Dead Warfare Mod Apk

Dead Warfare Mod Apk

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App Name Dead Warfare Mod Apk
Size 115M
Latest Version 2.21.11
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Content Rating Rated for 18+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update October 26, 2022 (3 months ago)
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What is Dead Warfare Mod Apk?

Dead Warfare is a MOBA in the same vein as League of Legends, DOTA, and Heroes of the Storm. It's a 3D action-based game that has you fighting in an arena where each round takes place inside a dreary and dark environment. In this guide, we'll be showing you how to play Dead Warfare mod apk. In this game, you will be able to unlock the most powerful soldiers in the game and equip them with different weapons to take down your opponents.

We're going to show you how to download Dead Warfare mod apk. We'll also teach you how to install it so that you can play it on your Android or iOS device without any problems.

Dead Warfare is a great first-person shooter game for iOS. The game is very easy to control and requires only one finger. In this article, we will show you how to install mods on Dead Warfare for a better gaming experience.

Download the Mod APK file and open it in any file manager. Then, copy/paste it in your phone's SD card (not in any folder). Afterward, go to Settings > Security > and enable "Unknown sources". Now, open the Dead warfare app and follow the on-screen instructions to install the mod. Enjoy! 

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Warfare Mod Apk is a game of the shooting genre, and it is a very famous game among gamers. The game was released in the year 2010, and it is still being played by many users. As such, this article will help you to know about the gameplay of Warfare.


The gameplay of Warfare Mod App: basically consists of three main game modes in which you can engage yourself. These game modes are as follows:

Campaign Mode: Your main objective in this mode is to control your army with the help of your mouse and fight against your enemies. You will have to fight with various types of weapons, and each weapon will have its own capacity to destroy the enemy tanks. As such, you should use weapons that can easily destroy the enemy tanks.

 You will also have to fight against helicopters, infantry troops, and ground forces; cover your men; build defensive structures; upgrade all your troops including aircraft carriers; and so on. Your ultimate objective for this game mode is to complete all the battle missions by destroying all enemy units.

Game Mode: In this mode, you need to capture flags from your enemies by using your troops. You will be provided with unlimited money in this mode, and you should use it wisely.


The Features of Dead Warfare Mod Apk:

  1. Friendly user interface
  2. Support all devices
  3. Compatible with the latest Android versions
  4. Low network traffic, low memory consumption, and high definition image rendering
  5. Realistic background music and sound effects
  6. Support for left-handed players and right-handed players
  7. The game is free, but you can purchase additional gold to upgrade your weapons and equipment
  8. You can use an emulator to play the game on PC

The strategy of the Game

Warfare is a real-time strategy game for Android devices. It takes you to the battlefield of World War II and lets you command your army to victory on more than 50 stages.

Different Levels

Warfare is a real-time strategy game developed by Xform Games. The game offers more than 50 levels of gameplay and an arsenal of unique units and vehicles. You will be able to play against the AI or other players online, so it's great if you want to play the game with friends or strangers.

Easy to Control

A detailed encyclopedia with information about every unit in the game will help you learn strategies and use units in the best way possible. Warfare also includes a function that allows you to control several units at once, eliminating micromanagement.

The game has great visuals, although it's not really demanding when it comes to hardware requirements – even low-end devices should be able to run Warfare smoothly.

Mod Features

  •  Unlimited Money
  •  Infinite Cash
  •  Unlimited Diamonds 
  •  Unlimited Gold Credits 
  •  Unlock All Levels 
  •  Unlock All Weapons 
  •  Unlock All Fatalities 
  •  Unlock All Bundles 
  •  Unlock All Challenges 

Dead Warfare Mod Apk 2

Warfare: Legacy is a real-time strategy game from the creators of Warfare Online. In Warfare: Legacy, you will control a team of elite soldiers fighting against an army of machines and mercenaries. You'll need to use every tool at your disposal to win the war, including vehicles, turrets, and even air strikes! Whether it's commanding a squad or controlling an individual soldier, you'll be immersed in the action and excitement of battle. Pick up your weapons, create an elite fighting force, and defend your base against the enemy onslaught.


Manage your squad as they move through a variety of environments. Use cover effectively to avoid taking damage while eliminating enemy units with a variety of weapons and abilities.


Blast through walls, set explosive traps to take out bunkered enemies, or flank enemies using underground tunnels. Navigate each environment strategically to best suit your play style!


Command AI teammates in addition to your squad of four elite soldiers. Your teammates are capable of healing fellow soldiers, building structures and turrets, setting traps, and more! Let them assist you with specialized roles while you focus on commanding your soldiers directly on the battlefield.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download & Install "Dead Warfare Mod Apk" App From the download link.
  2. Open The App & Click On 3-Dot Menu Button (Top-Right) >> Settings >> Enable "Unknown Sources."
  3. Now Go To Your Mobile's Setting >> Security >> Enable the "USB Debugging" option.
  4. Connect your mobile to the PC using the original USB data cable.
  5. Copy the downloaded Modded Apk file to your mobile phone's SD Card root folder..
  6. Using File Manager (or any other application you like), copy the MOD APK to your Phone's SD Card root folder and then run it. Have fun!


The graphics of Dead Warfare Mod Apk are very impressive, and you can see a great deal of detail on the weapons and items in the game, they did a great job with the lighting as well. It makes it easier to see your surroundings as well as your enemies. The controls are very responsive and easy to use which makes it possible for you to play this game with one hand if you wanted to, my only problem with controls is that I wish that they would make it so when you change weapons while aiming down sights it would change back to normal view instead of staying in ADS view. The sound is amazing, everything from the melee attacks to the guns sounds very realistic and detailed. The music is also great, everything sounds very high quality and makes me want more.


Q. How many players can play online?

Up to 16 players can play online at one time.

Q. What is the minimum android version supported?

Android 4.0.3+ (ICS)

Q. The game is forced to close when I try to open it. What should I do?

Force closes the game, change your device date to an earlier date and restart the game. By doing so you can fix the problem.

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