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Size 180M
Latest Version 0.7.11
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Developer apkmodule
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update November 09, 2022 (21 days ago)
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For all the strategy game lovers, you might have played many RPG games but dashero mod APK beats every other game. In this role-playing game, players will enjoy epic 3D sword fights with many characters, spells, and whatnot and get rid of the evil monsters.


You are a hero called Dashero in this game who is going into nonstop battles with iron swords and spells. Your fight is against the monsters in a large space like a stadium. 

The main character of this game has an invisible sword that will help him in killing all the monsters. You have to master the sword and practice so that you can lead powerful attacks and kill evil monsters.

The melee weapon in this game is the sword and the ranged weapon is magic. You can combine swords and magic spells to create a deadly combination in order to defeat enemies. Through this, every Player will be able to show their different abilities. 

Dashero Mod Apk


The challenges and levels will be getting difficult with time. The number of enemies is also increasing day by day. These enemies move faster and later can attack you with their weapons as well. You have to focus on your goal of reaching the final exit. You don't have to kill all the enemies in the game. However, there are exceptions as well. At some level, you will have to get rid of all the enemies coming your way in order to move to the final gate.

So at this point, you have to kill all the monsters. 

If you encounter the giant monsters, don't panic and stop in your way, just keep moving. If you keep moving, you can go around and kill the enemy. You have to stay alert because the enemies are also moving at the same speed. So in order to avoid the attacks and bullets, you have to keep moving and find the weak point of the enemy. 

Make sure to get some bonus points every now and then. During the battles, you will find many cute purple animals on the road, catch them immediately without hesitation as they will be lucky spins that will help you in getting rewards. That can be either money and coins or weapons and skills. 



In this game, players will take part in endless battles. During these battles, the players will enjoy many new abilities, learn many strategies, and try many skills and weapons such as flame daggers, lightning strikes, chain attacks, thunder daggers, and many more. These skills are very important to defeat enemies. In this game, you are going to enter into an endless series of adventures and matches. 


Just like all the previous games in the series, you will be required to make a powerful team in this game as well. By making a powerful team you can have many skills that will help you in encountering enemies.

Fighting in groups is convenient as you can save energy and make use of them later. In the battle, make sure to avoid any larger creature that can attack you at any time without any warning. Especially stay active when traveling through unknown areas as there can be many monsters in those areas. 


You have to become a powerful archer in this game. That's why you have to be fully equipped with all the powerful skills. You have to play this game and practice so that you can be aware of your skills and weapons fully and thus take down the enemies easily. Make use of all the heavy crates to create huge damage to the enemies by throwing these crates at the enemies. After every challenge, the players can collect different items and information from the dungeons.


The game has easy controls and mechanisms that any Player can learn. In order to move or to shoot the players should hold the screen. For saving energy, players should identify the target properly. Once the target is identified, then the players can shoot. This game offers a flexible weapons system to the users so that they can fight against giant monsters. 

Apart from that, players can upgrade their skills any time in this game to get arrows, greatswords, and archers. 


In this game, players are not only going to fight monsters but there are many challenges waiting for them as well. These small daily tasks will help you in gaining coins such as cutting grass and trees on the side of the road will help you in gaining rewards. Many road challenges and wooden crates have bullets hidden in them and by breaking these you can gain bonus points as well.

Dashero Mod Apk


In this game, you will enjoy monsters of different cute and funny shapes. You will encounter many monsters having different energies and powers. So you have to fight each one of these monsters with a different strategy. After every level, the monster will be upgraded too with new powers, health and energies so you have to be cautious in each level. And you also have a fixed level of health and power. If you get attacked your health will decrease and you can see this on the energy bar on the screen. And if your health level reaches 0 means you have lost the game. 


This game has 3D graphics with many a

Beautiful landscapes. The animations and visuals are also very attractive. There are many effects included in this game such as red circles around the character as a sign of the new weapons or skills that you got in the game. And when the new still is provided, it gives off beautiful lights to let you know about the new skill. This way the players can easily get to know about the skills and weapons during an epic fight. And it also creates a beautiful impression on the players. 

The sound effects of this game are also quite amazing. The sword noises during the fight and when any enemy is killed, the purple light and the sound create a very cool effect. When any enemy is defeated, a series of purple lights emerge from it. 

Moreover, the enemies are also of cute and funny shapes which makes this game interesting.


In the mod APK version, you can enjoy the sword fighting game to the fullest without any ads popping up continuously to ruin your gaming experience. 

You will also get dumb enemies and unlimited diamonds in the game. Diamonds are important for getting the premium features of the game such as upgrading the characters and getting access to unlimited skills and weapons to win the game. And you can have unlimited diamonds with the mod APK version. 


For installation, you have to enable the unknown sources in your settings. 

And that's it, your app will be installed on your device and you are ready to enjoy the most fun RPG game.

Dashero Mod Apk


You can also download this game with the download link given in the article. Tap on the link and start the downloading process. 

After that, open the file to install it. 


Version 0.7.11 is the latest version of this game with all the advances and recent features of the application. 



Enjoy the fun gameplay of this RPG game in which you have swords, and magic spells to fight the powerful yet cute-looking monsters. Stay alert and active and come up with different strategies to defeat enemies.


Q. Is this game safe for the devices?

Yes, this game is safe for every device.

Q. Is this an online game?

No, this is an offline game. That's why you can play this game anywhere without requiring an internet connection.

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