Death Road to Canada ApK Unlimited Food + unlocked + zombo points

Death road to Canada Apk (sometimes abbreviated as DRtc or DR2C) is a game published and developed by Rocketcat Games and Madgarden. It is a Indie Action-RPG with randomization elements within the game atmosphere that allows it to orchestrate events and obstacles for players in the game.

Death Road to Canada ApK

Originally available on PC, the game has since been ported to numerous other platforms. Noodlecake Studios ported the game to mobile platforms of Android and iOs, while UKIYO PUBLISHING handled its release on the XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4 , and Nintendo Switch.

Death Road to Canada ApK Hack Free Download

NameDeath Road to Canada ApK
Size78.9 MB
License Free
DeveloperNoodlecake Studios Inc



Death road to Canada is an adventurous and daring game. In this game, the player has to go through countless and numerous dangers and has to defeat the horrible zombies .

Main Features are given below:

  1. 500 or more than five hundered zombies can hunt you down at a time.
  2.  Get your character strong enough to throw chairs and sofas.
  3. In this game, teach your dog to drive the car.
  4. Know the traits of your party members and make different choices in interactive fiction events.


Within the game, the player is able to meet , rescue or recruit people on the Death road. Upto four characters can be recruited into the team ( counting the character ,the user ) to assist scavenging and fighting zombies . More people in the party means more people to help you during the journey, but sometimes it may cause problems because different characters have conflicting personalities ,and people means more food is consumed per day.

Sometime ,questions arise in our mind !

Is Death Road to Canada worth it?

‘Death Road to Canada’ is Well Worth the Ride. It takes a great game to stand out amidst the current zombie fatigue so many are feeling in popular culture. Death Road to Canada manages to do just that with great writing and an addictive gameplay loop. Zombie fatigue is a real thing.

Types of Characters:

  • Rare Characters
  • Custom characters

1.Rare characters

In addition to the normal, randomly-generated characters , there are also a number of Rare Characters that can be met and recruited during the journey. Most of these unique characters are based on various professions or stereotypes, from the game or pop culture.
Rare characters will usually have unique Weapons or abilities, which can either help the player or hinder them.

2. Custom Characters

In the game , you are able to access the Custom Characters menus when you select “NEW GAME”. In these menus , the user is shown a character creator that grants them the ability to make playable characters at will.
The user can modify physical characteristics , facial characteristics ,facial hair and hair along with their color ,attire ,personality and their gender traits as well .

Collection Music list (SONGS)

  1. Canada ,Ho!(called “Canada Schmanda)
  2. Death Road to Canada
  3. Green on Green
  4. I Think he’s Dead
  5. Rigor Mortis Rag
  6. Rotten Shotgun
  7. Without a Reason
  8. Horseman Shuffle
  9. How Unfortunate
  10. Nobody Cooled it
  11. Every Step of way
  12. The City of Last Hope
  13. What Could Possibly Go Wrong
  14. One More Road

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