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DC Heroes & Villains APK

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App Name DC Heroes & Villains APK
Size 600 MB
Latest Version v 1.1.34
MOD Features Free
Developer Ludia lnc
Content Rating Rated For 4
Requires 8.1 or above
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Update September 11, 2023 (9 months ago)
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Become a space warrior and show your best fighting skills with DC Heroes & Villains APK. This game is programmed for space lovers. It is a mixture of puzzles and action roles where you have to defeat your enemies.  Your first task is to choose whether you want to play individually or with a team. You can play as your favorite hero. You can play as Superman, Batman, Lex Luther, or Harley Quinn. However, if you want to play as a team, add all heroes to create a strong team. Having all the characters in your team will make you strong enough to tackle every situation. You can defeat all the powerful enemies using your abilities.

DC Heroes & Villains APK is a classic puzzle RPG game with the DC Comics universe. Have you ever dreamt of saving the whole universe? This game is for those who want to enjoy the life of a superhero. All your favorite characters are here, like Superstar, Batman, Spiderman, etc.

You can access all the popular superheroes with amazing puzzle RPG genres here. Your main objective is to build a strong team by adding powerful heroes like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, Catwoman, Joker, Aquaman, and many others. You will see puzzle-like battlefields that make it simple and captivating. You don’t need to use complicated navigational tactics to move your character. You must select the action, and your character will perform that task.

It also offers match-3 boards where you must combine identical art pieces to attack your enemies. You have to choose the right option to defeat your enemies. When you combine various identical pieces in the puzzle, you will see enemies rushing towards you. You have to take quick action in such situations.

It has very simple and easy mechanics with interesting challenges. Its user-friendly interface has gained a huge fan following. You have to solve the puzzles with DC comics characters. Most fighting games are complicated and demand complicated tactics. But this game is something else. Here, you can fight using its puzzle-like interface.

Here, you have to choose the right option to act. You just have to select one option from the match-three challenges. If you love to play superhero games but still haven’t found a comfortable enough game, then you should try DC Heroes & Villains APK. It also offers exciting battles that can be played on your desktop, laptop, and LCD. It is compatible with all types of Android devices above 5.0. Want to learn more about this game? Just keep reading till the end for further details.

Steps To Download

Step 1: Press the download button to access it on your phone.

Step 2: Wait for a couple of seconds until the download completes.

Step 3: If you are facing downloading issues, move towards your mobile’s settings.

Step 4: Enable the Unknown Source to download third-party apps on your Android device. Don’t forget that third-party apps cannot be downloaded on Mac devices.

Step 5: Reopen this site and repeat step 1.

Step 6: Tap to install.

Step 7: Open the app and play as a guest or registered user. That’s all.

Main Features

Here are some key features of this game. Keep reading to explore more about this game.

Amazing Characters

It offers more than 60 characters from the DC Universe Comic. The developers have included almost all the heroic characters of DC comics, such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Joker, Aquaman, Superman, and many others. You can select any of the characters as mentioned above according to your wish. It's your choice whether to play individually or with the team.

Amazing Characters In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

I recommend you try all the characters by creating a team. Add your real-life friends to your team and show them how powerful you are. You can add all the heroic characters to your team to defeat your enemies. You can also unlock some new superheroes by spending your money. Explore the mentor store, select your favorite characters, pay the gold coins, and unlock the character. You just need to collect enough in-game currency.

Build Your Team In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

Puzzle RPG Gameplay

It is a captivating gameplay in the Puzzle RPG genre. It offers dozens of interesting puzzles and 153 missions. You have to choose the right action in the match-three battles. You don’t need to perform complicated fighting tactics. Just choose the action via its match-three puzzles, and your character will do that task itself. It does not demand you to control your character. You must select the right and reliable option according to the situation. You can also play PvP battles (Player versus Player) with more than 152 missions. This game is quite easy to play. People of every age group can play this game without reading the manual. I am sure you will master it even on your first try.

Diverse Battles In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

Upgrade Your Characters

Players can also upgrade their characters to increase their abilities and powers. Keep your character fully prepared to tackle every situation. You can also change your appearance, costumes, shoes, hairstyle, color complexion, and abilities. You can unlock energy boosters and abilities to fly, freeze, jump, and run. You can change or upgrade your characters by visiting the Mentor store. All you need is enough gold coins. You can purchase anything you want using your coins.

Explore Differnt Locations In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

Match-Three Mechanics

This is a strategic match-three puzzle game where you just have to select your actions. Play can make decisions to create specific moves, including shoot, jump, run, melee, synergy, ranged Power moves, and many others. It does not demand you to handle your character with navigational buttons. Just select your desired action from the given option and complete your task. If you are searching for more puzzle games, try Witch Match Puzzle MOD APK. It is an exciting puzzle where you will play the role of a little witch. You have to solve various mysterious puzzles. It offers lots of missions and challenging adventures.

Match Three Puzzles In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

Diverse Battles

It offers various DC battle systems, such as The Flash Vs. The Joker, Superman Vs Batman, Aquaman Vs Wonder Woman, or Blue Beetle Vs Riddler. The diversity between these battles will make your gameplay more engaging. Select the battle category you want to play and start performing your rule. You will get a certain amount of gold coins after winning each battle. Try to win as many battles as possible because you can collect extra coins using this feature. This is the most appreciated feature of this game because it makes the gameplay different from other fighting games.

Puzzle RPG Gameplay In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

Build a Team

It allows you to create a strong team by adding all your favorite characters. Turn on its Team Sunergy setting to enable multiplayer mode. After that, you can add your friends to your team. Create a synergy with powerful characters like The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and many others. Add all the powerful characters and build a strong team.

PvP Battles In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

Explore Various Locations

It provides you with so many interesting locations. You can explore the city of Almerad, Gotham City, and the City of Atlantis. You have lots of things to explore. Its attractive background interface and color combination make its location more interesting. Unlock various areas and build your kingdom there. Use your powers to defeat the enemy’s headquarters located in various cities.

Time Events

It offers many time challenges where you must perform a specific task within a certain time limit. You have to finish the giant bosses before the buzzer rings.

Upgrade Your Characters In DC Heroes _ Villains APK

PvP Leaderboard

Get ready for a captivating PvP leaderboard challenge. It provides a competitive area of match-3 RPG challenges where you must unleash your abilities against online players. Here, you can show your skills to your companions and online players.


Enjoy the interesting Match-three puzzle with DC Heroes & Villains APK. It is a fighting game in the puzzle genre. You will find all the characters of DC Universe Comics. You can play the character of all your favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and many others. Because of its match-three puzzles, you can perform the desired tasks with a single click. You don’t need to perform complicated tactics to handle your character. Play individually or with a team to defeat your enemies. Try this game, and tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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Q. Is DC Heroes & Villains APK free?

Yes, it is free to download and use. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store without paying a single penny.

Q. Is DC Heroes & Villains APK available on the App Store?

Yes, it has been uploaded to the app store for its Mac users. You can get it directly from there without any issue.

Q. Does DC Heroes & Villains APK have any modified version?

Yes, its modded version is available on various internet websites.

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