Dragon Village Mod APK Unlimited Resources

Dragon Village Mod APK Unlimited Resources

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App Name Dragon Village Mod APK Unlimited Resources
Size 101.2 MB
Latest Version 13.64
MOD Features Unlimited money
Developer Tap Pocket
Content Rating Rated for 10+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update May 09, 2023 (5 months ago)
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Dragons are equally attractive creatures in old age and in this modern era. People like dragons-related games and movies. Dragon Village offers a diverse range of entertainment in which the players have to raise adorable and vibrant colorful dragons, feed them with delicious food and train them to become strong warriors.

You have to build different houses and decorate them with eye-catching decorating items for various dragons. More than 100 unique and talented dragons are waiting for you. A lot of thrilling challenges, daily tasks, and exciting missions urge you to immerse in the captivating world of pretty and attractive dragons.

Dragon Village APK

Colorful interface and realistic graphics

The striking colors, refreshing views, charming cute dragons, baby dragons, clear atmosphere, clouds, and peaceful village make this game more popular throughout the world. The unique interface allows the players to participate in different battles, join training sessions, fight with enemies, and complete other game tasks.

Colorful dragons live in their gorgeous houses, interact with each other, and live peacefully. You will enjoy the background music of the game and hear the realistic sound of different dragons while interacting and fighting with evil dragons. This game offers a highly detailed interface in which you can learn about the different characteristics and skills of dragons.

Dragon Village Mod APK

Build a mystical dragons village

The impressive content that distinguishes this game from other games of this same genre is that the players have to build a marvelous village for their dragons. Build small houses for every dragon, feed them with delicious food, and train them for fighting.

Every dragon has different characteristics and fighting methods. Some dragons have the skills to throw fire, lava, water, or other items at their enemies. The players have to expand the land and collect more pets from breeding. Unlock new locations and expand your territory by using money, gems, or coins.


  • Train your dragons:


This game offers a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and show off your talent. You have to become a professional trainer and train your adorable dragons to fight with enemies and defend their eggs and houses.

You can teach them creative tactics and new tricks. Unlock magical items and perks to increase the skills of your dragons. Increase the strength and stamina of dragons to defeat the mighty dragons that may destroy their houses and eat their eggs. Maybe you like this similar Games Dragon City Hack Apk .


  • Grow your own farm:


The major activities of this game are to raise, feed and train, so the players have to grow their farm and sow the seed of different vegetables, fruits, and other edible items. With your organic food items, you can feed your dragons with delicious food so their health cannot be compromised and they become energetic and strong. The colorful vegetable, fruits, and catchy farm views will give a relaxing feeling. You will release your workload and life stress while playing this game and participating in its multiple missions.

Crossbreed different dragons

Every dragon has different characteristics and unique skills; you will enjoy the interaction scenes of various dragons with each other. The players can crossbreed different characteristics of dragons and produce eggs. With these eggs, you will get rare dragon species with mind-blowing skills and fighting abilities. Crossbreed a variety of dragons to get more rare species and gain magnificent experience.

Dragon Village Mod APK

Plunge into online missions

Participate in various daily tasks, game challenges, and missions to fight different enemies and defeat them to get more amazing rewards, coins, and gems. The players have multiple online battles with other players. Trained your mighty dragons to fight with the dragon of other players. The players can participate in the practice session before participating in actual game challenges and combats.


Q. Is dragon village an offline game?

Dragon Village can be played offline or online. Players can participate in various game missions and events offline, but some game challenges require an internet connection to complete.

Q. Which type of game is dragon village?

Dragon Village is a role-playing simulation game with unique content and colorful themes. The players have to raise adorable, friendly dragons, feed them and train them to fight with enemies.

Q. How many types of dragons are in dragon village?

There are more than 100 colorful dragons in dragon village. Every dragon has unique characteristics and fighting methods.

Q. Is dragon village available on pc?

Dragon Village is an Android game, but you can play this game on your laptop by downloading blue stack software. You will enjoy brutal fights and various game challenges.

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