Days After APK Latest Version

Days After APK Latest Version

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App Name Days After APK Latest Version
Size 149MB
Latest Version 9.3.3
MOD Features Unlimited money
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update October 27, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Days After APK

It is a multiplayer zombie survival game, where you must deal with the worst effects of the zombie attack. Under the attack of infection, the human species was destroyed. Now you have  to deal with diseases, raiders, starvation, and zombies. You can choose to live or face death during the final days of Earth. Because everyone and everything in this post-zombie world is thirsty for blood so you have no right to make a mistake. Everyone on our planet is struggling to survive.To survive at all costs is your major priority. You can take the challenge and show it to all that you may survive among the dead. Play the zombie shooting game-inspired survival simulator. The last guy on planet Earth is not you so you can find allies, then build a group of survivors. Although things are not always easy, the strongest and bravest will always be able to find their true love. In these tough moments, you will need to stand up for her and do all in your power to save your loved one's life.

In fact, in this game, you can discover the history of infection which caused the zombie outbreak by exploring a variety of sites in a decaying city, completing tasks, sticking to the survival rules, killing the zombies, and defeating the bandits. The items that may be utilised in the game get circled in green to make identification simple. However, you must constantly remind yourself that the space in your bag is finite, and stopping to collect them will also lead you to lose time from working on other essential duties. The key to surviving the most in this game Days After is maintaining a high level of attention, setting priorities correctly, and responding quickly to unexpected circumstances.

Each day, you are given a lot of duties to complete. You can obtain rare items and additional experience by completing these brief quests.

Unlike other adventure games, Days After won't be as simple. You'll face a lot of challenges in your fightback. Hunger is one among them, together with viruses that are full of many secrets. Millions of zombies that have various strengths and requirements will continue to fight  you. You will stumble because of these challenges, but love is the one thing that can pull you back up.

Days After APK

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Days After Apk Mod

In fact, users can experience the greatest survival game! Now users can download Days After Apk MOD to take advantage of free crafting and unlimited coins. This game can be played without interruption by ads or even in-app buys. The user won't need to wait for long durations to enjoy the various game modes and difficulties. When you download and install Days After APK MOD on your devices, you'll get access to MOD features like unlimited coins and free craft.

Days After game guide

After selecting your character's appearance and your name, you'll be dropped into the world with just the clothing on the back and you will be given a weapon such as a metal pipe. You'll be present in a place with lots of resources, like trees, food , as well as other things to gather. Animals and enemies will also be present there. You will kill your enemies. You will also need to kill the animals for the food. It may be noted that in the settings, you may make changes in your name and the gender anytime you want. 

If you want to navigate around the environment and gather stuff,  you have to use the joystick control just on the bottom left. A context sensitive action’s icon  present on the bottom right can display a hand to just let you understand that you may pick up an item when you are close to it. You can interact with some objects, while you can break other items using a weapon such as an axe.

A lower left button represents the option of Auto gather, which you may also apply. By doing so, you may roam your character across the different locations and gather any objects you come across. But you have to be really careful, since you might come across enemies when collecting items. If an enemy attacks you, then you will immediately defend yourself. Though if you don't pay close attention, you risk being easily killed in the field that have enemies of high level.

For day 1 you will get a number of primary quests when you first start, so attempt to complete them as quickly as possible. You can progress more rapidly as a result, which will open up new quests for you to do. These quests can be visible to you on the screen's left side.  However, you may also click the notes button on the screen's lower centre and you can then choose the tab of diary.  

You have a collapsed building as a shelter in your area which you will gradually repair when you gather objects and materials.  In the starting, you will have a car and more things that need to be built or repaired. You will have to gather the materials required for each in order to do this. You can approach structures and interact with them to view the items' list and to tap for more information.

In fact, the icon of crossed tools in the bottom left side beside your backpack represents your menu of crafting. You will be able to unlock additional items as you level up and finish quests.  You have to do the crafting of  the axe first so you may collect wood from trees. Then came the bat and sledgehammer. You can also craft wooden boxes as well, that can be used to store the food and other goods you've collected so you won't have to carry them. You won't have enough storage for long.

The observation tower's upgrade is another significant step. New locations can be unlocked to travel, by using this structure. Your map will be expanded with new locations as you accomplish upgrades.

Days After Mod Apk free shopping

Our Days After mod apk also provides the free shopping option in this game. In fact, you will receive free shopping options, which enables you to buy whatever you like for the crafting of items for free in the in-game store.


Days After Calculator

You may find out your death/assist/kill ratios in your preferred video game with the KD calculator. It's also simple to compare the outcomes of your game with other players' games by using a KD calculator online. You simply have to go to the webpage and put the values of deaths and kills. The calculator will calculate the ratios and give you the final results.

Days After Apk Download

You can download the Days After Mod Apk absolutely free on your android phones by clicking the given link. If you want to get all of the game's features, you have to download and install the Days After mod apk as described step by step:

  • Firstly, download the Days After Mod Apk file by clicking on the given link.
  • Open the downloaded Days After Mod apk file on your android phone.
  • Click the install button to start the installation.
  • Now follow the instructions or steps given on the screen.
  • After completing the installation, you can launch the application and enjoy the game.

Days After

Days After Cheats - Game Cheats

Moreover, following the few techniques given below might help you alot and make life much simpler for you during the zombie outbreak.

Players don't always need to face up against wild opponents and zombies. Alternatively, you may switch to stealth mode and either slip by them unnoticed or smack them harder. You have to click the crouch icon that is present in the lower left side of your screen to activate Stealth mode. The keyboard's key 'C' is randomly assigned to the crouch button in BlueStacks. By accessing the menu of Game Controls in BlueStacks, you may modify this mapping. Although in stealth mode, your character runs much more slowly, but they are unlikely to be seen by opponents. Moreover, any weapon that they are using right now will have its damage value immediately increased. By choosing a weapon from your backpack and pressing the option Tap for more, you can see damage of stealth mode of weapon.  The icon of stealth attack displays our opponent getting backstabbed in the game.

Moreover, you can enter a new location known as the Sheriff's Office when your Observation Tower gets upgraded to level two in this game. The armourer and Sheriff are the two survivors which you'll see here. You get items and even weapons from these two survivors in exchange for the specific tasks you have to complete for them. You must get a specific enemy's body parts in the Armorer's Quests. The location of the necessary part is given in the quest. You receive a powerful weapon's part from the armourer if you complete this quest. The armourer may utilise this item to create a particularly strong weapon.


Q. Is this mod 100% free and safe to use?

Yes, this mod is totally free. You can have access to all the unlimited features of this game for free. This mod is safe to download and install.

Q. How do you craft the items for free in this game?

You simply have to download and install this mod to get free crafting of items and shopping as well.

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