Clash Of Magic Mod APK Download Unlimited Troops Latest Version 13.0

Have you become fed up with playing the COC game with restrictions? If you have played Clash of Clans before, you are probably tired of gathering resources and fed-up with irregular updates. Do you want the troops to be unlocked? If so, then don’t worry because here comes Clash of Magic Mod APK. 


It is among the various private servers of COC. Moreover, you will find many other servers within the Clash of Magic. In this article, we will introduce you to the interesting details that you need to know about this app.

Download Clash of Magic APK 

Download it and you will explore the Clash of Clans game like never before. Because, finding treasure itself, brings more excitement to the gameplay. All the resources will be unlimited and you will only need to focus on your game plan.

So, don’t think too much and Download Clash of Magic Mod APK right away!

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NameClash of Magic Mod APK
Last updatedJune 2019
SizeApproximate 114 MB
Android requirements4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

About the Game

You must be thinking what is this game about and why is it so special? This mod app is an enhanced version of the original Clash of Magic game developed by a third party. Although the basics of the game remain the same, multiple modifications are done to it for better user experience.

The creators simply modified the game by adding more interesting items that are not available in the original one. For instance, all the levels and resources are unlocked in the mod version of Clash of Magic so that everyone can enjoy it.

To add more cheats and access exclusive resources and benefits for free is the main concern of this modded version of Clash of Magic. Following stated are some interesting features of this game that you will love, once you download it


This game is the best COC private server. Gamers love playing COC games through the Magic Server since it contains several highlights. Due to these features, the Clash of Magic is increasing its popularity among gamers. These features are:

1. Dark Elixir Infinite

The most important feature COC has for building troops is infinite Dark Elixir that can be generated in Clash of Magic for free.

2. Infinite Gold 

You are free to generate as much Gold as you want without having to unlock something. Gold is a key resource as it is used to upgrade defenses as well as town halls. To check out more town halls, visit our website. This, hopefully, will help you play the game better.

3. Infinite Gems 

Without investing much of your time and energy, you can now generate the infinite quantity of gems without struggling too much.

4. Infinite Elixir 

Elixir is infinite in the Clash of Magic game. As it is used for upgrading army camps and barracks etc. This mod version is proven to be surprisingly well for the gamers. Hence it is recommended to use this server as it has so much to offer.

5. Air Sweeper Attacks in 360° Direction

With this app, you can have a 360 degrees Air sweeper. So, blow the air and make sure that your dragons and other beasts are protected even when you are away from the base at 360°. This feature turns your game into so much fun!

6. No Need to Unlock PVE Goblin Maps

In the original game, you need to unlock every Goblin Map to proceed further. Whereas, with Clash of Magic APK, you get all the maps unlocked so don’t worry about wasting your energy in unlocking the maps one by one since you won’t be bothered to do so.

7. Zero Building Timing

Building castles and troops are done in no time! The awesome Clash of Magic server lets you develop customized buildings with a click. There are absolutely no constraints since everything is unlimited in this app.

8. Unlimited Heroes

A huge list of heroes to choose from – right from the first level.

9. Builders, Normal, Villagers – Troops 

Troops can be selected from different categories so get unlimited fighters, soldiers, warriors, and villagers.

10. Faster and Safe Server 

The server, which Clash on of Magic is hosted on, are faster and safer to make sure the gaming continues with great speed.

11. Anti-Ban APK

There are a lot of differences between Clash of Magic and Clash of Clan server, hence, don’t worry about getting banned because you won’t. There is no direct connection between the two games.

12. More Stability and Uptime

This is one of the most famous features of Clash of Magic APK. It features a quicker, safer and more stable server that every gamer enjoys. You can play this game without any maintenance time or server breaks.

13. No Need of Rooted Device

The APK does not require a rooted device to install. You only need to download this game and you can enjoy its cool graphics and amazing features on the go. Also, this app will never bother anyone with useless ads and dangerous malware, so your device is safe.

14. Compatibility

It supports Android as well as iOS devices. Although the majority of servers of COC are compatible with Android devices only, Clash of Magic APK supports both operating systems.

15. Easy to Modify 

Everything in this APK is highly customized and very easy to modify. You can also do some changes by yourself.

Servers of this Game

1. Clash of Magic S1 (The Black Magic)

SERVER 1 offers:

  • Custom mods
  • Building custom buildings as much you want
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Max out troops

These resources are FREE for everyone to enjoy. All you need to do is download Magic server 1 and it will provide you, customized warriors, as it offers a huge variety of customized heroes.

The main reason why the clash of Magic is getting famous is that it has so many more features to offer. Resources are unlimited and don’t require money.

2. Clash of Magic S2 (The Hall of Magic)

Server 2 also offers everything that Server 1 does, such as gold, elixir, and unlimited buildings. However, Server 2 offers more mods and commands, along with unlimited resources.

This one is a perfect fit for the individuals who need a constrained approach to mods. It is also a modded server that enables you to make custom structures and troops with just about zero structure time. It additionally enables clients to produce unlimited assets, for example, Gold, Elixir, Gems and Dark Elixir. However, it does limit some features.

3. Clash of Magic S3 (The Power of Magic)

This server is not the same as the other two servers discussed above. Though this server does not offer any custom mods, it offers unlimited resources. If you don’t want to play mod servers, you can play on these servers. It offers zero construction time.

If you don’t want to access custom mods, you can use this server. You do not have to face any purchase limits. If you need to play around with little changes, this is the mod for you.

It is additionally a vastly changed version than all the past variants. It guarantees the boundless measure of assets free of expense and the server speed is very amazing. Hence, it guarantees quick progress in the game.

4. Clash of Magic S4 (The Power of Magic 2)

What separates S3 from S4 is that it offers normal construction time and build cost and construction time. The other features are the same as server 3, not custom mods. Every other feature is similar to S3.

The specialty of Server 4 is that this server is not modded so you can appreciate the game as it is. Yet, on the off chance, that you want to make custom structures and troops then this server isn’t best for you.

This unmodded server is for people who are not much interested in the custom mods but they needed bigger, better encounters than the original game. This server 4, you will get endless assets you will appreciate the original development times and building cost. Hence, you can get unlimited Elixirs, Gold, Gems, but no customizations.

So, choose the server you like and play to win the game. Hence, the choice is yours, you can choose from any of the mentioned servers.

Install Clash of Magic Mod APK on Your Android Phone

The whole installation procedure is very simple. The installation process of Clash of Magic is very simple to understand. You must follow the below-mentioned steps and you will install it easily. You are only required to follow the below-mentioned steps. So, check out and follow these steps below:

STEP 1: Download CO Magic APK

First of all, download the most recent version of this game. You are required to download the APK latest version.

STEP 2: Download Server

Head towards the server and download any of your favorite servers.

STEP 3: Allow Unknown Sources

Click on the Settings, go to the Security and turn on Unknown Sources. This option is mandatory to download third-party apps.

STEP 4: Install the App

Once the app is installed, the icon could be seen by the users on the home screen of their device. Now download the additional files by opening the app. Click on the app to start the installation process. Once the game is installed, you must open the app and wait for the additional files to be downloaded.

STEP 5: Done

That’s all it takes to download and install this app. Now you have successfully installed the game. Open it and start playing this amazing game.


As you know CO Magic (Clash of Magic), certainly is among the most popular and is one of the best Clash of Clans private servers. Using this server, you can have the freedom to play the game with modification and without modification, no other private server offers this service.

You will get unlimited resources without any extra time, money and effort. So, download Clash of Magic Mod APK right now and experience an epic COC game!


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