Dragon Paradise Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Dragon Paradise Mod Apk Unlimited Money

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App Name Dragon Paradise Mod Apk Unlimited Money
Size 136MB
Latest Version 1.7.24
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer GiantMonster
Content Rating Rated for 5+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 10, 2023 (11 months ago)
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Dragon Paradise City with full of dragons and many more escapades. Players look after their dragons in the magical world, provide food, and train them to fight with enemies. 

It is also a simulation game in a magical world with many dragons. This game was published and released by Insparofaith Games. You will get new and unique dragons when you feed the old dragons.

Dragon Paradise Mod Apk

Pivotal elements of the Dragon Paradise Game

  • Dragon paradise is a simulation game that you can play online and offline 
  • It is also playable on PC without any installation; open the browser and play the game online 
  • You can also play this game on Android devices without downloading it. 
  • You can make a city with a strong collection of dragons 
  • You can also complete tasks to collect coins and gold to grow more species of dragons.


Dragon Paradise plot of the game

Dragon paradise is a city of dragons that exists on the island. In this game, the player has different dragons used to fight and create their cities. Players feed these dragons to make a stronger army and kill more enemies. Get gold coins after completing tasks, and use this gold to grow their new dragons. The main purpose of this dragon paradise is to create a new island for their dragons. There are different conditions for players to compete with them and develop their skills to become pro players in this game.

Dragon Paradise Mod Apk


Amass a large community of dragons

There are a lot of different dragons, which are all different with their unique properties. The player must collect every dragon to make his army stronger than his enemies.

Solve the mystery of Dragon Paradise City

First of all, players have to solve the mystery of this city of dragons. Dragon Paradise is an older city with no life for an extended period. Players of this game must reinstate this city from distortion and make this city beautiful.

History of the island

In the past years, there was a beautiful island that many native peoples destroyed. Players make these islands fascinating places for living with the help of dragons. The main motif of this game is to make the island like a paradise with the addition of the most amazing things.


Dragon Paradise Mod Apk

Take care of dragons

Players of this game take care of their dragons and nurture them to grow stronger. These dragons compete with other enemies to save their world. 

Players need to grow their armies with large numbers of different species of dragons that are strong and unique in their attributes.


Safety measures for their dragons

A Dragon Paradise City player can take safety measures to save dragons from dangerous situations. There are both types of safety measures which include the area's safety that is necessary to keep changes that the dragons do. There are also safety purposes required for dragons, like Power water, that are used to boost up your dragon's capability. This feature also makes unique dragon species. Maybe you like this similar game Idle Pirates Mod Apk.

Great Battles Competitions

There are great battle competitions that are full of adventures. In these big fights, players face strong enemies like monsters who want to destroy their island.


Special powers of dragons

Every dragon has their special powers and unique skills. They show these powers when they want to show eagerness- their powers come in three forms water, fire, and ice. The monster burned when it fought against the strong dragon.


Dragon Paradise Mod Apk

Free of cost

It is a free game with all these exceptional features. Dragon Paradise developers don't charge for this fascinating simulation game. You even don't need to download a specific browser to play it. You can enjoy this game on both PC as well as Android devices. It is simple to play this game; tap on the enter button. On a mobile phone, tap on the screen and enjoy this game.

How to get this bewitching game Dragon Paradise?

You can play Dragon Paradise on Browser on PC from our website without installing this game. You can also download a modified version of this game with unlimited food and gold coins from our website. Just tap on the download button and get this stunning game.


Q. What is Paradise Dragon in Dragon City?

Paradise dragon is a simple dragon-like other. This dragon grows with lite feathers, glows brighter, and glows like gold. Paradise dragon is a very peaceful dragon among all other dragons.

Q. Are paradise fish easy to breed?

Paradise fishes are easily captured and bred. They are all popular fishes and remain attractive when kept in containers.

Q. What is the goal of Dragon City?

The goal of dragon city is to create dragons and cities on islands. There are a lot of levels of high competition to get more gold. Using this gold, you can upgrade your game level.

Q. How long do paradise fish live?

Paradis fish can live for 3 to 8 years which is not good for other fishes. This paradise fish fights with other fish at high temperatures and live longer than other fish.

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