Criminal Stories MOD APK Free Premium Choice

Criminal stories MOD APK Free Premium Choice

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App Name Criminal stories MOD APK Free Premium Choice
Size 105 MB
Latest Version 0.9.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Game Garden™ Interactive Stories and Games
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Do you want to demonstrate your brilliance in the investigation of mysterious crimes?

If so, the answer is provided here. You won't regret giving Criminal Stories MOD APK a try.

In Criminal stories MOD APK, players must uncover murders' secrets. You can choose to carefully obey the law or to let your instincts lead you. Each mystery draws you closer to a different one. You will find yourself in a situation where justice and the law do not coexist.

The game's theme is helping victims, tracking down investigators, apprehending perpetrators, and punishing them.

To solve the cases and find the best solutions, players must demonstrate their investigative methods.

You will be collaborating with a team of investigators. After gathering proof, players must carefully examine the site and gather details so they may speak with witnesses. Then came the primary suspect. At each stage of the process, many scenarios lead to many stories.

Criminal Stories MOD APK


A compelling game plot

Players in this game must identify the criminals. To unearth the concealed realities and restore justice for the victims, they are transformed into adept detectors.


The game is worth playing because of the excellent animation. Players will enjoy excellent animation and uncover hidden secrets. Isn't it an exciting feature mate? 

Outstanding Graphics

The game has a realistic feel to it because of the 3D graphics. Many players from all over the world are drawn to games with high-quality visuals to display their gaming prowess. This kind of graphic is very rare. 

Involve reasoning

Players look into the culprits using logic and reasoning. Players conclude a difficult investigation by utilizing their logical abilities.

 Investigating skills

The game features a lot of challenging investigations. The investigation is getting so difficult that some cases are giving the players issues. To question victims and suspects, players need investigative abilities. Players use abilities like fingerprint analysis, phone recordings, DNA testing, and forensic examination to reach the desired outcome.

various stories

Different cases tell various stories. You must resolve various cases, overcome challenging obstacles, uncover long-buried secrets, and look into potential suspects and victims. Each of them includes a unique story.

Criminal Stories MOD APK

Criminal cases

Play this game to demonstrate your aptitude for research. This game is unique to play because it features criminal trials. Players will handle challenging criminal cases that will give them headaches.

Investigating method:

  • The crime scene will be examined by the players.
  • The investigation will make use of magnifying glass.
  • Draw judgments based on the data you gather at the crime scene.
  • Question the suspect.
  • Explicitly exposing the lies that suspects are hiding
  • Analyze the data.
  • Finding the offender is made much easier with the figure print kit. Criminals always leave behind some sort of proof.
  • Find your cues by using enjoyable puzzles.
  • discover the criminal
  • Investigate the murder by breaking codes.


You'll never have to work alone in this game, which is its best feature. You have teammates who will support you as you work through the case. Tony is a big fan of the chase, detective games, and movies. 

Eva Mayer: "To lure a criminal into an elegant mind trap, Eric Moreira, 

An expert detective at the mysteries of solving crimes bypasses any defense system. He will gain access to Richard Hudson's bank account and cutting-edge equipment.

Your teammates are far more than merely game players. They each have skeletons in their closets. Follow the exciting plot to learn more about them. Make the most of the game's interactive features to take the lead in a remarkable investigation.

playing manner

What kind of adventure game do you prefer to play? Unlock new episodes to see data about your decisions.

The closet offers you and your companions a wide range of solutions for any situation.

You and your partner can structure your relationship in any way you like.

Create your own office from scratch.

Who said that playing a crime game with style was impossible?

You can unravel the enigma surrounding your paranormal abilities in the game's story mode. Play the game to learn the solution.

the Discovery of the truth

The brilliant investigators find a solution after conducting a challenging inquiry. Use your deductive reasoning abilities to identify the real criminals, and make sure to hold them accountable by upholding the law. After coming to a decision, you compare your result with others, and the game will then tell you the truth.

Criminal Stories MOD APK

What's new

  • Tricky yet simple mechanism
  • Mysterious game set
  • Interactive story
  • Free to use
  • Tricky to play
  • Involve brain logic skills
  • Design your and your partner’s outfits
  • Learn about forensic tools
  •  Investigate Multiple cases

How to download

To download this game for free, click the link at the top of the post. The APK file can be downloaded when you click on that link. This game can be installed when you click the downloaded APK file. You can access the menu and begin playing the game as soon as the installation process is finished. Maybe you like this similar game LAST CLOUDIA MOD APK.


 Criminal stories MOD APK is A strange and interactive game of crime. It's got a really interesting plot. The intricacies of the crime case are unraveled by the players using intriguing investigative tactics, shedding light on the facts.

Following the players' choices, the game reveals the truth. then what are you seeking? Improve your speed and reasoning capacity by downloading the game from our article.

Criminal Stories MOD APK


Q. Is it safe to play on the phone?

Yes it is safe to play on the phone.

Q. Is it easy to download the game?

yes, you can easily download the game from the link given at the top of the article.

Q. Is it available on PC?

you can download this on your PC through Android emulators.

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