EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APK For Android

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APK For Android

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App Name EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APK For Android
Size 82MB
Latest Version 1.11.04
MOD Features Unlimited points
Content Rating Everyone
Requires 5.0 and up
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Update April 17, 2023 (1 year ago)
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It’s time to reveal your flair or aptitude and unbeaten passion in wrestling, boxing, and martial arts as EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod is offering the best platform become a martial arts expert and get a chance to win the title of champion. This game is all about fighting against your enemies or opponents and becoming the best martial arts expert. 

In this game, you have to select your fighter or warrior and then combat the enemies. It’s up to you if you customize your warrior or simply use a well-known wrestler. If you want to make your own warrior, you can easily customize the weight, appearance, and working style. You can choose the gender of your character, either man or woman. 

If you are a beginner, there are instructors and trainers who help you in the best way. You may practice without joining any event or match if you do not have much experience or idea of martial arts. The team making and then playing with friends is the best thing. Moreover, you have a great chance to improve your skills if you love martial arts and fighting.

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APk


The gameplay is quite easy and simple as you have to touch the screen for controlling the game. If you want to start the event or match, punch your enemy or opponent. You must be careful about timing before hitting the opponent. A bar will be shown while playing if you are having a good time scoring a knockdown. The easy gameplay attracts and captivates the audience.  

Supported Androids:

The game size is not large and all the androids of 5 and above can support the game without hanging and hindrance. 

Game Modes:

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod offers various game modes to create different matches or events. These game modes include Clan mode, Campaign mode, Event mode, and raid.Each of these modes has its unique and different gameplay and principles.

For instance, in event mode, you have to defeat the opponent or enemies who are not familiar, but strangers. Fighters from all over the world are playing in the mode and if you want to pass the mode, you must conquer all the fighters this mode is very competitive. You have to defeat every player taking part in the campaign mode to enter the next. So, these modes keep the players passionate to fight. 

Characters and Fighters:

Many real fighters are present in the game who are very popular because of their fighting skills and expertise. They include Markos, Torres, Jung, Gustafsson and Adesanya. They look real in the game. When you start playing, you must select a fighter of your own choice or those who you love from different weight classes like light and heavy.

You should be very careful while choosing the weight class as the lightweight fighters who are slim can assault the enemy very quickly, but lose their energy soon and get tired. On the other hand, heavy-weight warriors attack slowly but fight for a long time.


Graphics and Control:

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod has realistic, whimsical, and authentic graphics and controls. You enjoy playing the Mod version because of its simple, easy controls. You can fight by just touching and moving your fighter on the mobile screen. The best control is that you have to place and swipe back your two fingers on the screen to stop your enemies from attacking. You can swipe two times if you want to create some space between you and your opponent. 


The updated version of the game contains 87MB which is not too heavy. So, it can be played easily on almost all smartphones. 

Latest Version:

This game was first released on Jan 18, 2022. Now, it is updated on Jun 29, 2022, to the latest version This version has many new features including unlimited points and gold, new characters or  fighters, and free rewards.

Character Upgradation:

There are different real fighters in the game which can be upgraded, either using the real money or spending the points or gold. You can upgrade their abilities, increase their strengths and change their appearance. You have to spend money if you do not have enough unlimited points or gold. Assemble or pile up rewards from earlier matches and use them to upgrade your warriors. Moreover, you can switch your character at any time if you want to do so.  

 A SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod Unlimited Points

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APK gives unlimited points to boost your warriors and upgrade them. It also offers unlimited gold to unlock many new characters or fighters and parameters of fighters such as weight, battles, skills, and equipment. 

These parameters need to be improved according to the fight if you want to be MMA expert. These unlimited points and gold are additional in Mod 2 to help the fighters to win.

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod Levels

There are almost 50 levels in EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod with a different types of matches. These levels are a source of thrill and excitement for users as they give different levels of difficulty. You have to pass one level to reach the next one. As you go to a higher level, it becomes tough to pass the level. So, you should practice more and more to win the levels. Try to play almost three matches for practice before joining the event or match.

Beginner’s Guide

If you do not have any experience in fighting but you love boxing, fighting, and wrestling, EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod guides you. You can practice as much as you can. There are single-player matches in which you can fight against bots and artificial players. When you think you are prepared for the match, you can join the match and start fighting.

EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APK Download

Do you want to download EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod APK? So, your wait is over.

 > Click on the “download” button given above to start downloading the link. 

> Go to your mobile settings and enable the security option from different resources.

> Check your files and open the documents to install the game APK file.

> Wait until the installation finishes. 

> The game is ready and now you can start fighting.  


A well-organized or well-endowed battle system with realistic graphics and easy controls has emerged to be an excellent choice for many gamers. Its easy gameplay captivates the players. This game is a continuation because of the audience's love for it. To get the title of UFC is all about the game. If you want to get the title of Ultimate fighting Champion, you must be an expert in martial arts.



Q. Can I play EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod offline?

No. you cannot play the game without having an internet connection. Even you cannot play offline matches without Wi-Fi.

Q. How can I use the abilities in EA SPORTS UFC Mobile 2 Mod?

If you have charged abilities, click on the “ability” icon and use them.

Q. How do I get Unlimited Points?

You can get unlimited points by passing the levels and by taking part in special events to get rewards or tokens.

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