Cooking Voyage APK Unlimiter Diamonds

Cooking Voyage APK Unlimiter diamonds

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App Name Cooking Voyage APK Unlimiter diamonds
Size 136MB
Latest Version 1.11.4+430184b
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Newvoy Games
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 6.0 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Cooking Voyage APK

If you are a person who is looking for cooking games where you can find delicious meals to prepare then you are at the right place. Cooking Voyage Apk is the best cooking game that you will ever play as it helps you in managing time when cooking delicious food. Experience a life of a Chef and have fun adjusting the kitchen of your own. You will like this game as you will have to help a young lady with cooking in the kitchen.

But to make a Kitchen, you must help the Young lady with her dream of owning a small cafe. Make her realize her dream and then she will make a kitchen with her sister on a boat. They together will manage the kitchen while cooking for the customers who visit them daily and make various delicious food that is on the menu. Be careful as this game is very fast and you have to handle a lot of things at the same time in very less time. You have to serve breakfast in the game. 

Every chef has the quality of making a special dish. The dish will be known as the special order of the Chef that only he/she can make. So, in this game, your quality and specialty will be making amazing mouth-watering muffins. People from afar will visit your cafe just to get a taste of your Muffins. So, you must work quickly to get all the orders and serve them right away.  You will complete different levels and be a pro in making muffins. These muffins will become the cause of your popularity and you will get a huge amount of customers each day. In this way, your cafe will grow and your rank will be upgraded.

Cooking Voyage APK Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is straightforward. The player has to work as a young lady who had a dream of opening a small breakfast cafe on a yacht. So, she will do it and open a cafe on the boat with her sister. The lady(You) will cook various foods for breakfast and serve a lot of customers. Make sure to be quick or you can lose your reputation and the customers will be angry. The game is very fast-paced so be ready to match its rhythm and go with the flow. This game will help you in getting some cooking life experience. 

Make sure to be fast and fulfill every customer’s requirement. This will help you in getting popular among visitors and your cafe will gain popularity. A lot of customers will visit and you will eventually earn more money. Make sure to upgrade your kitchen with money and it will ease your work by buying new machines and ingredients. As the game passes, you will get more and more orders and your level will be upgraded. 


Apart from cooking, you have a life where you do normal life things. You always wanted to live on a yacht and you had no money back then. But after making a cafe, your conditions got better and you started making money and bought a boat which was more than ruined. Then, after your cafe got popular you earned more and more money, you improved your boat and designed it the same way you have to do in an interior designing game. So, you will get two fun things at the same time. Design every single room and make it your best dream yacht ever. 

You can travel on your yacht to various cities or even all around the world. Open new restaurants and start a restaurant business. Get richer and richer with each passing day. Manage your business starting from a small cafe. You have to be patient and the luck will be after you. Make sure to be careful and quick in the start or else you will never get popular.

Cooking Voyage Apk Features

If you are thinking of playing the game, you must know the features of this game beforehand. So, the features are given below


  • Recipes for various Dishes:


It is normal if you do not know the recipe of a dish. You will get to learn a lot of recipes here in the game. But the question is how? There is a book of recipes that will let you know and guide you about the recipes of various delicious dishes and you can simply follow the recipe and make an amazing dish. You have all the access to use the recipes and make food for breakfast. But your main specialty of the game will be muffins. Attract a lot of customers with your cooking skills and earn a lot of money.


  • Build a brand Restaurant:


You started the work with a small cafe but you were very much sincere with cooking as it was your passion and you loved cooking for the customers. After that, because of your love for cooking, healthy food, yummy taste, and perfect cafe management you made your cafe very popular, and a lot of customers started visiting you. 

After this, you decided to grow your business and made a great profit from it. People from afar are visiting your hotel just to get a taste of your cooking skills. Then you decided to make your hotel a brand and make different branches in different cities. You got very popular among the people and started living a healthy and luxurious life. 


  • Upgrade your Kitchen:


In the beginning, you were poor and didn’t have money. You started the kitchen in a very bad condition and you didn’t have the basic supplies. So, you tried hard and earned a lot of money. So, now you can use this money in order to upgrade your kitchen and buy new supplies and ingredients for cooking. You can change the vibe of the Kitchen by spending money on it. You will get all the access to these things.


  • Design the Yacht:


Fulfill your dream by buying a boat and then designing as per you want. You will get access to the designing things. You can design the yacht the same way you do in an interior designing game. This will be very easy as you will get a chance to play two themed games in one game. Design and cook in one game. Fulfill all your dream house ideas with this game.  Apart from designing, other mini-games are also present in this application for you to play. 


  • Travel around the world:


A key feature of this game is that this game allows the user to travel around the world. As I already told you that the users will have a yacht in this game, which is actually the home of the user. So, the users can use this yacht to travel around the world and learn new dishes that belong to a specific country. Develop new dishes and then allow the people of other countries to get a taste of your country's food. This feature is very much appreciated among the users.


  • Different levels:


Apart from cooking and designing the yacht, the users can select different levels to play. These levels will allow the users to earn a lot of money and upgrade their kitchen. Be a barrister and do different levels that are different from each other so that the players will not get bored even if he plays them for the second time. So, make sure to play all these levels in order to get the full fun.


  • Challenges:


For the users who wanna have challenges, you can get different kinds of hard challenges in the game to play. Fulfill these challenges and get amazing rewards in the form of new ingredients and decorations. These challenges are so fun that you will play them again and again.

Cooking Voyage Apk Latest version

The latest version of this Cooking Voyage Apk is 1.11.3+33194ed and it was updated on July 16, 2022. The size of this version is 134.53MB. In this version, there are new features that you will enjoy and get the full benefit from them. Get a chance to shop freely without spending money on this version.


Cooking voyage Apk Unlimited Money

The users will get a chance to earn unlimited money in the latest version if they download it from this site. Money is very much important in this game because the players have to buy new ingredients and new machinery for the kitchen. They have to upgrade their Kitchen. Apart from the Kitchen accessories, the users have to buy the things for their boat which is their home. So, the users have to earn money by running the Kitchen but the process is very slow. That’s why we are giving you a feature of unlimited money to spend on your daily life expenditures. 

Cooking Voyage Apk System Requirement

The system requirement for the game is not specific because this game is very light and can be installed on almost every system. It is also available on PC or iOS devices. So, make sure to install it and have a wonderful journey as a chef. Use the unlimited features of the game and make a world where there is the brand of your hotel. Manage the cafe in an easy way.


If you want to play a cooking game and also an interior designing game then this game is the best choice among all. Because playing this game will make your experience in both cooking and designing the house. Cook various dishes for the customers and earn a lot of money from them. This will help in making your dreams come true. Visit a lot of places by your personal yacht and learn more new dishes. Grow your business more and more. Discover new dishes by mixing rare ingredients and impress the visitors with the mouth-watering taste of your dishes.

Cooking Voyage


Q. Is Cooking Voyage Apk safe to play?

Yes, Cooking Voyage Apk is completely safe to play as it does not take up much space in the phones.

Q. Can we get unlimited money in the apk version of Coking Voyage?

Yes, you are able to get unlimited money in the apk version because it is a hacked version and allows the users to buy all the ingredients for free.

Q. What is the role of the player in Cooking Voyage Apk?

The role of the player is a young lady with a dream of owning a yacht and having a cafe where she’d cook by herself and sell delicious food to the customers.

Q. What is the size of the Cooking Voyage Apk?

The size of the latest version of Cooking Voyage Apk is 134.53MB and it will not harm your device and its data in any way.

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