Driving School Mod APK 2019 Latest Version 3.4 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Driving is an important skill. Everyone should know how to drive as it gives you a sense of independence and you do not have to depend on others for conveyance. However, learning how to drive is not a piece of cake. If you do not wish to spend your cash on a driving course then you can take a stab at Driving Mod APK. This game offers a lot more than just realistic and practical driving experience.  


In order to make Driving School realistic, the developers have added a number of features to it. These features are like the real aspects which you find in a real-life driving lesson. This game actually enables you to drive the car easily just with the help of your phone.  

The modded version of Driving School comes with a tonne of benefits and bonus feature which the official version lacks. If you want to know what they are and how they can improve this game for you then keep reading… 

Download Driving School Mod APK

Before we get into the details, let’s tell you how you can download Driving School 2018 mod APK 

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Version Info

Download Driving School Mod APK 2019

NameDriving School Mod APK
Last updatedFeb 20, 2018
Version Version: 2.0.0
DeveloperOvidiu Pop
Android Required Android 4.1 +


Driving School 2016 mod APK android 1 is the newest driving test system that will instruct you to drive a wide range of vehicles. The track of the vehicle given by Driving School to Android is very pleasing. Around 15 distinct locations alongside their course can be chosen dependent on the mission you have to finish.  

This game highlights some stunning settings like: 

  • Urban areas 
  • Mountains 
  • Deserts 
  • Highways 
  • Country roads and so on…  


You can learn to drive a manual transmission with stick and clutch shift or keep to the classic automatic gearbox. Use a virtual steering wheel or any of the many other control options that suit your requirements. So, get ready to learn with an intuitive driving simulator. 


Driving School game has two main modes, i.e.:  

  • Racing Mode  
  • Free ride multiplayer modes 


The game has more than 100 different vehicles and 80 levels. First and foremost, you will be given a standard vehicle for training and improving your skills. After you advance through the mission, you can then unlock a better vehicle. You can get expensive luxury vehicles by finishing a particular mission and level.  

You can unlock all the vehicles from the first level through the Driving School Mod APKDriving School 2017 mod APK unlimited money allows you to get all the luxury cars for free!  

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Other great things about this game are the highlights included. The game interface includes: 

  • Pedals 
  • Indicators 
  • Rear view mirror 
  • Side view mirror and more! 

By tapping on the provided icon or symbol you can track, monitor and navigate the vehicle over the guide without any issues. As the theme is the game is very realistic, there are other cars present on the roads so you need to be careful with them. 


One thing that can be said about the design and graphics of this game is, “attention to detail”.  The detail does not just revolve around the body of the vehicle and the setting environment. Even the inside of the vehicle is designed very accurately. 

It actually gives the allusion of driving an actual car. Remember to refuel the vehicle when it has come up short on gas in the corner store on the guide. The designer of this game has even incorporated the reasonable audio effect of the motor and engine sounds.  

Tips to Play  

  • Choosing the right vehicle  

As stated earlier, the game has a variety of vehicles and every car has distinctive handling. Some of them utilize manual transmission framework while some are automatic. So, to handle the vehicle effectively, it is important to choose a vehicle with reasonable specifications that match your preferences.  

  • Interface 

The interface is pressed with a lot of pointers and symbols. Ensure you screen all of them while driving.  

  • Attention to Information 

Pay attention to all the information that appears on the loading screen as it gives you information about how to drive on a particular map or new road challenge.  

  • Avoid Accidents  

Unlike other driving games where bumping and crashing into other cars is all part of fun and thrill, this game does not allow that. If you drive harshly and recklessly you will damage your vehicle and fail.  

Features of Driving School Mod APK

  1. All 100 vehicles Unlocked 
  2. Unlimited Money 
  3. Deal with a real and simple car 
  4. More than 15 detailed maps 
  5. More than 80 challenging levels 
  6. Numerous licenses for trucks, buses, and cars 
  7. Race mode 
  8. New Multiplayer Mode: Freeride, Hold Race and Flag 
  9. Actual damage system 
  10. Detailed vehicle interior 
  11. gas system with gas filling again at gas stations 
  12. Steering, button and touch steering wheel 
  13. Manual transmission with a clutch 
  14. Controller Support so you can play with your Gamepad 
  15. Online Leaderboards and Achievements 
  16. Next Generation weather conditions 
  17. Looks like a real engine 
  18. Request new maps and vehicles on the social media page of Driving School 


  1. Get“Mod APK file and install it on your device. 
  2. Go to“com.ovilex.drivingSchool2017” folder and copy it into “android / obb”.  
  3. Once installed,enter the game. 


  • Diverse car options to choose from. 
  • Realistic visual and audio. 
  • Detailed graphics, maps, and car interior 


  • Driving on the narrow road is tricky. 
  • Too many icons on the interface. 


Driving School Mod APK has simple but engaging gameplay.  More than 80 levels with different driving conditions are waiting for you in 15 stunning settings. So, what are you waiting for?  

Show off your driving skills and get your driving license now! Download Driving School Mod APK latest version today and start driving.  


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