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App Name CLASH QUEST APK For Android
Size 263MB
Latest Version 0.441.143
MOD Features All Unlocked
Developer Supercell
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update April 14, 2023 (6 months ago)
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For all the fighting games lovers, we bring you an ever-amazing fighting game. Who doesn't love a good fighting game in which you have to take over the enemy and defend your kingdom? This game is full of thriller actions that will make you totally immersed in it. Get ready as there are going to be unstoppable battles and bloodshed and you are going to be the one who will save the entire kingdom from the wrath of the enemy by killing your enemies mercilessly.



This game is basically a strategy game in which you are going to give a command to your army to attack the enemy in order to defend your kingdom. This game has been released after the immense success of Clash of Clans. Supercell has been releasing games with a similar concept as that of clash of clans and every game is a hit. This is the recently released game that hasn't been available globally yet but still, the search for this game has increased drastically. This game is proof that all the strategy games released by supercells are so much interesting and unique thus getting so much success. 

In this game, all the kingdoms reside in the same place and that's the reason conflicts between the kingdoms don't seem to end. As you are the leader of your kingdom you have to make sure to make your people live in peace and thus you have to lead the army so that they can fight the enemies. 

It's a turn-based game in which battles happen all the time between the armies. Your only goal is to win the game by destroying the enemies and clearing that level. After that, you will unlock many new levels in which you are going to complete the quest of fighting against the enemies.




In this game, users are going to explore many new and beautiful places that are not only attractive but also have so many dangers to offer. While visiting new places you have to keep yourself active as you never know what types of dangers you are going to encounter. Many enemies and dangers have suspicious abilities that can be hazardous for you. 

Simultaneously, all these dangerous places are full of valuable things that you might need in order to win the game. Those valuable items may be important for buying or unlocking many premium features in the game. 


This game is full of challenges and missions that you have to complete in order to win the game but none of these challenges are as easy as they seem. You need to have special abilities and a stronger army otherwise you will not stand a chance against the enemy. That's why it's very important that you collect many things in the game that can help you in strengthening your army and gain special abilities that can help you in taking down opponents. 

There are many army units in this game such as Archer, Wizard, Golem, Dragon, and many more. You can make these units stronger with the help of different points that you will earn. You can unlock many new abilities for your units and make them learn many new skills. You can also buy new and upgraded weapons for your army. 


You will find many spells in this game and each one of them has special effects to them. There are spells such as fireball, log, charge, swap, and many more than will help you in gaining victory against your enemy. You can learn new spells and upgrade the already present spells with the help of different points you will earn in the game.


In this game, you are not only going to fight the enemies but also many dangerous monsters. There are many monsters in the game such as the patriarch of the barbarian clan or papa dragon. These monsters are huge and have so many powerful abilities. You have to muster up your all courage and gain enough strength in order to stand up against these monsters. Choose the right moves and tactics and come up with the right strategy so that you can defeat the enemies. As a result of winning the game, you will earn many points and rewards. 


The graphics and sounds of any fighting game are very important as it helps the gamers stay immersed in the game with the realistic visuals and sounds it provides. And this game is perfect for having the best types of animations and visuals that will make you feel like you are actually on the battlefield fighting dangerous enemies and monsters. It's a 2D game and the camera angle is fixed for a top-down view. 



The demand for this game is increasing day by day because of the amazing gameplay and features it provides. You can also get this game easily with the help of the link given above in the article. 

  • Make sure to tap on the link in order to download this game. 
  • After downloading, you will have to open the file for installation.
  • Before that, just enable the external sources and your app will be installed on your device easily.
  • Now you are all set to enjoy the most thrilling fighting action experience with clash quest APK.


There are many tips and tricks in this game that will help you in winning the game easily. It's a strategic turn-based game with a PVE point of view. 

In this game, you can easily preview your attacks. This feature is quite useful as you can see where you went wrong with the attack and at the same time can see the enemy's moves as well. You can learn from the enemy's moves and can learn for the future and even if your attack was successful and it was an impromptu attack you can always preview the attacks by clicking on the troops to save and memorize that move for the future.

Always go for the combo attacks. These attack moves are perfect for bringing down enemies. The combo attack strategy gives an attack boost. If you want to win a three-star island, you have to use combo attacks because these moves can help you in scoring maximum points that you cannot gain otherwise. 

You cannot waste your troops just to create combo attacks. You have to know that every troop in this game matters and thus you should be able to create combo moves only when you are sure that they can be effective otherwise don't sacrifice your troops unknowingly.

Sometimes you get short of gold and stuck on the island and don't have any way to move to the next level because that requires gold. In a situation like that, just play the previous level again. This thing can be advantageous as after playing that level again you can collect more gold.

If you have access to spells and you think you need that spell at a certain point, make sure to use it. Don't wait for it till the last moment. You will end up wasting it and that moment might be the important one so use your spells correctly.

This tip is not really important but can be fun to do so. If you increase the speed of your game by 2x or 4x, this way you will complete two levels in the time of one level.


This game is updated in 2022 and has provided all the latest and updated features to the users.



This game is quite interesting as you will never have a dull moment in the game fighting the enemies. Also, the levels of this game are short enough that you can complete them in no time. Install this game and enjoy.


Q. What is the size of this game?

The size of this game is 263 M.

Q. Is this game safe to install?

Yes, this game is absolutely safe to install.

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