Deep Town APK Download For Android

Deep Town APK Download For Android

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App Name Deep Town APK Download For Android
Size 89MB
Latest Version 5.7.4
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Game Veterans
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update December 02, 2022 (6 hours ago)
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Deep Town APK:

Deep Town Mining Factory uses a mining game where you have to mine for resources and sell them to make money. You can use that money and other valuable items that you have found during mining to make your own mining company. You will have to allocate a specific space to your company where all the valuable stuff will be stored for use or selling. You will be given a simple machine for mining at the start of the game that will have a laser and drills. As you are the owner of the company, you have to make sure that you have enough resources and the mining work is going on properly. 

As we all know beneath Earth's crust are a lot of valuable metals and other things that can be used for fruitful purposes. So in this game, you will mine through each layer of the earth's crust and even rocks to find items that can be used in the game. As you proceed and earn money you can also upgrade your machine and the technology being used in your company. You can also hire other miners that will work as your employees in return for some money.

Deep Town APK

You will see rocks in the game and that is a clue that you need to dig into the rocks. Once all the valuable items have been collected, the rocks will be destroyed. You can also build a lavish place for yourself where you will live as soon as your company starts making a profit. So Deep Town is a straightforward game with amazing graphics and concepts. There is no stress involved in this game and you will have a lot of fun while playing it.

Now if we talk about unlocking items and upgrading technology and machines then this will require a lot of money that you have to earn by completing tasks or selling your findings. But in the case of this game, you are free of such worries. You will get all the premium items, machines, and everything else for free. Besides this, you will also get unlimited money for free that you can use to make in-app purchases. The modded version of this app is also ads-free so there will be no interruption during your gameplay. There are other amazing games also available in the market that give you the same experience as this game and some of them are Craft Hero, Starmancer, and Starbase.

Deep Town APK


Some amazing features of this game are given below:

Explore Earth by Mining:

As discussed earlier, this is a mining game in which you have to mine different layers of Earth to find out valuable things. At the start of the game you will land on Earth from another world on a spaceship and you will start to mine Earth. There will be a lot of rocks in different areas of the land and it will give you a hint that you need to dig here. This way you will get familiar with the mining process and know how it works.

Deep Town APK

Use Weapons and Upgrade them:

Weapons are accessories that are attached to your machine to make it more appropriate for mining. At the start of this game, you will have a laser and a few drills but you need to upgrade your weapons constantly because some areas are filled with mysterious plants that engulf the drills and do not let your mining process get completed. All weapons require a certain amount of money to get unlocked but in the Mod APK of this game, all the weapons will be unlocked for free.

Build Stations for support of Mining:

Mining is not the only task that you have to do in this game you will also have stations where your items will be stored. Through these stations, you will know how many items are left and how much you need to run the process. This station will also give you updates on the upgradation of weapons. Once items are stocked, now you need to refine them to sell them at better prices. So you have to build a station where the refining process will take place. A whole factory with different stations for different processes will be needed.

Enjoy everything for free:

One of the most important features which the Mod APK of this game offers is that you will get everything for free. There will be no need to spend the effort to earn money for unlocking and upgrading your weapons. You will get all the weapons unlocked for free in this version. Besides this, unlimited coins and money are also available for free in this version of the game and you can make unlimited in-app purchases by using this money.

Ads Free:

As the original game does not require any real money or subscription so the developers have added a lot of ads in the game to make money.  But the ads are not good as they can get you distracted from your gameplay and can be annoying. Mod APK of this game is the solution for this as it is ads-free. There is not even a single ad, pop-up, or banner included so you will have amazing gameplay without interruption.

Deep Town APK

Unlimited Money and Gems:

The reason behind playing any game is to get successful in it or to be at the top of it. A player needs all the advanced and exclusive items offered in a game to achieve this goal. But in some cases, you have to pay money whether real or in-app to unlock premium features of certain games. In the modified version, you will get unlimited money and gems that can be used to make in-app purchases and unlock premium items for free.

Unlimited Resources:

You will also get unlimited resources in this Mod APK version of this game for free so that you can use them to make money or make items that you need for your gameplay. So the modded version of this app seems like a dream come true for you as you don't have to spend effort and time to find resources to make money and everything will already be available for free.


It is a mining game where you have to mine for the progress of your company by collecting resources, refining them, and then selling them. Here are a few tips that you need to follow to play this game.

  • You should never stop mining a rock until it is destroyed.
  • Always create the mining station first to store your resources.
  • Move your mines because the deeper mines have more value.

Hacked version:

Deep Town Mod APK is the hacked version of this app where you will have all the exclusive features and items for free. People are now more interested in modded versions of the apps as they are more beneficial for them and they make their gameplay much easier.

Deep Town APK

Deep Town Mod APK Download:

You can easily download this game from our website and the process to download this game is given below:

  • Download the APK file from the given link.
  • Allow unknown sources by opening the settings of your phone.
  • You will see an APK file downloaded on your phone.
  • Save that APK file in your storage through File Manager.
  • Install and enjoy.


Q. How can I destroy Iron elder in this game?

You can destroy the Iron elder in this game by building a small rocket.

Q. What is the function of repair bots in this game?

If your constructible blocks get destroyed then they are repaired by the repair bots.

Q. Who developed this game?

Rockbite Games are the developers of this game who are known for their construction and management of games.

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