gameplay`s chosen genre and your character has to meet lots of people, has to make friends, in some tasks he/she has to destroy enemy and to save the kingdom, in another task he/she has to make choices about life partner and to enjoy the romantic journey. The tasks are so addictive and attractive that one cannot resist playing it.

NameChoices: stories you play Mod Apk
Size83.7 MB
License Free
Mode Features Unlimited Keys and Diamond

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Choice Mod apk just takes you to the roller-coaster ride of a dream land where anyone can be anything at any time whether you wanna go back to the past in a pirate ship adventure or you wanna live a life of a hero in a university class group among your fellow member where you can get your dream girl, or you wanna be an adventurous person and to solve the mysteries hidden in a mysterious land.

You may be thinking of stories you heard since childhood about vampire and ghost lands, also you have read stories about spy world where your protagonist has solved the crime world adventures and you might have wondered if you would someday take their place and how much fun it would be to live a life like those of characters of your stories!! Pixelberry brought you that amazing chance to live a life of any character at any favorite genre of a story you want.

Choices mod apk has an amazing collection of stories, genres and events. Select the genre and play it as you like and according to your mood as every person experiences mood swings in his/her life. There is a solution to this, as Choices Mod apk tasks and episodes keep on updating and evolving with new episodes every weekend.

First, hold on to get amazing information about choices mod apk and its hacked features and procedure to download the Mod apk version of this addictive game which are discussed below. Here we commence!!

Super-Addictive features of Choices Mod Apk:

Choices mod apk has the best collection of super-exciting genres and storylines that can leave a never ending charm on a player`s mind. The stories and events are specially developed according to different people`s interests and choices. For instance, Romance, Reality, Fantasy, Magic and everything which cannot let the player feel bored at any level.

Exciting and appealing updates and events every week;

Choices mod Apk have planned to lead a game to a never-ending journey where there is thrill and excitement to new heights and where there is no such thing as boring. So, with Choices Mod Apk, a player can receive thrilling new events every week and also the amazing new updates.

Customization of character;

In Choices mod apk, there is an unlimited choice to customize a character according to the player`s taste and also according to the context of an episode or event. This means you can name a character according to your choice, you can customize the character`s costume and appearance like face color, hair color, fat or thin, male or female according to your own choice. Sounds interesting!!

Bundle of exciting stories that are limitless;

Stories, events and episodes provided in the Choices mod apk version are unlimited and they can be viewed and played without following a given sequence through hacked version of Choices mod Apk. So enjoy!!

Unlimited diamonds, keys and everything;

The original version of “Choices: Stories you play” only offers 5 diamonds in 24 hours that a player needs to unlock new levels, events or stories. Each diamond can be achieved within 1 hour to unlock the next level. That’s quite exhausting!! So, to unlock all the stories, you need unlimited diamonds and these can be achieved through Choices mod apk version that gives you access to unlimited everything.

Graphics and facial expressions are stunning;

Graphics added to the choice mod apk are stunning and real. The quality graphics add to the richness of the game. Also, facial expressions are phenomenal which represent true feelings of human beings in different contexts and scenarios.

Right choices lead to right directions;

Choices mod apk is a game where a player has given choices at every moment. It is up to a player to choose right options to lead the story towards success. Quite thrilling!!

Available stories of Choices Mod apk:

Choices mod apk has brought four available stories up till now for its users and all of four are addictive and appealing. For instance, The Freshman, Perfect match, The crown and the flame, Blood bound. The storyline of all the four available stories revolve around different genres from fiction to reality to romance to fantasy where your character is supposed to be hero in The freshman, savior in The crown and the flame, and a loving partner in Perfect match

How to get hold of Choices mod Apk;

There are many ways to get the amazing mod version of Choices mod apk. Below given are the links and procedure;

  1. Choices: Stories you play can be downloaded from Google play app store
  2. Its hacked version can be downloaded through Apk4all
  3. Also, it can be achieved through Happymod
  4. This is also a good platform to get Choices mod apk.

Procedure to download:

First go to the search engine and search for the right link to download the Choices mod apk. The links are given above. Then allow the server to download the Choices Mod apk. After the process of downloading, tap the option of Installation. Then the process of installation starts and after the completion of installation process. The notification bar shows the Installed Choices mod apk on your android set. Now open it and enjoy the unlimited fun.

Time to answer public`s Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ`s]:

How to download Choices mod apk for android?

Choices mod apk is a popular android game and it can be easily downloaded through the above given links and procedure. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to install the hacked version of Choices mod apk.

How to get choices mod apk unlimited everything?

Choices mod apk offers unlimited access to diamonds, keys, costumes and events through hacked versions and without wastage of time, you can get everything unlocked.

What is the latest version of Choices mod apk?

The latest version of Choices mod apk is 2.7.0 which brought for all fun-lovers amazing updates and events with plenty of options and choices. Graphics are also phenomenal.

SO, install the Choices mod apk and get the roller-coaster ride to a never ending fun-land of an amazing story-game world where you can get access to everything without wasting time or any single penny and also without any advertisements. Open the Choices mod apk on your android and enjoy!!

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