Dragonary Mod APK One Hit, God Mode

Dragonary Mod APK One Hit, God Mode

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App Name Dragonary Mod APK One Hit, God Mode
Size 305M
Latest Version 2.5.12
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Coinary LTD
Content Rating Rated for 7+
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 12, 2023 (1 year ago)
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Dragonary is a new NFT game, where you have a chance of creating your own dragon world the way you like. You can breed your dragons and new eggs to increase their number. This is a game where you don't need to pay for playing, when you join the game you will be given 3 dragons for startup. Everything is about your potential and competitiveness. The theme of the game is Play- Earn- and Make Money. More you win, the more you have a chance of winning crypto currency which you can use for buying game products and features. But make sure, the strength of your account increases with making more rarity of your dragons. More rarity, more daily earnings. Once your account has been stable then you can go through super battles with your opponents.

Dragonary Mod APK

Account Creation

This game is very simple to play. You do not need to synchronise a virtual wallet, nor third - party applications to play it. Or you don't need to pay or download the extra software for playing it. Simply download the game, create your account, install the game from the dragonary website and then launch it in your android, pc or mac and start playing.

Free of Cost

The best part of this game is that you do not need to pay for playing this game. When you will start the game, you will be given 3 dragons to play. All your activity is based on winning and increasing numbers and rarity of your dragons. Make strong bonds with dragons, increase their level, breed them and see their evolution. When you win, you will get crypto currency, and you can use that money for further playing of the game.

Dragonary Mod APK


Dragonary is offering many features for its players, which are really amazing. Some important of them are listed below;

1.Dragons and its types

They are the basic characters of the game. You can breed and grow through eggs and dragon fusion. At a battle you can use 5 dragons at once.moreover there are also many different and unique types of dragons,they are 7 elements as

  • Fire Element 
  • Earth Element
  • Wind Element
  • Water Element
  • Ember Dragon
  • Ice Element
  • Thunder Element


In order to maintain the rarity of your account, you have to increase the rarity of your dragons. And this can be done in 6 ways. The first two are common and uncommon, meaning you can only access them with better dragons because you cannot buy or sell them. While the remaining are exchangeable with tokens.

3.Breeding Rare Dragons

Breeding more and rare dragons means earning more money and increasing your account level. And there are two ways of breeding new dragons.

  • Fusion of Dragons; Dragon breeding through fusion can be carried out by incubating two Common or Uncommon dragons.Dragons should be adult 50%. For Epic, Rare, and Legendary dragons, you can fuse of them for getting new eggs. And that will be immediately visible.

But remember, the dragon you will be using will disappear for forever but you will get a new one with superior stats and more rarity. Maybe you like this similar game Ace Defender: Dragon War mod APK.

  • Creating Eggs; Breeding of dragons can also be carried out by creating new eggs. For this two Common or Uncommon adult dragons with 50% level are required. Through their fusion a new egg with higher rarity will be produced and will hatch in a few hours.

Dragonary Mod APK

4.Earning of Crypto Currency

In Dragonary you can make money by playing this game.you will be given 3 dragons and with them you can earn money. It also allows transactions within the game, and selling, purchasing and exchanging can also be carried out without any problem. And the whole procedure is completely safe.

5.Accessible for all Platforms

Dragonary can be played on PC, Windows, Mac and as well as on android applications.The game is very easy to play you don't need to be much qualified or any genius just download the game and enjoy it.

6.Missions and Battles

Ember missions are limited, because they can be carried out on conditions for getting premium rewards. Your points, energy levels and winning and losing will decide your mission.

Computer program carries out battles among players with balancing dragons and qualities in this way there are healthy fights and more chances to win.

Allows safe Investment

All the  games have their own strategies of investment for trading crypto and to invest in the NFT games, but dragonary allows its players a safe investment so that they can easily continue their game at higher levels. But a question arises: how to invest safely in dragonary?

Dragonary Mod APK

Here are some useful points for you to invest safely;

  • Before investing, carefully read the Roadmap and official website and also check latest updates.
  • Invest in right character at right time
  • Keep checking characteristics of dragons
  • Spend more time on game
  • Stay informed about what your competitor is investmenting
  • Keep a check on price changes.


Q. How to play Dragonary?

To play dragonary is very easy! Just download the game, install it on your devices,create an account and you will be given 3 dragons for playing. So start playing the game.

Q. Is Dragonary a blockchain?

Yes Dragonary is a NFT game based on block chain, where crypto currency is used for trading.

Q. How do you play dragonary for free?

Unlike other NFT games, it is very easy to play dragonary. You don't need to install extra softwares, or to add additional wallets. Simply go to the website, download the game and start playing for free.

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