Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk Unlimited Money

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App Name Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk Unlimited Money
Size 619M
Latest Version 2.2.158
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Developer Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd
Content Rating Rated for 5+
Requires 4.4 and up
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Update April 11, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Drone 2 Air Assault is an air force military action game. This game will provide the best aircraft experience for those who are interested in flying fighter planes. Just imagine! Your world is being victimized by outside enemies and you want a perfect fighter plane to save the world and sustain peace all over the globe, but in real life this seems to be impossible. But stop! This dream of yours can be fulfilled in another way, by fighting through the platform of the Drone 2 Air Assault video game. This game provides you complete command of specialized aerial warfare operations, with 120 hand packed actions. When you enter the game, you will be given complete command of HI-Tech aerial assault weapons, and stand your own strike strategies for sustaining world peace. Make effective strikes, destroy targeted drones and defend allies all over the world, and get your peace back.

Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk

Missions and weapons

Drone 2 Air Assault provides you more than 100 missions to show your abilities. You have to complete all the tasks to become the best fighter plane pilot. For completing these high profile missions you will be provided with many exclusive weapons like;

Tank units, Machine guns, snipers, Riffles, Armed Cars, Attacking Helicopters, Cannons, Guided Missiles, Bombs, Rockets and AMRs for defeating your enemies.


Drone 2 Air Assault was released by Big Entertainment, which is one of the leading games of aerial warfare. This game was built in order to put you in command of  aerial warfare gunships, and provides you an opportunity of completing your dream of flying fighter planes, destroying outside enemies and sustaining peace all over the globe.

Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk


  • Enhance Shooting Experience

Drone 2 Air Assault has updated its new routes and positioning of the enemies, which will help you to enhance your targeting of enemies.You can observe the entire battle and can easily determine the positions of your targets. Screen features give you more options to make the game easy.

  • Weapons Equipped Aircrafts

This game offers you aircrafts, which are fully equipped with deadly weapons and guns with best scope and damage. You are free to choose weapons and equip your aircraft.  But be careful while making selection, because army weapons and aerial insights will help you to come out when your planes are destroyed and you are surrounded by enemies.

  • Realistic Graphics and Sound

Drone 2 Air Assault provides the best graphics and sound with realistics views. The tanks, Machine guns and heavily equipped aircrafts makes the scene real and charming. Changing terrain, sandstorms, and fog using multiple vision modes with night and FLIR vision.

  • Thrilling and Dangerous

The Graphics and views are so realistic, while playing the game it feels so dangerous during battle. This game is different from other aerial games, this is difficult to play and manage.As the missions will be increasing, the game will become more brutal. You have ro be very careful,because you can be hindered by  your own guns and can suffer a lot of damage. Maybe you like this similar game tekken 7 mod apk.

Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk

  • Be A Peaceful Warrior

Drone 2 Air Assault gives you a chance to become a peaceful warrior. Choose your own aircraft, equip it with weapons and start experiencing shooting and battle to save the world in order to maintain peace. Create your own story, choose targets and destroy it by using your abilities.

  •  Increase Command over Deadly Weapons

Drone 2 Air Assault allows you to equip and use many deadly weapons like guns and machine guns, rockets, missiles,bombs, riffles, snipers, armed cars and helicopters etc. These weapons improve your combat efficiency, and surely assists you in quickly defeating the target.

  • Free of Cost

The best part of the game is that it is freely available for playing. You do not have to pay to play, and freely enjoy this fantastic game. But if you want any additional equipment, or other features of the game then you can buy them with real money.

Tips For The Game

  • Be Careful Of Friendly Fire

The game provides you with many deadly weapons as mentioned above. But be careful when firing at your enemies. You can easily equip your vehicles and aircraft with all kinds of bombs, missiles, rockets and guns for achieving your target. As this is a realistic game so you can be harmed with your own attack, so be precise and careful while taking the target and avoid friendly fire.

Drone 2 Air Assault Mod Apk

  • Complete More And More Missions

As mentioned above, This game provides you with more than 200 missions so try to complete as many as you can in order to level up your account. The important missions will be asked to you like, assist the primary fleet, or to destroy the target. But the most difficult mission is escort mission across shipping, try to complete it quickly to reach the next level.,

  • Precisely study Enemy Movements

AI used in Drone 2 Air Assault is highly developed. Due to which some bots or dumb enemies will appear before you while attacking, but you will also have to encounter many real and smart enemies. You can differentiate between them by memorizing their movements.


Q. How to get a drone in drone 2 air assault?

You can get a drone in drone 2 air assault by playing the game and completing more and more missions.

Q. How to beat a level in drone 2 air assault?

In order to beat levels in drone 2 air assault play the game carefully destroy all the enemies and complete the given task.

Q. How to download drone 2 air assault?

You can get the game from play store. But to get all installments and unlimited money you can download it from our website for free.

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